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White cats and blue eyes, hearing

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There is the whole, 85% of white cats with blue eyes are deaf.  My pretty kitty is definitely not deaf, but could she be hard of hearing or deaf in one ear?  Or is she just REALLY good at ignoring me haha!  I know she isn't deaf because when it is quiet and just me and her, if I do the kissy sound, she'll turn and look right at me.  But, she is very skittish with noise, and we have 3 loud kids.  Her ears are always going back and forth all the time, like she's on high alert.  If I call her, she won't look at me at all.  Maybe she just wants to ignore me :)  Who knows!  But, the skittish thing, makes me wonder if she just can't hear 'good'.  But, she can definitely hear as I test that out now and again :)  Are white cats typically skittish?  Sometimes she will shoot across the house because something freaked her out and she knocks down everything in her path LOL.  :)  



My other cat on the other hand, he responds to his name.  Any time I say his name he turns and looks at me.  :) I love that!

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The best way to tell, I had a cat that was deaf growing up... We figured out he had hearing problems.  Do both ears move toward a sound at a few feet away?  Or you can just walk up to her when her back is to you on either side, she should be able to hear you on both sides, pet her and see if she jumps.  That is a good indicator that she can't hear you on one side.  This may seem mean but we were testing him and it's one of the tricks our vet did to see how bad his hearing had gone.  Once you know if she has a hearing problem, you can be sure to never startle her as much.

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You have to be careful when testing hearing that they don't "feel' vibrations. I have 2 deaf white/blue eyed cats (at my parent's house). They don't generally swivel their ears, only to flatten them when alarmed.
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Thanks guys!

I KNOW she hears, but what I am not sure of is to what extent and is it just one ear.  I tried talking behind her last night and she was only moving the left ear.  But, generally speaking, she usually moves both ears all day.  


I will keep trying.  It is just a mystery to me :)

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Oh and yes, I make sure that there are no vibrations to be felt when I test stuff.  I try all kinds of methods with the oscalating ears LOL

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