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Is anyone on Weight Watchers?

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Hi there,

I wanted to see if anyone here is on Weight Watchers, and if so, how do you like the new flex-points system? I was on the old system a while back and just rejoined and I'm feeling a bit skeptical about the new system. Have you lost any weight?

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I'm not...I've thought about it a few times though. Deb25 is a member & she speaks very highly out it. She's lots quite a bit & from what I've heard it's excellent.
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I started under Winning Points, and they just rolled out Flex a few weeks ago. I try real hard to eat my points and not go over. But, I'll admit I have used some of my Flex points a couple of times for a special meal. I am still losing. I like it because I can eat out in a restaurant and feel like I blew it.
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I haven't been to WW for quite a while. . . . last time was when they switched from the exchange program to the point system.

I belong to T.O.P.S. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly). It's far more affordable. . . . the dues at my chapter are $1 a week (it varies from chapter to chapter). I pay $20 a year for membership. We get weighed, support one another, follow our own plan (can be Weight Watcher's, Atkins, etc. . ). I haven't been too successful (haven't made my mind up to do it yet). . . but many in my group are doing very well.

Weight Watcher's has good plans. . . but they are so darned expensive.

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I have had good results with WW, as have a few other members here. I am 13 weeks into the program and have lost 18.4 pounds. I will say that I can see the program being tough for a person who is not detail-oriented. I think you really have to be diligent about tracking your points. One thing I like about the new system is that the journaling has been made easier for folks who do not tend to be anal about writing things down.
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Thanks for your input ladies, I guess I'll find out how it works when weigh-in comes on Monday! And congratulations on your weight loss! That's excellent!
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I've been doing WW for 4 weeks now and have lost 14 pounds. However, you have to be disciplined and really keep track of what you eat. Now, I'm cheating a little bit. I don't actually go to the meetings, I borrowed the books from my mother who followed the program and lost 40 pounds. As a man, sitting in a room that is 95% full of women is a bit intimidating.

Flex points works and in reality you are training yourself to eat healthy. I save up my left over points and go out once a week for a nice dinner and dessert ! I like the fact that I can eat whatever I want and I'm learning to make better food choices. Here some simple tricks I have learned that will help you on this diet.

1. Watch what you drink. I never realized that even though mosts soda and fruit juices are fat-free, they are 100 - 120 calories a glass and will cost you 1-2 points ! Drink water and diet drinks. One exception. Have a small glass of orange juice at breakfast even though it will cost you 1 point for its health value.

2. EAT 3 meals a day ! Do not skip meals, especially breakfast. Breakfast starts your metabolism each day. Don't horde your points for 1 sinle meal.

3. No eating after 9:00pm. Anything you eat before bedtime just turns into fat.

4. Be reasonable when you shop for groceries. 98% Fat-free doesn't mean anything if there is 300 calories per serving. You will find that you might as well buy some of better tasting food over low-fat or non-fat when you see the points are actually the same.

I hope this all helps !
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Some of my former coworkers are on it and love it. They've all lost weight, but one lovely girl who was almost obese and borderline diabetic is now slim, healthy, and absolutely gorgeous. She's started lifting weights and working out, and says she has a lot more energy than she used to. She's maintained the loss for two years now. I'm so happy for her.

Best wishes for success!
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There are a few men at my meetings! I like the meetings, because you get a lot of good feedback and tips from the members. If you would prefer online support, try Dotti's Weight Loss Zone.

Unfortunately, the level of support and the feeling of belonging at meetings varies with the leader.

Congrats on your success so far, BTW. Keep it up!
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