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had a bad week

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i have had one heck of a week, i need some vibes my way,,, it all started mon, morning about 1:00am my husband was having chest pain, he had a heartattack back in 94 so i called the emerg. squad they took him to our local hospital, we were there all night and all day Tues. and they sent him home at 6:00 tues eve. he still didnt feel right, so on Wed. morning he had to go back to hopital. he was haveing a heartattack this time, they sent him to Columbus by helicopter, he almost died, he had a blocked arterie and so they cleaned it out and put a stent in to keep it open, so the Dr. said with the new meds he is going to be on he should be okay, i was so scared when they said they were air lifting him, they usally dont do that unless its serious. i have been up there with him, so tonight they told me to go home and get some rest, he will get to come home Mon. i will go back up in the moring, its about a 2 hr. drive from here. i missed my boys, my sister took care of them, it was the first time for them to be without the both of us all night and day. sorry to go on and on but i wanted to share with my online friends you guys are such nice people. i hope i sleep okay tonight, i havent been.
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What a scary ordeal. Sending many positive vibes your way, ((GET WELL SOON)) to hubby. Keeping our fingers and paws crossed you'll be able to get some sleep...you need to keep your strength up (Hug).
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OMG!!! Sending healing vibes to your husband, and get-some-sleep vibes to you. Know that you are both in my prayers. Sending hugs, too!
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I'm so sorry to hear that! I do hope that he gets better soon!
Many hugs to you Hon! I've had a crappy week too...so we're in the same boat!
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Sending healing vibes for your husband, and (((hugs))) for you. I hope things get better soon.
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OMG That is scary! I am so sorry that your husband had to suffer. I hope he heals very quickly.

Mega hugs to you, especially after going such an ordeal!

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Wow that is very scary I'm so sorry you have to go through this right now. I am sending some good vibes your way!!! *hugs*
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thanks you guys, its nice to know your there, i just spoke to his nurse at the hosp. and she said he was resting right now, so thats good news, i hope i can rest tonight, right now i feel keyed up, i guess im on over drive
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I hope he recovers soon. Please try and get some rest, you need to take care of you.

Sending healing vibes to you and family.
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oh dear.... thank god this week is ending soon... u've had enough for the week... i'm sending u {{{sleep tight vibes}}} and {{{get well soon vibes}}} to your hubby....
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I pray that your husband will be fine. I know about the rough week(we have had a really bad one too). Try to get some rest, I would say don't worry but I know that this is impossible.

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try and get some alone and down time to find your center again. hope he continues to recover
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Positive healing vibes are on the way from Minnesota!
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