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Strange question for feral owners

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Hi guys I have a question for all those out there that have adopted ferals. How long (if ever, since I know like some cats they may never become one) woulf it take roughly for them to become comfortable enough to be a lap cat. My Riley has no problem being petted now, even picked up but he only jumps up on a lap for a few seconds. Almost to see what all the excitement is about it.
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There is no real answer to that question. Out of the 20 ferals here, we have 4 that are what I consider lap cats, and they come to the laps on their terms not ours. You just have to take it easy with ferals that you are socializing. Lap sitting is an emotional response WE want, not something that cats (especially those used to the outdoors) wants or needs.
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Agree with Hissy, of my 10 ferals that live indoors, about half of them might hop in your lap from time to time, but don't stay long. They prefer to just be nearby - laying across the room in their comfy chair, on the sofa next to me. The same thing (about the same percent) happens with my non-ferals also, so I'm convinced its more based on their personality rather than the fact that they started out feral.
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Cooper will never be a lap sitter..... but since we've gotten Jack she has been more loving (Her Terms ONLY!)

She's not a biter like she used to be, but she still hisses when she's pissed (a quick blow in her face makes her stop!) - She knows better...

She is not the lover kitty Jack is but she's learning


I've heard that females are least affectionate than males is this true? It seems to be true in our house
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We took in an 8-year-old feral, whom we named "Straycat" and by the time he died six years later, I could pet his head, he would "supervise" any work my husband was doing around the house or yard, and would rub himself against my and my husband's legs, and brought us "presents". I have a huge scar on my leg where he bit me when I tried to get him into a carrier for some urgent medical attention. Another feral we took in was roughly 6 months old. She slept in our bed the second night, and decided the third day that human laps were the most comfortable place in the world (and potted plants the best toilets!) I think it really depends on the cats' characters, experiences and, perhaps, ages, though I'm not too sure about the latter. I (intermittently, because of cat-induced asthma attacks) work in a "cat home", and some of the young kittens taken in never become people-oriented, while some older cats, whom we know grew up on the streets before they were trapped, come to greatly appreciate cuddling with humans. If you are dealing with ferals, you just have to grin and bear it. Some are going to remain pretty wild, and others will become "babies". They ALL need help, some place to get warm, enough to eat, and medical attention when it becomes necessary. Why insist that they become "lap cats"?
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