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Silly Morrell!!

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On a lighter note. . .
The oil company is here doing my annual cleaning & maintenance on my oil burner.
I went down to see how he was doing (lots of clinging and clanging and I was growing concerned).
He said that it was going well. . . . wanted to know when I last had my service. . . saying it was long overdue. . .
He also said he found a cat toy inside the smoke pipe!
He asked if I had a chimney/fireplace upstairs and I said "No".
I asked where the smoke pipe is located and he showed me. The only way that a toy could end up in there is if the cat tossed it way up in the air (like 5 feet) and it landed in the little vent door that swings.
I inspected the toy that the repair man put outside. Sure enough. . . it's one that Morrell swiped from upstairs a few weeks ago!
What a cat! What are the odds?!
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Cats are amazing!!!!!
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OMG! That is hilarious! Morrell must have amazing flinging skills!
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