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Thursdays DT

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How is everyones day going? I got up early this morning, watched the news and some of the memorial of the reading of the names of the WTC victims. So sad to see those children up there reading the names of their parents. I had to do some grocery shopping and went on post, we live near Ft. Stewart, Ga. and we shop at the commissary there. The President is coming to visit tomorrow there and it was really busy on post, all the preparations and stuff. Had to go drop off some things for my daughter at school at 3 and then came home. My daughters high school homecoming parade is today and I will go watch that and take some pics of them, she is in band, then back home and then back to school to pick her up after the pep rally. I've spent most of my day in the car!
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Blechy day! I woke up at 4 with a migraine, so I took off of work and slept in til 11. Still feel a little discomboobilated-I think the migraine hangover is almost as bad as the migraine itself. So no big plans for tonight, just some TV and to bed early. Have a good day everyone!
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sorry bout your migraine!

just got wireless and the laptop is so much faster accessing the web, so I'm cruising on high-speed

bidding on a watch for hubby and no more illegal spamming for me LOL! I'm kinda out of it since I only had one cup of coffee!

Hope and pray everyone out there is doing well.
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I've been up, since 2:00 a.m. Got up, to go to the bathroom and couldn't get back to sleep. Good thing that I'm off today.

Went the grocery store, to get green chile burro fixings and bought a HUGE, stuffed, black vampire cat for the twins. Its big enough for them to share. They're too young, to trick-or-treat but they can have a vampire cat! I'm going to try to get Mark and Sam to get a picture done with. If nothing else, I'll take one myself.
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did nothing but work today,9 hours,I am beat early to bed for me!
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Today was catlitter box cleaning day for me . Then I also had to dust , sweep and mop the cat enclosure . Then I went to Farmers a health food store and got me some multy vitamine and Irion suplement . I am so tyred lately and worn out and today I remember that the last time I was feeling that way I needet Irion . I hope it works like the last time . Then I went to the bank and got some money orders for rent to send a Lady we manage a house for . 30 minutes ago I picked up my son from Marching Band rehearsal .And now I am back in here
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I went to a meeting for work(YUCK!) and basically was told that I suck. A 45 minute drive for that!? thanks. I'm done with it, I need a change I wish there were more job opportunities here.
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Originally posted by jugen
I went to a meeting for work(YUCK!) . A 45 minute drive for that!? thanks. I'm done with it, I need a change I wish there were more job opportunities here.
Had the same day but I didn't get the "you suck" part. Jobs are sure scarce these days.
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I'm so glad that you had a nice day, gosh darn it someone has to right?
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I got to sleep in today - I really needed that.
I didn´t do all the many things I was gonna do today.
My friend was moving, and had a month between houses, so I was babysitting some plants for her. She came to pick them up today, and now the living room looks empty, like when you have taken all the Christmas decorations donw :P
I went to visit my granny, my fathers mum. She has been paralized on the one side for some years, and yeasterday she was really weak and not looking herself. We think it might be getting near the end. Of course I don´t want that to happen, but I think she is ready herself. It´s just so sad. She is so good and kind and a warm person.
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I'm sorry to hear that Sess!
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Thanx, Shell. The sad thing with my granny, is that she is (usually) very clear in her head, and really remembers things, but the paralizing makes her life so boring, since she in an elderly home, where most of the people have gone kinda crazy in their head, or at least don´t follow up. But there is no place for paralized elderly people that are clear in their head. Where she is, is such a lack of stimulation, it´s just sad.
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I had so many errands to run. It was hot here over 90 by the time I got home I was exhausted, my Arthritis was hurting badly, went to get one of my pain pills and realized I did not have any. Had to get back in the car go to Dr's. office to get refill then to pharmacy.

It was then I went to Starbucks, I deserved it(lol) I am going to get to bed early as I have a ton of work that has to be done tomorrow.
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Well, its past midnight and I am still awake - at 2:45am, i go to my friends house to take them to the airport by 4am.
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