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Me and the boys', from Toronto, CA

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Just wanted to say hi and post a few pics of me and my Bengal boys: Cyrus and Seven! We live downtown Toronto in a quiet little townhouse complex.

Seven is about 6 months old now, and Cyrus is 5 months old. They both come from award winning parents, yet both different parents entirely.
Poor Seven had a bit of a rough start, being born with one eye that never opened. He went in for surgery and now you can't even notice the gimpy eye!

They were quite a handful when I first got them. I just wanted to offer some words of encouragement to all the new kitten owners out there... whatever problems you have will probably be overcome with some smart thinking, lots of love, and time.
So far I've gotten through quite a bit...
- peeing on the bed
- peeing in plant pots
- stepping in their feces in the litterbox and tracking it through the house
- a really badly scratched eye
- a bad infection where Seven could barely breathe for about 24 hours
- trying to eat my food before i can
- various trips to the vet

I think it helps that I'm actually more stubborn then the cats sometimes.

I now have them both leash trained, and take them for almost-daily walks around my patio, and in the park across the street. They are VERY good and love it outside. They chase bugs and flies, climb trees and all sorts of fun stuff. They have come to enjoy their time outside so much that they'll even go over to the front door and whine and give me a sad look until I come over to them. Cyrus will 'sit proud' and stick his neck out for me to put the harness on. I can't believe how smart they are! He always rewards me with lots of kisses and seems to have a different sound depending on what he's doing at the time, or what he wants from me. I'm slowly learning his language as I know he's trying to learn mine.
He still drinks out of the toilet if I forget to put the seat down, but nobody's perfect right? At least he balances that out by keeping me company in the shower every morning before work.

Anyway, I'm rambling! This is a great site and resource, keep it up!



p.s. here's a few pics of the little devils.



Nap time with Cyrus.. I sometimes forget how small he was when I got him.
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Welcome to the site Kevin! Those are two adorable little Bengals you have! I love that last picture, what a sweet little baby kitten.

I'm glad you like the site. There is a lot of fantastic information here, and IMO one of the best sources are our members with all of the collective knowledge and experience.

Enjoy your time here and I look forward to getting to know you, Cyrus and Seven!
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Welcome! Appreciated the stories, nice pics!
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Originally posted by finary
We live downtown Toronto in a quiet little townhouse complex.

You mean there is actually a place that is quiet in downtown TO??

Welcome to the site Kevin, from a fellow Torontonian! I spent 7 years living on the edge of Bay/Bloor.

Love the pics! The two of you cuddling is adorable! I'm sure you will enjoy your time here.

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Nice one! I work at Bloor and Jarvis... pretty closed to where you used to live! Where are you at now?

And yes.. there are a *few* quiet places in this big city.
I think my place is definitely a diamond in the rough of Parkdale!
I'm at King/Sudbury now in that townhouse development. It's a nice quiet street (sometimes) with speed humps now. And my patio section is totally secluded from outsiders.

Cyrus and Seven love playing in the park overlooking King st. They attract quite a few people as well

I love your Russian Blue!! My mom got one before I was born, and she was the best cat. Really surly towards strangers but loved the family. Poor Ted (yes odd name for a female I know) passed away when I was 18. She lived 20 long happy years and was more of a member of the family then my little brother! *grin*
I since convinced my mom to get TWO cats, and shes been thanking me since. Her little girls are now 5 years old.


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Welcome Kevin! Your two fur babies are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing their pics.
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I live just north.

We moved here last summer when we came across an old school house with a great backyard for sale. After living in a condo for 7 years, I really needed my own backyard! Plus we saw too many stabbings that took place just steps away from us, so I also wanted out of the core.

Right now we're renovating, but it's a very, very slow process cause this place is a handyman's special. Give me and my boyfriend 5 years and the place will be gleaming.

I picked up Nakita last October and she's just amazing. I don't think she fits the typical Russian Blue mold since she is pretty social and also loves to get her harness on and go for walks.

That's enough rambling out of me. Enjoy your time here.

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Welcome to this wonderfull site Kevin .

your cats are soooo beautyfull , I can fall in love with them .
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Originally posted by finary
I think it helps that I'm actually more stubborn then the cats sometimes.
LOL That helps when you have Bengal kittens!!

Welcome to the cat site Kevin
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Welcome to TCS Kevin!

your cats!!!
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Welcome to the site Kevin. Love your Bengal kitties. They are beautiful. *Waves to fellow CA*.

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Beautiful boys!!!
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Welcome Kevin to the site - the cats are stunning - those markings are incredible.

I am looking at being a torontonian early next year as am planning to relocate - am in daily communication with Adrienne et al who are helping my familly and I get things in gear as well as heads

When we get out there - we should all meet up - it may be one incredible evening of chat and of course a beer / coffee or two!!!

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Kevin! Welcome. It is always nice to see a fellow Torontoian on the board. Your kitties are gorgeous and I am sure worth all of the tribulations they have put you through.
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I'm not from Toronto and I don't have bengal cat but I just love to give a pat on both your handsome boys...such gorgeous thing God created
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