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Back problem.

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My 4 month old ragdoll Simon had a nasty accident yesterday. He and my 4 year old daughter were climbing a baby gate at the same time and it collapsed on him. We rushed him to the vet, he was treated for shock and kept overnight for observation, though I was given the option of taking him straight home. I brought him home today after being told that he sprained his neck. I was told that his recovery would take a couple of weeks, that he would seem pretty uncoordinated, and that I should let him set his own limits.I'm so worried about my little guy. He's eating lightly, using the litterbox, I haven't seen him drink but he's always been really fussy about his water. He doesn't seem to be in any pain at all when laying down, sitting, or walking. He rolled onto his back at one point and that obviously caused him discomfort. Has anyone else ever dealt with this kind of injury? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Usually in a case like this, a vet will prescribe a sedative such as torbugesic for a few days. It usually gives them a few days to take it easy and they seem to recover faster.
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I am so sorry about your Simon . I will say a prayer for Simon
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