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"the magic touch"

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My job and passion is grooming, and as such, my poor mother always gets a blow by blow account of my day and how cute that little Maltese I had at 2 was... She also keeps saying I seem to have a "magic touch" with the dogs... moms have to say that.

Though today, I think I have to believe her. I accepted to groom a spaniel mix (60-70 lbs of it!) that had apparently been turned away by several other groomers. The owners told me he snapped, growled and bared his teeth. Oh, great. I asked them to stay and help out (mostly because I injured my back a few years ago, and can't handle big dogs like I used to), and when they brought him in, he came up to me, tail wagging, and proceeded to give my face a spit shine! (ewww). I figured he was an English Setter/Border Collie mix. Throughout the entire grooming, his tail never stopped wagging, and he licked my nose several times. The only mini tantrum he threw was to try and wiggle his way out the nail clipping. The owners were very impressed with the way he behaved for me, and said they'd bring him back. Yay!

Ain't it great when things go your way?!? (beaming from ear to ear)
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Hey that is a nice complement when the animal you are grooming likes you. They can tell whether you like them or not by how you talk and touch them. Maybe the other groomers were rough and hurt him in some way? I don't know but you sound like you have made a new friend and a repeat client Good for you
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Thats great! It's funny how animals can sense if you like them or not. Your story reminds me of a few weeks ago at work. We had a stray orangey kitty in our Garden Center. I really wanted to take him home, but I knew that I couldn't. I figured he had gotten lost since theres a house directly behind our store. So, I took him to the house & let him go. He instantly buttered me up...rubbing me, purring, head butts & everything. I let him go & he went off towards the house. Well, 10 minutes later guess who was back in the garden center? Yep Mr.Orangey! This time I got my store Manager Nicki to help me...she's not a cat person at all. The second he seen her, he hissed & took off towards me. She didn't do a thing to him, but he could sense that she didn't like him. He finally went home & stayed there even though I wouldn't have minded taking him to my home! It's amazing how animals I've never seen will come to me & people are shocked. Sounds like you're the same way!
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I think some groomers really don't like their job or are over worked and the dogs and cats feel that . So the dog must of sensed that you are a caring person and like animals .
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I think animals have great instincts as to who will be good to them. I always have animals come up to me - even the ones that their owners say will not go to strangers.
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How wonderful
I'm always nervous to let anyone else work on my dogs, since most groomers won't let you watch them work, and I've heard some horror stories. I'm sure you'll have a loyal new client! Animals can sense it when they can trust someone.
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Awww! I like this story!!! Thanks for sharing!
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