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Simba/my Bangel kitten is at the Vet's right now.

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He's getting fixed or neutered. I always worry, because of the the anesthesia (sp). Please send out good vibes that he will be OK.
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I hope you don't mind me saying a little prayer for him
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Thank you PurrfectCatlove, I guess I'm a little more shakey than unusual about taking my cats to the Vet's after what happened to my little Stanley.
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Hope, positive thoughts heading Simba's way and that he heals fast!
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good vibes coming from MD!
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Positive thoughts from CA.
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Get Well Soon vibes from B.C. Canada
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He will be fine. I am sending good vibes his way.

Bengals are tough little cats.

When mine came home he was wide awake and wanted to play.
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Lots of TLC and quite time for your baby!!!

Thank you for be such a responsible cat owner!!!

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Any word from the vet yet , how your baby is doing ?
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Sending a prayer for Simba to be A-OK!
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keeping our paws crossed here!
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Sending good vibes your way from Kansas City....

Muddy and Koko have their paws crossed - they went thru that on Tuesday and are back to normal.

OK, lame attempt to make you smile: Remember the Far Side cartoon where they take their dog to the vet to be neutered but they call it "tutoring"? We tell all of our babies that we are taking them to get tutored and tell them how smart they will be afterwards!!

Simba will be so smart tonight!!

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I hope he's doing fine & will recover quickly. My boys woke right up after surgery & went on playing like nothing had happened.
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all the good vibes I can send out going your way........
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Sends loads of love to your SIMBA. He's been there, done that!
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Simba is home from the vet's. He's fine. A little groggy, and a little stumbly but he's fine. I'm so happy, and thank you all for your good vibes.
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RHbarb-Your Simba is beautiful. I have 2 Siamese, myself. Snoopy and Shane.
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I am so happy to read that your baby is ok
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Good to hear, bet you're relieved to have him home safe and sound! Yay.
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Glad Simba is home and happy!
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