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Who among ya'll is a geneticist?????

I need some info, as I've decided to go back to school....
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Ummm...I'm not, but just wanted to wish ya luck!
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Ken? Check with Christy - Okeefecl - since she's got a PHD in genetics.
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I work with a genetic counselor (has her Masters - and is Board Certified). . . . if that helps.
I am a program assistant for a familial cancer program. . .
The genetics counselor counsels both patients with cancer risk concerns as well as doing pediatric genetics. I have lunch all the time with her and all the other genetic counselors (the others do pre-natal).

Or are you looking for info on someone with their MD or PhD in that field?

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I don't think I am! .......

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Ken - good on you - genetics is a very interesting subject!

Good luck!

(sorry, I am not a geneticist either)
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What are you planning on studying? human genetics of feline genetics?
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With everything I've read, Im more confused than ever.. Sandie Knows genetics, but I want to get way more in depth on it...
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I have a BS in genetics, but I work as a network engineer....I've lost touch with the field somewhat, but I might be able to help you.
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I have a PhD in Genetics, but my focus was in human Molecular Cytogenetics (using modern molecular biology tools to study the structure and organization of human chromosomes). However, if I can be of any help, please feel free to PM me.
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