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Weak Kitten- NEED HELP

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Had a phone call from a friend this week telling me about a kitten she had just brought. She had taken it off some people who had brought the kitten then 'changed' their mind about it. My friend can't keep the kitten as she has her hands full with 3 dogs.
So i agreed to see the poor thing today. I'ts a little persian, who i've been told is 12 weeks old, but compared to my own 10 week old kittens....it's tiny. Literally looks like an 8 week old.
This baby's stomach is full of worms, and is covered and i mean absolutely COVERED in fleas. To the point where if you hold him you're very likely to get more than a flea bite or two.
He is also extremely skinny. Apparently he's been fed on adult food since birth
He can barely stand up as he's so week and wherever you put him he will literally fall asleep. despite this the poor love will still constantly give a weak purr whenever he is picked up.
I have deflead him and wormed him...but he looks so helpless, is there anything else i can do?
I've kept him seperate from the other cats, so they've all moved out of my bedroom and gone to the spare room and this kitten will stay with me tonight.
He's such a sweet thing, and has been thru so much already. I'll make an appointment for the vet tommorrow morning, but is there anything else i can do till then?
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Poor little baby.. that breaks my heart. You are such a kind person to try to help him.
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I would wait and see what the experts on here say, but my thoughts are that this kitty needs nutrition and TLC. Not sure if they sell KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement) in UK Pet shops. That is the best bet, but there are recipes on here for something called "Kitten Glop" that you can make yourself with grocery store bought ingredients. The kitten is too fragile for flea medicine, but get a flea comb and a dish with Dawn dish soap and warm water and comb those fleas out.

The best bet is to get the kitten to a vet ASAP. He/she will need shots, deworming and a good exam.

Best of luck, please keep us posted, and thank you for being this kitty's angel!
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Is he dehydrated (test by pulling some skin away from their body at the back of their neck....if it snaps back, OK, if it slowly sinks back he is dehydrated)? If so, I would try to get him to the vet tonight rather than tomorrow morning - he will need injected fluids. With all his other troubles, this could be life threatening.

Poor little guy has got to be totally weakened by his infestations. I hope this works out for you!
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"What you need is a fine toothed flea comb a jar of hot water with a few drops of Dawn Liquid soap in it. Dip the comb in the hot water mixture and comb out the kitten, dipping the comb often into the water mixture. The detergent and hot water will kill the fleas, and the little bit of detergent on the kitten and the hot water will take the fleas out of the kitten's coat." ~Hissy

(From another thread)
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I'm moving your thread to the proper forum and I'm notifying MA that it's here.

poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon!
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i used the spray flea treatment that the vet gave me for the other kittens.
He doesn't feel dehydrated, just very very week, i've turned the heating right up as he's shivering slightly and he is comforted by being held.
I can't believe people could let him get in this way, he really is not acting like a kitten at all. If i try to walk away from him he gives a very wek slight meow. He is a very open faced silver shaded (chinchilla?) with the biggest blue eyes ever, he's so skinny they seem far to big for his face.
My own kitten are so mischevious, boisterous playful chubby things that in comparison this little one looks so much worse.
I'll make that kitten glop now, i offered him some royal canin kitten and he ate a few pieces of that.
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please keep him in your thoughts and pray he gets better
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I am DEFINITLY keeping him in my thoughts and prayers!
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I would take this kitten in to an ER vet clinic immediately. He is anemic from the fleas and the flea treatment that you used on him, although you thought it was helping, has further compromised his health. The flea treatment is to be used on healthy kittens only, not weak ones whose health has been compromised. Bless you for helping this wee one, but please if you have a 24 hour clinic near you, please take him in for immediate treatment.

If this is not possible, keep him warm. The best way to do this is to take an old pillowcase and fold down the open edges like you would the sleeve of your shirt? make a nice pouch like a purse, run a soft cord around under the lip so that when you put this pouch around your neck it hangs right by your heart. Do a quick running stitch to keep the cord in place, fill the bottom with soft towels and place the baby kitten in the pouch. Drape the pouch around your neck, and take an old flannel shirt and button it around you snugly. Your heart beat will calm him, and your body heat will keep him warm. Please know this baby is in dire straights and the best thing you can do is get him to the vet as soon as possible. feed him 5 or 6 times a day in small amounts and you will probably have to stimulate him to help him eliminate..poor kitty

Best of luck!
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Good luck - Hissy has given great advice. I hope the wee sweetheart will be okay.
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just a little update on the chinchilla..... he's ALOT better, infact he has mad spurts of hardcore activity and then will collapse for a little snooze where he is.
I tried introducing him to my cats and les just say this little guy is a feisty one!!!
He really is a beautiful chinchilla, very pet quality, but has beautiful silver tipped fur and HUGE bluee-green eyes, have to post a pic of him on here.
I don't know if i'll keep him, i can really only take in one more cat, and i've already put a deposit down on a breeding female. But if this little guy steals my heart i may have to find room for one more pet
Thanks for everyones advice.
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So happy to hear he's getting better. It sounds like you'll need to make room for another furbaby.
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