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I think Fred is dying

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He was fine when I fed him this morning, the suddenly began having trouble walking, stumbling and falling, howling. We took him immediately to the vet, who said he had a seizure. He seemed to be better at the vet's office, but since we got him home, he is a little better, but won't even eat his favorite treats, and doesn't seem to be able to focus. He is now sleping in his favorite spot on the back of the couch. I am glad we did not have to have him put down. If he is going to die, I would rather have him do it here. He does not seem to be in pain. The others are with him. and seem to know something is wrong. I would appreciate some prayers for my little friend.
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I am so very sorry
Is Fred a cat? How old is he?

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I will keep Fred in my prayers ((((((((hugsss)))))))
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Aww I'm so sorry. Good thought coming your way. What did the vet say? Does the vet think he's not going to make it? He could just be recovering from the seizure. They really wipe you out.
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Fred is in my thoughts.
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Oh Rebecca! I'm so sorry Fred is going through this. Poor little guy. Sending lots of healthy energy out to your special Papa cat, Fred.
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I am so sorry to hear that!
I hope he will be ok, but as you say, if this is the end, it´s good he is able to stay at home, rather than having to put him down.
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I'm sorry Fred is not feeling well. Prayers coming his way.
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I'm sorry to hear that, I will say a special prayer for Fred.
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Please know that even if cats do not show they are in pain, oftentimes they are. They are so low on the food chain, that their survival instincts compel them the hide any pain they are going through.

How old is Fred? Did the vet run a tox screen on him? Is he on medication right now?
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Sending prayers for Fred
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Fred is nearly 16 years old, and FIV+. The vet said that is what caused the seizure, and that they could continue, or he may not have another one, they just cannot be sure. We are to track all symptoms, and keep the vet posted. He ran some tests, I will have to check the reciept for what they were, I told him to do whatever Fred needed. He has had neurological problems from a head injury several years ago, but they had never been very serious, and have not affected his quality of life. Just a few head tremors and a weird little jump straight up sometimes. That had decreased over the years to almost nothing. I have not seen him do it in a long time. Several different vets have said he did not need meds for it. The one today said we may eventually need to give him something, but need to observe him first. We have kept a close eye on him because of this, and he has had regular vet visits all his life. We have had him since he was barely a month old. He had a few treats, and resting right now. He has always been very vocal about being in pain, that is what makes me think he is not, and the vet seemed to concur, but I know it is possible that he is.
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(((*HUGS to you and Fred*)))
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Oh Rebecca I am so sorry, you and Fred are in my thoughts.

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I'm so sorry. I hope you don't lose Fred, but if he does pass, I hope he passes painlessly. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts.
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Thank you for filling in the gaps. Sounds like he is in the best of hands now. I will pray for a good outcome on this.
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Sending 'no more seizure' vibes Fred's way!

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I am so sorry.
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Sending get well soon kitty vibes your way.
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I'm sending all my prayers and positive vibes to him at this time.
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I will also pray for him and you I am so sorry ((( HUGS )))
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Lots of love to you and Fred. Get well little guy!
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Get well prayers from PC Florida! :angel2:
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*Sending Prayers and Get well vibes Fred's way*. Hope he gets better.
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Sending positive "get better" vibes to Fred. How is he today?
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He is still wobbly, but he seems to be a little better. Seeing him yesterday, I never would have believed it. I was sure we would be bringing home an empty carrier. He is sitting here now knocking stuff off my desk. I am so glad he is here, he can knock over whatever he wants. Now I just hope we don't have to put him through the stress of evacuation from the hurricane.
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It's been a couple days, but I've been thinking about Fred. How is he doing???
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He is still doing well. He has gotten over his little wobble, and is acting as if nothing ever happened. I am so grateful that he ok. He's a tough old guy,and I am sure the prayers and board magic helped him along. Thanks, everyone!
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So happy to hear he's feeling better!
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i'm so sorry i saw this late... i'm glad that fred is feeling better now....
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