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Feline Distemper

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I recently adopted my 5 moth old kitten from the place I volunteer at. For whatever reason, they couldn't find her records for 3 weeks, and finally they gave me a fax of some incomplete records. I was told verbally that the vet who took my kitten (Lindsey) in originally had given her rabies and both distemper shots, that she was also tested for FIV and Leukemia.

Only one of the Distemper shots was listed on her paperwork, and there were not tags or rabies vaccination numbers noted. To be safe, I got Lindsey her second distemper shot, and also found out she had worms. The next morning my little girl was lifeless and just laying on the floor in the hall way. I brought her to vet immediately, and she's been in the hospital since.

She's running a fever of around 105-106 and vomiting, diahrea, and sometimes she shivers. The vet said her white blood cell count is at ABOUT 20 when it should be around 18 (I don't know what the range or variance is so I don't know how bad that is). I'm worried that she already had distemper, or something and that somehow this has caused the onset of her symptoms. What are the chances of that, and is this a someone uncommon but, possible reaction to the vaccination? Is there a risk if by chance nothing on her records were accurate and she was given a booster with no initial shot?

I would appreciate any information from anyone who has experience with a situation like this or who might know something more I should be looking into. Today they're running x-rays and more bloodwork.

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I'm so sorry about your little baby I have heard some things about reactions to vaccinations.. it could just be something that will pass. I know a few board members here have described similar situations after their cats had a vaccination.

I hope kitty will be ok, please keep us posted.
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I am so sorry! Positive thoughts and healing vibes going Lindsey's way.

Hang in there and let us know how she is.

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Ok.. the hospital just called,... they've run every test imaginable and have found nothing unusual. Her fever has come down to 102.5 which is MUCH better than 106 yesterday. She's free to come home, and be nursed by her mom. Hopefully she'll shake this by Monday.

They said they have another cat in today who was innoculated yesterday - same issue, fever, vomiting diareha... they figure it's a reaction to the vaccine.

Thanks to everyone for you positive thoughts and assistance.
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I've only had one kitten react to vaccinations in all the years and all the cats that I've been owned by. He became listless, slight fever, grouchy, sensitive to touch, but he got over it within about 36 hours (he mostly slept it off). When I called the vet, they suggested an eigth of a tablet of an over the counter antihistimine to prevent possible swelling. Never did give it to him because he was too traumatized when I tried to hold him and give it to him.

Glad to hear that your kitty is doing much better!
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Glad he's doing better! Sounds like a reaction to the vaccinations. Scary
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Oh thank goodness for that!
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