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how long would you leave it??

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Following a lot of thinking about things and soul searching since I lost my stepfather and cat the same day and also confirmation that my mother wants nothing to do with me, we decided that I should contact the company that my company owns in Toronto. I emailed the Vice President for HR and advised of my wish to stay within the company and wanted to relocate.
he advised me
" I appreciate you taking the time to express interest in the North American operation. I will survey the opportunities that exist in NA and get back to you with any relevant information in addition I will forward your CV to my HR colleagues."

I dont want to seem pushy, but I dont want him to forget me and i want to be "in his face" so he remembers me.

How long would you leave it before - if this was you - you contacted him again and what would you say. I want to show that I am enthusiastic and WANT to do this and move for the sake of my wife and son and me. My father is there as well and I dont want to be away too long from him.

So what would you do and how long would you leave it?

wanting to move forward with our lives
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I'd give it at least a month or so, but you don't want to bother him too much, or he'll get angry, and he'll never let you know about any North American Opportunities.
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Sorry to hear about your losses... I hope you're doing okay.
I would probably give it about one to two weeks. One week if you're really desperate, and two if you can afford to be patient.

Hey - want to switch jobs / houses for a bit?
I live and work downtown Toronto and have always wanted to live and work in the UK! Most of my family is there and I've never even met them! hehe.


Canadian Kev.
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You have already planted the seed. Give it two weeks before you contact him again. After that, I'd follow up every few weeks. You don't want to seem pushy but you also want to make sure they recognize your seriousness. I would also consider poking my head in directly with the other co. in the US to see how their market is.

Good luck!!!!
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I would send a follow-up e-mail in about a week if you have not heard back from him. Thank him for looking into NA opportunities for you (start with the positive opener). Ask if he has heard anything back, and if not, can he give you some indication on how long this process will take? You can play dumb with your question - you don't know how long this normally takes and do not wish to take up his time, but you are trying to initiate plans on your end also.

Oh yeah, and to a VP, keep it short, succinct and get right to the point. They get an enormous amount of correspondence and appreciate brevity.

Keep his response, and respond back with his response attached at the end of that time period.
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hey kev,

give it a mth or so... he probably has a whole lot of things on hand to do so give him a bit more time...
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I vote for Momofmany's approach -- time for him to start enquiries, maybe even to have response, though that's far from guaranteed -- but approached as she suggests, he should pick up on your seriousness, rather than feel pestered.
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Send them a thank you note, yes a real thank you card, right away. Then, if you don't hear from them in a month, call them. I know it's expensive, but if you want the job, call them. If you were local I'd suggest calling within a week or so, but you have to give the post a chance to work first. When you talk to them on the phone, if they say they have no opportunities ask them if they may be aware of any anywhere else (quite often they will be) and then follow up and you can always say you were referred by this person. Any company that receives a letter saying you were referred by an HR person should end up really taking a look at you. Repeat the process with each person you contact and each reference you receive. I know a guy that got a job in Germany from out here within 4 months doing that. It took longer to do all the legal stuff, but it didn't take long to get the job (it took me 6 months just to find a job HERE where I live!).
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Can you correspond directly with the company in Canada to let them know you are seriously interested in relocating? Perhaps sending a copy of your resume and letter of interest?

I wouldn't keep harping on your current boss. . . . he probably doesn't want to lose you. . . . and might put off doing this. . . . and if you nag him he may be less inclined. . . just my thought.

Good luck to you! I'm so excited that you are taking this giant step toward a new beginning It's also in your favor that your little guy is still young and hasn't settled in with schools & friends yet.

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Kev - I think that you should send a real thank you letter as soon as possible. Just indicate in it that you appreciate the effort this VP is putting forth for you and you are looking forward to the day when you can meet and work with them in person in Toronto. I would do a follow up e-amail in 3-4 weeks with a phone call in 6weeks. Good luck!
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