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Is it possible to get arthritis in one joint? I have been having pain and stiftnes in only 2 fingers. It is really bad in the morning ,and gets worse as I work. Anybody know?
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It could be . Did you get some X Rays done to see how bad you got it ? If not maybe you need to go and do it , then the Dr. can give you the right medication for the pain .
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Osteoarthritis can affect any joint. I have it in my thoracic spine, left shoulder, left hip, left thumb and fingers.

Cox-2 inhibitors (Celebrex, Vioxx) are great. I've been on Celebrex, for over 4 years and it has worked better than anything else.

Since its just your fingers, its doubtful that this is rheumatoid arthritis, which is bi-lateral and symmetrical. Osteoarthritis is easier to treat and isn't as debilitating. Unfortunately, its one of those things, that comes with age.
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It's possible for joints to wear out because of repeated motion over a long period of time. You should see a doctor for this.
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I have RA and it started one day as pain in my fingers and knees. I think you should go to a Dr. and have the appropiate tests run. I was on Celebrex, but I think my body got used to it. I am know on a drug called Bextra. I also take Methotextrate and Paquinel.
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I have osteoarthritis, it started in my neck. I do have it in my hands now also.

Have it checked so you know what you are dealing with.

Good luck.
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I have seen a Dr. a while back I have started getting thining of my bones. Wondering if it the same thing?
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Not the same, but is painful.
Thinning of the bones is osteoporosis.
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Thank you I could't think of the name!
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Sherral, if you're starting with osteoporosis, are you taking a calcium supplement? I was told by my doctor to take "Calcium 600 with Vitamin D" every day. The pills are huge and hard to get down, but now there are chewable ones in fruit flavors (WalMart) and mocha (No Frills). An infrared lamp will help your aching joints, too.
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The best vitamine and suplements you can get is in your Health Food Store , you may pay more but you will feel the difference too .
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During the winter, I use Therma Care heat wraps. They work wonders on my neck and shoulders. They don't do so well on well-padded areas, like my hip, though. For that, I use a Bed Buddy. It heats up in the microwave and, unlike a heating pad, I don't get burned when I fall asleep with it.

Bill tried the Therma Care on his shot-up knee. Other than losing some hair, he said that it did a world of good. Since they're adhesive, you can wear them under your clothes.

Capsaicin patches are supposed to be good, too. I got a nasty burn from one, though. Mentholatum Deep Heat patches are great, if you can stand the smell.
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Those Therma care wraps are awesome! When I worked in the pharmacy, we had some samples. Each of us employees had to try one so we could tell the customers is they are good or not. Since I'm the only young one of the group, I had to take the menstrual one...but it worked wonders! It started warm for over 12 hours instead of 8 like the package said. I rate it with 2 thumbs up!

Those chewable calcium things are great too! We had sample of those when they first came out & actually it's like eating candy! I especially loved the Carmel ones! YUM! And they're not that expensive...the brand name called Viactiv is around $6 per month supply & the walmart version is $4.50 per month. It's a lot easier than swallowing huge horse pills!
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Since I'm pre-menopausal, I take one of those big, honkin' horse pills every day. On top of their size, mine are a most putrid shade of green! I rather do that, though, than have my bones snapping like twigs when I'm 80.

FYI, to you young gals: start building up those bones, now and get a head start on staving off osteoporosis. I've been taking calcium, since my late twenties.
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I get the Twinlab calcium. It is a capsule, I cannot take those hard horse pills(lol)
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Originally posted by sherral46
Is it possible to get arthritis in one joint? I have been having pain and stiftnes in only 2 fingers. It is really bad in the morning ,and gets worse as I work. Anybody know?
Sherral after you have a confirmation from your Dr. on what type of arthritis you do have, consider thinking about Nutritional Supplements. It's a natural way of helping to heal problems that our bodies seem to inflict upon us. If you would like more information about Nutritional Supplements and I'm not talking about the ones in the health stores, please send me an email.
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