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We just started Tillie on Cosequin three days ago and I was curious as to how long it takes before she starts to get a benefit from it.

She's been walking stiffly and usually favors her right foreleg; it's been checked, and there's no wound or other cause for it, so it is most likely arthritis. She is 10 yrs old (so we were told, but the 2 vets we've had her to both were shocked when we told them that, they both guessed her to be 16 or 17.).

I hope this helps our little Tillie Girl. I did read a lot of good things about Cosequin before ordering, just curious as to how fast it works.

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I had my Whitney (now at the Bridge) on Cosequin ... I began to notice a change for the better in her about 5 or 6 weeks after she began to take it.

Hope this helps,

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It took about a month to see results in my Macumba, but then it really seemed to help a lot. She had stopped jumping up on the furniture, but after a while on the Cosequin I started seeing her up on top of things again, and she started chasing her tail too.

We also found a vet to do electroacupuncture on her, and that really helped a lot. T-touch at home can help, too.
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Healing prayers comming Tillie's way
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Well, it has been a week now since starting her on this, and while I don't notice a difference in her mobility yet, I do see a slight improvement in her attitude. So I would guess she is in less pain than she had been..?

Will let you know as there are more improvements noted.

Acupuncture is not a possibility for this gal; she freaks out just at the sight of a brush, I have no idea how she'd react to something like that!
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Well, it has been just about three weeks, and I am amazed at the results!!!

We adopted Tillie back in April of this year. Up until this week, Tillie has been a skittish, moody little old lady who would NOT be held or brushed. We had been fighting a losing battle against matted fur, despite our best efforts to keep her coat in good shape. Brushing attempts usually were unpleasant for her and dangerous for us (she has a mean back claw rake!). She would occasionally approach one of us and give tentative headbumps and a kiss, but then skitter away with a limp. For the most part, she chose to hang out in the (walkup) attic, only once or twice a day gracing up with her presence downstairs. She would hiss, growl and swat at any cat that dared come within her personal space. We were seriously thinking we might need to rehome her. We started her on Cosequin in early September, thinking that if we treated her arthritis, maybe she'd come around enough that she could stay.


Since this Monday, she has been coming into the bedroom and computer room, tapping me on the elbow as I type, DEMANDING scritches and pets! She is sitting here on my lap now, something I never in a million years thought I would see happen! She let us use an electric trimmer last night on the bad mats on her flanks and chest, and she is now soft and fluffy to the touch! She has been hanging out with us and has even sniffed noses with Midnight without growling or swatting! She is like a different cat!

All I can think is that she has been very uncomfortable with arthritic joints all this time, and now that her pain level is going down, we are seeing her true personality. She seems brighter eyed, and her limp is completely gone. She's still quite the dignified little old lady, but I caught her playing with a catnip pillow last night and literally cried with joy, this is the first time in all the months she has been with us that I have seen her PLAY. I feel like she is finally happy here.
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That is wonderful news! Her story & the change for the better make me want to cry. Pain can make anyone antisocial! I'm so glad she's feeling better.
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Sue , that is awsome . I am so happy for you and for her
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Sue, that is soo amazing and so wonderful!! You must be so happy
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Sue, that is so wonderful!!! My eyes are welling up with tears of joy for your little Tillie.
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