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Strange behavior Neutered Cat

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I walked into the bedroom last night and witnessed a strange and disturbing scene. Osiris was laying on the bed resting, and Khepera was sitting behind him, kind of looming over him.

Then I noticed Khepera was making pelvic thrusting motions. I went over to see what the heck he was doing, afraid he was peeing on the bed or something like that. He rolled over and he was *ahem* very visibly aroused. He ran away at that point. Fortunately, he didn't leave any presents on the bed. The kitten (Osiris) was fine and appeared untouched.

What the heck was that all about? Khepera is a 4 year old neutered male, Osiris is a 7 1/2 week old male. Was this a dominance thing? Should I be worried? Could the vet maybe have done an incomplete neuter on Khepera?
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A simple blood test will tell your vet if he missed a cord or two.
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Hmm, ok. He was neutered before we adopted him, I can take him for a checkup and have the bloodwork done though.


Is that what it sounds like to you?
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How old was he when he was neutered? I've heard of male neutered cats who still think they can perform the deed, and physically can, but without, erm, production per se especially if they were neutered late and had experience in the ways of the tomcat prior to being neutered. I believe that there is a breeder here who has a neuter like that who likes it because it takes the queens out of heat.
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I don't know how old he was when he got snipped. He was already neutered when I adopted him back in May; they told me he'd already been neutered before they rescued him a month or so earlier, so it has got to be at least a year, probably more, since the surgery.

Khepera is upset with me, I've been teasing him all day. He's now "Khepera the kitten molester" and "Horndog".

I'm sure I've embarassed him by telling everyone on TCS about it, as well
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the "Horndog" . Sue , that is to funny LMAO .

I had a male cat once and he did exact the same thing on my head , ewwww . The only difference was , he was not neuter at that time
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Yup sounds like they didnt get it all....on horses it's called proud cut....hummmmmm wondering what its called with cats??
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It's too bad that I have no idea who the vet was who performed the surgery, he or she could go in and do a repair...

Will see about getting Khepera to the vet soon for bloodwork, and if this is indeed the case, will have to see about scheduling him for surgery. Poor guy!
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One of my neutered cats done this the two or three times his sister came in heat(she is strictly indoors and all other cats were fixed,she is now).I got him neutered at about 5 months old.I have heard of it when a male is neutered after he has had some "experience" but had never heard of it when they haven't.He never did accomplish anything with her.LOL.
That is odd about him doing that with another male kitty.Hope you are able to talk to your vet and find out what caused him to do this.
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I've had neutered toms - some neutered as young as 5 months - who did this all their lives. The object of their "affection" was usually a fuzzy afghan. I just ignored it, unless they did it on my lap, and then I would just put them down on the floor.
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I think thats going to be the reason...at 5 months he isnt quite a male yet...IMO this is why its a good idea to wait till 7 or 8 months...just make sure they arent breeding anything
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I would take your cat to the vet. My may, neutered cat started doing this and it turned out he had a health problem. His stools were not soft enough to leave his system, so they were building up in his body. We took x-rays and his intestines looked like linked sausage. I had to start feeding him pumpkin, for more fiber, and also giving him some stool softner. Everytime his stools get hard again, he starts to exhibit this behavior. I have been treating this for almost a year now.

Good luck.
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