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Kitten "foaming at the mouth"

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So I am currently "foster sitting" another foster's kittens. They are 11 weeks old. 


The past few days I have noticed one of them seems to be "foaming at the mouth," although the consistency is not foamy. Sorry because this is a gross description, but it's very mucousy (almost like what you would blow out of your nose when you are sick) and is somewhat yellow in color. 


He is not on any medication so that can be ruled out as a cause. I thought about the idea that he got into something toxic but it's pretty well kitten proofed over here and I don't keep anything remotely toxic at a level that he could get into it.There are also two other kittens here not showing these symptoms. 


He's eating and drinking normally and his activity level is pretty good. I would like to see him a little more active but he is certainly not lethargic. 


The only other symptom I have noticed is that his fur smells really bad. Like, so stinky I gave in and bathed him. Even after that he still has a "smell" to him. 


I will get him to the shelter vet on Monday but has anyone ever seen this behavior in a cat or kitten? Any ideas on what could be causing it? If he doesn't feel well I want to try and help him before then but I don't know what to do. I have done some research online but can't really find anything conclusive. I am also concerned that if he's picked something up he will pass it to the other kittens (and one adult cat) that are here. 


He was vaccinated 2 weeks ago and had a little vomiting after that but it cleared up. He was neutered on Tuesday (which is partially what I was attributing his lower energy level to) but his incision looks great. 


Not sure what it could be and if it's okay to wait until Monday. Thanks for any help! 

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Could it possibly be a reaction to the meds given for the neuter and/or could he have picked up a cold while at the vet's for the neuter??  I'd try to find something out today and not wait until tomorrow. 

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Nausea can cause drooling/foaming but to me it's enough days since his neuter, he should be feeling fine. 


Perhaps he ate a bug? Or got into some people food.

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When a cat tastes something bitter to them, i.e. cherries, they will automatically hyper salvatate. They foam at the mouth and since they are trying to get it out of their mouth it can look like mucus and moves like mucus.


I don't know about the smell, but it could be he's gotten into something that's on his fur and got into his mouth. I don't think they are directly related, but maybe he's cleaning his fur and whatever is on it is causing the foaming. It would explain why he is repeatedly foaming at the mouth - a cat will avoid things it knows it doesn't like but a cat hates being dirty even more.

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I appreciate all of the feedback and you guys trying to help. We were all so wrong. Here is what happened (sorry but it's a total rant. Please bear with me):


When I got up this morning Alani (the sick kitten's) foaming was 10 times worse. And, he wouldn't shut his mouth all the way. I looked in his mouth and his tongue looked all swollen and was bleeding. I called the shelter who did not feel a swollen tongue was enough of an emergency to warrant weekend vet care. I sat there pitifully for about ten minutes, decided to forget the shelter and took them to the ER vet. Just in case, I took his littermate Kea too. 


It seems when they went to the shelter earlier this week to be neutered they were exposed to the Calicivirus. Kea is not too bad, just a few mild mouth sores and a low fever. Alani is a whole other story though. He has a very high fever and horrible mouth sores. He can't eat or drink on his own. The vet prescribed antibiotics, L Lysene and SubQ fluids. She said his odds of survival are 50/50. I didnt know the symptoms of Calici or that he had them. I wish I would have figured it out sooner! 


God bless this ER doctor. It normally costs $110 per visit per kitten and then the cost of medications and supplies. She waived both appointment fees and gave me a 20% discount on the meds so I only had to pay $85. 


The added issue is I kept a kitten from my foster litter- baby Diego who is one week older. I have him in a separate area and he seems okay as of now but he likely also has the virus. He is scheduled to have his second round of vaccines tomorrow so I will have him looked over by my vet then and determine what his treatment plan should be. 



So, After 4 hours at the ER vet and a trip to the store to stock up on supplies I came home and sat on the kitchen floor and ate 4 pieces of Halloween candy (which helped in a weird way) and cried a little on the inside. Then I picked myself up and started medicating like a fiend. They both howled and screamed while getting their SubQ's and my neighbors now think I torture kittens but oh well. They are both zonked out in their quarantine area. I do not want to have to take them back to the shelter so here's hoping we all survive this


Thanks for nothing, shelter. I got your non emergency right here!!!!!! 

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So sorry for your kittens EB, disgraceful of the shelter to know they were exposed, not tell you and then not allow you to have the kittens vet checked.


Hope Alani and Kea recover

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