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Question about yearly checkup, dental, and vaccinations

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Well, it's close to 1 year since Snowball wandered into my life. Within a week of feeding her I brought her in to the vet for the feral treatement (neuter, vaccinations, ear tip) but it turned out she was actually a stray cat. She still got her 1 year rabies and I believe Feline Leuk. shots. I released her, but she decided to stay with me, so I let her stay in my backyard (can't have animals in the house). I've been reading on this and other sites about vaccine related sarcomas and how we're over doing the whole vaccination thing. I have to admit, after reading all the info on the various sites, I'm more confused then ever!

Here's what I know so far:
1) Cats need to see the vet at least once a year, for a general checkup.

2) The rabies shot last for 1 year the first time, and then three years after that.

3) Because she's an outside cat, I can't take any chances and have to get her her shots.

4) Shots are best administered in the shoulder blades or in the thighs, so if a sarcoma does develop they can amputate rather than put the cat down.

5) Dental cleanings are recommended at least once a year, especially if your cat won't allow you to brush their teeth (which she doesn't).

Now, I'm still not sure which shots are currently seen as necessary and which aren't. I know rabies and leukemia are, but giardia (sp?) isn't. There isn't a vaccine for the feline AIDS, right? I'm scheduled to bring her in next Saturday, but it's going to cost $90. There are some low cost vaccination clinics, but they give the 4 in one shot. Is this okay, or is it better to get separate shots? And someone said it's better that the shots are given one at a time, like a couple of days in between shots.

As far as dental, I remember someone said to make sure they use a certain kind of gas (I'll look that one up, but if someone knows, I'd appreciate a heads up). Anything else to be careful of?

Okay, I know that's a lot of questions, but I really do appreciate any info.
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Yes, if she lives outside, she should be vaccinated for Rabies,distemper, and leukemia. The 4 way vaccine should be fine for her since she didn't have any reactions to the first one. The leukemia should be given seperate. If possible, wait a week or two in between the 4 way and the leukemia. Rabies is mandated by State law, so whatever you state will issue, you will get.
The vaccines should be given as low on the legs as possible. The different vaccines should also be given on different legs.
They havn't proven the Giardia or the vaccine for FIP are very effective.If I were in your position, I wouldn't opt for either.
Dentals are a very good idea for cats indoor or out. However, I think unless they have severe dental problems I would only have it done every few years. Anytime you put an animal under anestesia it's risky. The safest anestesia is Isoflurane, which is the standard in most minor surgeries. If something happens, they can take the animal off the gas, and the recover very quickly.
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Thanks, Sandie, that was exactly what I was looking for. I'm going to cancel the vet vaccination and get it done at the low cost clinic. I'll still get the dental done, make sure they're using Isoflurane, and the general checkup. And, I'll try as much as possible to get the leukemia done separately.
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Also, there is a vaccine now for feline AIDS (FIV).

Separating the vaccines is a very good idea. Also, any time your cat gets her vaccines, please be sure to observe her for a few hours afterwards for any reaction. Although reactions are very rare, they can be serious. Watch especially for severe vomiting &/or diarrhea - if you see this she should go to a vet immediately.
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