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How do your furbabies give you love?

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I was lying in bed.. getting what I call catted.. when I started thinking about all the different ways cats show their love and affection. As I was reading the posts here... I started wondering how different cats personalities are when it comes to them showing their love. So, I'm gonna tell you has Bastian, Drew, and Jake show their affection for me.. and maybe you can share with me your stories on how your babies show you love.

Bastian: Oh my... Bastian gives love on his own time.. if he's not in the mood.. you can give it up.. you'll get a cold shoulder. However, when he is in the mood to be affectionate.. look out. He likes to get on my chest when I'm lying down and rub his nose and face all over my neck and face. He purrs so loudly too. He loves to suckle on your ear or shirt or give teeny tiny little love bites. You can't give him just a little love and then move him away because he'll come right back at you and start meowing until you allow him to release all the love he has bottled up. I'm allergic to cats and I always end up getting real itch and sneezing a ton when he does this... but I deal with it. The sneezing and itching is worth all the love and how wonderful he can make me feel.

Drew: Drew is what I like to call the "jock" of the bunch. He's a little rascal. He'd much rather be running around pouncing on the other two and playing with his toys than showing any kind of affection. When he's not doing this.. he's dead asleep. When he does give me love.. its only a little bit.. and then its like he realizes what he was doing and scammpers off.. as if to say "Oops, maybe she didn't realize what I was doing". This is just with me. He has this special "bond" with Craig. I like to tease them about it.. saying its this male thing. Craig loves when Drew snuggles up next to him.. or asks to be held (By meowing and latching on to your pant leg with his little paws).

Jake: Jake is like the baby. He absolutely "craves" attention.. and loves to give you love. When he first wakes up he starts meowing and running right for me and Craig. It doesn't matter who gets him.. as long as he's being loved and can love back he's happy. When its bed time.. Jake comes running. You can pick him up in the middle of some hard core playing with his brother.. and he'll still stop what he's doing and give you a bunch of sweet little nudges before demanding to be put down. I've woken up in the morning to find Jake laying on my chest.. with one paw on each cheek and his forehead pressed to my lips. He was sound asleep. It melted my heart.

So, if I had to categorize my boys. Drew is the macho jockish type. Jake is the hopeless romantic. Bastian .. well.. Bastian is your typical man... (no offense to any of the men reading this) he gives you wonderful love and it makes you feel absolutely wonderful.. but he does it on his time!

So... thats how my babies show me and Craig love. Tell me about yours!

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Well, I have only one cat right now- although the kitten is arriving later today! Noelle, perhaps because she was separated from her mom and littermates so early, at 5 weeks, is a very affectionate cat. But only towards me. With me, she shows her affection in *her* time, she comes to nudge my hand for me to give her a good scratch (ears are the best area), of she jumps in my lap, settles down comfortably, bumps her forehead to my mouth, which means I should give her a kiss, then gives me a kiss, or a soft bite on my jaw. After this she settles down into a position where her front paws are stretched on both sides of my neck, and her head is resting just below my jaw. Sooo cute! She also needs her nightly cuddles just before I go to sleep, so when I turn off the light, she jumps on the bed next to me, and expects her cuddles right then and there, after which she goes to sleep very close to me.

Noelle never does this with anyone else. With people she knows, she may allow them to pet her, but that's all. My mom is the one she knows best (and who comes in to take care of Noelle when I'm away), and she sometimes may jump on her lap, but no kisses for her, either. She does do this all in her own time- if you try to pet her when she doesn't want it, she will grab hold of your hand with her paws and bite softly, to show you it's not acceptable.
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Most of my babies are quite affectionate, but one of them Boddington (aka Bod) is master of all affection! As soon as we turn the house alarm off hes at the door meowing to be let in, as soon as my husband opens the door, he bundles past him straight upstairs and into our room - but if the door is shut - watch out!! He comes in jumps straight on the bed on my lap and starts frantically sucking and licking me!(whether I'm clothed or not!)he roles around in little fits of ecstacy wanting his tummy rubbed and his ears and under his collar, then he sticks his paws in my face and I have to kiss them too!!-(and this is all BEFORE breakfast!). One of my other babies, Brandy (a Birman) will sit on my lap and when I make kissy noises she just has to jump up and start rubbing her podgey little body all over my face! Purring like a physco!, she must ALWAYS sit on your lap the minute you plant your backside, and especially if you're on the computer!

:tounge2: :eye&mouth :laughing2
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I enjoyed this thread!!! I love hearing about how your kitties give you love!!! My Merlin, is the only inside cat, out of 13 cats, so he gives the most affection, simply because he is around us more. Both my husband and I love to pet him, and he butts his head up against our hands if we stop, squints his eyes closed, purrs, and keeps rubbing, till we give in and pet him some more!!
My outside babies are all real affectionate too! Neither I nor my hubby can sit outside in a lawn chair for more than 5 minutes, without having a lap full of cats! They just jump right up and make themselves at home! One time I counted, and I had 5 cats laying on my lap at one time. Granted a couple of them seemed to be at the bottom of the pile,but they didn't care at all! :laughing:
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Oh Debby.. it must be wonderful to have so many babies. I feel so great when my boys give me attention and love. If Craig would let me I'd have 13 of em! Unfortunately we live in the city.. so outside cats are out of the question... and since we only have a 2 bedroom loft.. and there are 4 people and three cats here... its already over crowded. One day though!

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Chloe is affectionate on her terms. If Romeo comes around, she's gone! But she's very sweet. She's my companion, following me from room to room.
Romeo is my sweet little boy. He is a compulsive kneader. He has to kneed on my neck everyday!
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Your Romeo sounds just like my Jake. Jake absolutely LOVES to knead things. He'll knead on me or Craig.. just about anything.. even the other kittens! LOL

I swear! Everyday my babies get more and more loving and demand more and more attention. Siamese are definitely very loving.

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SOCRATES: Well, he's an even mix of Bastion and Drew! Rule 1: Don't touch me unless I grace you with permission! Rule 2. Don't EVER touch the tummy! It's forever offlimits to rubs! But, when he wants love, there's no stopping it. It's so cute: If I'm at the PC I feel these eyes on me and I look down and there's Socs looking up at me with these eyes that say "Can I have some love"?. I'll nod my head and tell him to come on up, but then I have to act like I gave up for him to get up there. Then, when he does, he head butts my face, lays down (in an almost vertical position since I'm sitting) and purrs. Then, 5-10 minutes later he goes from having this gooey/closed eyes look to suddenly looking around and he pulls his head away from my hands. Thats when I sneak a quick kiss and tell him bye and then he's gone. Or if Tiger comes out or wakes up or walks by or if someone walks in my front door it's like "NO! NOONE CAN SEE ME BEING A MUSH BALL"! and he's gone just like that. And if I'm lying on the couch watching tv, he'll climb on the back of the couch, look down at me and we go thru the same routine. Then I get a kitty butt view, so I have to nudge him around so the right end will be near my face. lol. And, again, it'll last maybe 5-10 minutes. Love is on HIS terms alone.

TIGER: Well, he may be 3 yrs old and fat as a small butterball turkey, but he's all kitten! When daddy comes home it's leg rub, purr, meow and follow me thru the apt. until I stop and give him attention. And he does that cute kitty thing where he'll just seem to go THUNK! fall over on his side and roll onto his back and STREEEEEEEEETCH, letting me rub his tummy. The kitchen floor is great and famous for this blatant show of underbelly! and after he's had his tummy rubbed he will roll back into a laying postion and as I rub his back he slides himself towards the nearest thing (table, shoe, coffee table, etc) so that he can rub his head against it as I'm rubbing his back and all this furr is billowing into the air. (There are almost always Tiger hair tumbleweeds rolling around the litchen, even 5 minutes after its been cleaned). But, he absolutely will NOT lay in your lap! But, he ALWAYS wants love on the floor! (except for his Uncle Bert, whose lap he did crawl into and layed down to which I poroclaimed to Tiger "Traitor"!).

And early in the morn, both of them are usually in bed w/ me, sleeping on their backs. Now, I CANNOT refuse an exposed tummy! I'm sorry, it's just impossible. I even have to go for Socs tummy like that, even though I know in .5 seconds his back legs will immediately protest this intrusive NO TRESPASS zone. And at night, before falling asleep, I have to paly the "catch the hands under the covers" game. I'll poke a finger out at the top and whichever one (occassionally both) is there will pounce on it. Thats a fun little bedtime ritual that none of us can pass up!
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Thats too cute MeowMan.

At night.. when its near bedtime.. that seems to be the time that my babies are ready to play play play. And when we do finally get them calm and ready for bed.. its so cute. Usually Sebastian is above my head on the pillow.. while Jake is snuggled up to my side.

Drew... sticks with his male bonding thing and sleeps near Craig.

I wonder.. maybe if I wore a mini skirt and a low cut shirt .. Drew would be more attracted to me?

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Both my babies like to snuggle up with me when I get in bed. Socki is now jealous of the new kitten Chester and is right their when I lay down. Socki likes to be right up in my face, if not laying on it. Then every once in a while he will give me little love bites and then role over on his beely for me to rub it.

Chester who is only 3 months, and I only had him about 2 weeks, just likes to snuggle next to me or the dog. He is usually grooming the dog or Socki. He has not tried grooming me yet.

And I get lots of attention from them both as soon as I walk in the door from work. I can just barley get in and they are rubbing and meowing at my legs until I pick them up for a kiss hello


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