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I burnt the (*#@$% outta my thummmmb. I was baking something in the oven and went to pull the oven rack out. My pot holder slipped and I ended up grabbing the rack with my bare thumb.

It didn't even hurt at first. I just looked at it and said "Oh, yeah that is gonna hurt very bad later". About 45 minutes later it started hurting SOOOOOOO bad. I soaked it in ice water for the longest time then applied aloe. It doesn't burn anymore now but its pretty numb and has little feeling where the blister is.

Tell ya what, there will be no more potholders. I'm buying mittens!
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YIKES! I can feel that from here! If I were your pen pal I'd be sending you oven mitts! (Not funny you burned your thumb but about the mitts)
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I have done that, and then each time you use your hand it hurts again.
Be careful about infection.
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man..i can feel the pain....ouch!!!! pls take care....
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It pays not to be able to cook, my cook does my cooking.
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Cass - dear take care of your thumb I did that once and dropped the cake I was baking and shattered glass all over the place lucky my thumb survived.

I'll your thumb all better!
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Thanks guys, and Sam you're such a sweetie, your will work wonders I'm sure!

It's actually much better now, I have no pain there just a nasty looking blister. It's actually quite numbish feeling, although if I put it under warm water or anything with heat it still stings a bit.

Fun stuff!
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