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Why, oh why!?

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Last night, I had NO sleep at all because we were taking some friends to the airport in South Carolina and didn't get home til 7am this morning and so we went to bed.
Jake had to get up an hour later to go to school and I continued sleeping - well, TRIED to!
Sometime during that sleep, i felt something wet on my nose, it stayed there, it didnt move, I tried to ignore it, it bothered me so I opened my eyes and it was Peedoodle putting his nose on my nose. He has never done that before!
Then Kahu must have learned from Peedoodle how to wake us up using his paws, tap tap tap on my leg, and I called out "stop it Peedoodle" thinking it was him, but no it continued and I opened my eyes and it was Kahu. Oh boy!
Then the boys decided to play on the bed.
I have noticed that they will play while we are sleeping and sleep while we are awake - oh why oh why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That is so cute!!! I wish Zoey would do that. She just kinda walks on me occasionally and does a "bprryeoowyeoow" in my face
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Sorry Kellye, but I just had to laugh! What silly boys you have! But they just wanted Mommy to wake up and see them.....
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Oh I know I have silly boys.

its really amazing, really, because when we first got Kahu from the shelter he had not had any human contact, didn't want any. Now he DEMANDS attention. He has made an amazing turnaround. He follows me everywhere in the mornings, its so sweet. I love them both so much!
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Welcome to the world of CATS !!!!

I hope you enjoy your stay! Even with sleep deprivation!

Awwww....and nose to nose contact! Maybe he was an eskimo in a former life?

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or a Maori Kass?

Maoris greet each other by nose to nose contact - its called a hongi.
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My cats do that too . So now I play a little with them befor bedtime and they do better .
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And the story, so familiar!! It's even better when Ginza decides he needs to save us from "The Evil Feet" under the covers.
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A lot of cats are nocturnal. I notice that when I work from home or on weekends, they will sleep all day, then about 6PM, start playing in earnest. We try to tucker them out so we can sleep at night, but doesn't always work out that way.

My husband explains to them that the bed is for sleep and not play (it's cute to hear his lecture with the new arrivals in the house) and the older ones have actually figured it out over time....until the new kittens start playing in bed at night and the adults don't want to be left out of the fun.

Yes, you will learn to sleep thru it and somedays wake up with cat scratches all over your body and wonder what they were up to the night before.......
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