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I know this may be none of my business and I might be out of place for saying this but please don't leave. When I post a stupid thread that is rather boring, you always reply to it. You can't leave us especially when thing are rough. We are hear to listen when you want to sort out your problems.
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If you come back and not stay gone. Deb, sometimes sensitive folks (of which I am one) tends to put more into reading a post then was meant to be there in the first place. If you let little things like what blue posted about bother you, then it usually means there are bigger issues afloat somewhere in your life. Sometimes, because you can't control the BIG issues, you take hold of the little ones and try to make it your crusade. I am speaking off my own personal experiences over the net.

Think of this bulletin board like a cocktail party. If you had chanced upon blue talking to someone about how boring the party is, would you have thought she was talking about strictly you? Since you aren't the only one invited to the party, you would know that she is voicing her opinion about how she sees something. She is not saying that You are boring, she is just saying that she wants more stimulation in her life, and right now the board isn't happening for her. So, since you are not the only one who posts here, please don't think that blue is pointing her finger at you. If your life is such that this place helps you escape the reality of your days, then leaving would be a bad thing wouldn't it? Boy, if I had the access of the Internet in my first marriage, it could of saved me a lot of tears. I know you are depressed because Peaches is gone, and your husband could care less that there is one less cat around the house, but to hear you and blue snipe at each other is really disheartening and I just wish both of you would take a deep breath and come out of the corner shaking hands. Everyone has an opinion, and on here you are privy to what everyone who posts thinks about things. It is up to all of us to put those posts in the proper perspective and try not to take everything as if it were a personal attack upon any of our characters.
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please see my last post in this thread:


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