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I got to this post late--and thought that poor Fred was not going to keep doing well. So, I am SO happy to see he has improved SO much! Ya gotta love those tough guys!! (My little Spike is such a tough guy--but LOVES his Mommy!!! (me!! ) I do hope Fred keeps on improving and has many more years of feeling well yet!
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He is still doing well. He can get away with anything lately, we are just so glad to still have him. Good thing he isn't too naughty.
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I do have an FIV +cat. His name is Bonito. Bonito was my back neighbor's cat but she has never taken good care of him, therefore he eats at my house and is in my back porch most of the time. I took him to be neutered and to get his shots and even though he once in a while goes to her yard, he is at mine most of the time.
I did'nt know he was FIV+ until three weeks ago. He started drooling, could not eat or drink and when I took him to my regular vet (I have an inside cat - KIRIM) the vet told me that he had tested positive for FIV and she needed to remove almost all his teeth, that his gums were really in bad shape and he was having kidney problems, (all due to the FIV). It cost me $256 and my neighbor promised to help me with the bill but I have not seen a penny yet. I really don't care, all I care is for Bonito to be well. The vet told me this is not possible, she thinks he might live for 6 or 7 months, maybe a year.
I give him his medication every day and a lot of love. He waits for me when I come home from work at 6 P.M. every day and don't even want to think about the idea of putting him to sleep when he gets worse, but by the same token don't want him to suffer. I pray to God every day to help me do the right thing for Bonito, meanwhile, I enjoy him and I know he loves me the same way I love him.
I am sorry I know this is long, but not everybody understand what it is to love a cat, I can not talk about this at work. I work with 9 women and neither one of them is a cat/animal lover. They do not know what they are missing RIGHT?????
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They have no idea what they are missing! I never had a cat until I was an adult, and now I cannot imagine life without any. It is so kind of you to care for Bonito. People tht do not understand my love for cats ask me why I allow a sick cat to live in my house, and it just makes me so angry. I hope Bonito has a long an happy life with you.
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Oh, I'm so happy to hear Fred is doing better.
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How is Fred doing today?
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I'm happy Fred is doing better, he is in my prayers. I hope Isabel was easy on you too (she didn't do much here.)

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The hurricane didn't bother him a bit. He just sat on the back of the couch and watched the wind and rain. It is still amazing to me tha he is still here. If you could have seen him, you would have never believed he would have made it.
We were very lucky to have been barely touched by it.
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