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How Does Your Cat Make You Smile/Laugh??

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What does your cat do, that will always make you smile/laugh??

Nakita is a carpet hooker! Ok, let me explain! We have hardwood floors in our house, and the odd area rug. When we are in a certain room, Nakita will come flying across the wood floor, jump on the rug and start rolling around like crazy. Meanwhile, she is purring up a storm and looks in total ecstasy! This always makes me smile/laugh.

If I'm on the computer, Nakita will do the following to get my attention.

She will sit right behind my chair and start doing this type of 'moaning'! It's similar to the moan you hear from a kid when you tell him/her to go wash the dishes. Like 'oh, mom, do I have to? So Nakita, will start off moaning to get my attention. If that doesn't work, she will give out a quiet meow with a moan . If that doesn't work, then she will fall on her side, grab the wheels of my computer chair and start wrestling/rabbit kicking them! She knows I will turn around at that point (she has me trained), and she will look up at me, expose her belly, and start the 'carpet hooker' act. It is soooo funny! She knows by that point that I will leave the computer to rub her cute little belly!

What does your cat do to make you smile/laugh??
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Felixia runs skittering across the tile w/ her back feet almost outrunning her front feet, leaps onto the back of the couch, then does somersaults across the back of the couch.

If I've been petting Sylvestra & stop, she'll very gently grab my hand and pull it back to her face.
Also she meows like crazy any time I start talking - she thinks I'm talking to her, so my answering machine always has her voice in the background.

Mr. Underfoot - too many things even to list! He is a total character, and a complete love bug. He thinks he always has to be in my lap, whether or not I'm sitting down.

Oreo will walk up to me when I'm laying on the bed & just plop down so his head falls into my hand for petting.
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Easy - Brandy is obsessed with boxes - the smaller and tighter they are - the bigger the challenge to get in and more fun it is to watch.

Polished floors are great as well. Brandy lays on his side and i grab his belly and push him accross the floor - he slides away and then comes back and lays down and does it all again.

Finally, he plays "fetch" - you roll up a small bit of paper into a ball and throw it and off he goes - chases it, grabs it in his mouth and then brings it back. Drops it at your feet and you start the whole thing again!!

Good eh?

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Taz makes me laugh. When I am in the apple tree throwing apples over to the horses in the pasture, Taz is chasing the apples as they roll across the grass! Makes me giggle everytime.
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Originally posted by hissy
Taz makes me laugh. When I am in the apple tree throwing apples over to the horses in the pasture, Taz is chasing the apples as they roll across the grass! Makes me giggle everytime.
Bet he stops rolling when they bounce up and BONK!!!!!on his noddy / barnett

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In the bathroom, Zoey plays with the door stopper. Its like a springy thing with a white cap on the end of it and sometimes in the morning or in the middle of the night, its all quiet and I hear this "BOOOIOIOIOIOIOIOINGGGGG!" I dunno why but it makes me laugh.

Then of course when she flys through the house like a maniace, sliding on the kitchen floor or throwing her toys up in the air with her mouth

Her meows also make me laugh. She gets those good yeowls going if I'm not paying attention to her "BBBPPPRRRYYEEOOOWWWWOOOWWW!!"

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Mittens walks in the bathroom with me in the morning, and sits on the always says: 20. I think he knows he is too fat! He also sleeps on his back when he wants attention...Zack and I can't help but giggle!
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1) Finding their play 30-pack box in odd places all over the house (they use it for a sled for amusement).

2) Their "king of the cat tree" games (any combination of cats/kittens can be involved).

3) Muddy walking up to me, throwing himself across my lap, arms, chest, neck, face or whatever, and purring like there is no tomorrow. That one takes all stress away from me.

4) Waking up to find 4 or 5 cats sound asleep on top of my body (legs, chest, neck, head).
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my son plays with the doorstopper! LOL! I got rid of them but one just to tease him

my JB pounces on my feet when he hides behind the door then scurries down the hallway and slides into the door
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That would be my Riley, being an ex-ferral my poor baby still hasn't got used to hardword floors yet. Every time he runs around its whoops slip-slid kitty.
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Wrestle-mania always cracks me up! Watching Jake and Elwood play is the funniest thing - especially when they are both poised for the pounce but they're both not sure who goes first. They just kinda sit there on their kind legs in this Kung Fu position waiting for the other one to flinch!
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Griffin, who is 9 months, still a kitten is the funniest. Every time I bend down to put laundry in the dryer, or clean the bath tub, or get something out of the bottom of the fridge when he is around he jumps on my back and wont get down. I usually have to get someone to help me get him down. Also he is a jumper and if he wants to be held he will jump from the floor into my arms and purr and purr. He is quite a character!
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OH BOY! There are COUNTLESS things that my 4 babies do to make me laugh but I can't list them all. Here's a few..

First, ANY wrestle match with any of my cats! That's one of my fav things to watch with my cats and always get me laughing my head off.

Zebra LOVES to run and be chased so she'd run like crazy throughout the apt and end up with 3 other cats chasing her! The way she runs is soo funny also. It's hard to explain but her butt goes up and down BIG TIME whenever she runs...

Another thing is watching Pepper run like crazy trying to catch the red dot whenever I use the laser toy. Sometimes, she'd run into walls, doors or other cats since she's too busy focusing on chasing the red dot! Often she'd collapse on the carpet gasping for air!

Seeing Spike kick like a rabbit against the floor-ceiling cat post.

Buddy getting up on my chest and kneading away at my neck while trying to tuck his head under my chin and not succeeding.

Pepper flopping on my lap to sleep- she thinks that's the only place acceptable to sleep!

Pepper meowing her head off when I'm getting read to feed the cats.

Spike going crazy trying to rub noses and do head butts with me. Whenever I come home, he'd get up on my lap while I'm on the toilet and rub noses with me CONSTANTLY until I push him off.. Also, he'd start running ahead of me and weave among my feet trying to get me to stop then he'd try to jump up to touch my nose. Often, I'd end up bending down and letting him rub noses. He'd do this FOREVER If I'd let him!

Buddy jumping up on my back and insisting on riding everywhere with me on my shoulder.

Zebra and Pepper- just the way they look!!
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
my son plays with the doorstopper! LOL! I got rid of them....
When I first read this, I thought you wrote:

My son playes with the doorstopper! LOL! I got rid of him...

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Matty and Suma get into this chase thing, were they will end up changing places but chase each other around the house at very high speed. Then they stalk each other, doing that little butt wiggle before the pounce, that generally gets me going. When I go to open the front door, Matty has this funny little gallup she does running to it, trying to tell me 'open the damn door so I can see outside', followed by a very pitiful meow, I guess windows are just not enough
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Bailey doesn't come into the bedroom (I don't really know why, unless Sam told her it was his domain). The other morning, I slept in, and felt a cat jump up on the bed at my feet. Usually that would be Sam. But it wasn't. Gentle footsteps walked up the edge of the bed. I still kept my eyes closed. Then I felt kitty whiskers on my cheek. Still, I pretended to be asleep. Then, one loud plaintive "mmmmmmmeeeeeeeowwwwwww", right in my ear.

I cracked up. And also got up to feed the poor starving beasts.

Sam was waiting right outside the door, I think he put her up to it.
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I love when Trouble wants attention, she will stare at me from wherever she is and "MEROWP" at me as loud as she can. It cracks me up.

Marbles makes me smile when she throws herself at the ground and exposes her tummy for rubs when I get home from work. I love when they want attention I guess .
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Rowdy's cussed orneriness cracks me up. She will look you, right in the eye and do something that she knows she's not supposed to. Whenever Bill is taking care of the household expenses, she sits right on the stack of bills and, when Bill moves her, she sits on his checkbook or calculator.

Buddy's centerfold pose is always good for a giggle and Opie's dog-killing glare is priceless.

I was just out on the patio and Pearl started chasing her tail, whirling like a Dervish. She spun her way halfway across the yard and, when she stopped, she was dizzy and fell down! Goofy doggie!
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He's making me smile right now by trying to attack my fingers as I type!
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The pre-attack butt-wiggle always cracks me up. Especially when Ophelia does it because she is generally too reserved to lose her composure like that.

Almost every morning, Trent comes in to see me when I'm getting ready for work in the bathroom. He will reach up on the doorway as far up as his little body will stretch, so I will lean over for good morning kisses.

Any time Ophelia asks me for pets and scritches, because she is such a Daddy's girl. This doesn't happen too often, and my heart just swells every time she does.
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I always laugh when the boys try and get control over each other, especially when one has the catnip blanket we bought last week - god, they fight over it.

I love it when Peedoodle hides under the quilt when its touching the floor and hes under the bed, if you walk past, he will attack your feet. I am always hysterical then!

Peedoodle and I play hide and seek - I hide and Peedoodle seeks and he jumps out at me and I always scream - he ALWAYS gives me a fright because when he is stalking, I never know when he is going to jump out at me. I think he gets his kicks out of hearing me yelp in fright.

When Kahu stretches, he waves his paw out at me and its really adorable, its like he is waving at me.

Kahu ALWAYS lays in the hallway and if you walk past, he will tap you on the leg but never using his claws - I have no idea why he does that, but its really cute.

Right now, they are running around, chasing each other liek they do at nighttime.
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First one that comes to mind, is my cats fascination with water he will watch the small table fountain in my living room, with this very intense look on his face. He loves to put his face in the water.

And of course the day he fell in the toilet(lol)
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For some reason, seeing Snowball stand up on her hind legs while investigating something always brings a smile to my face. It reminds me of the Simpsons episode with Burns' puppies. Also, when she lets out a big yawn, sometimes an involuntary squeak/meow will emit from her mouth!
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oh, I laugh 90% of the time Im watching my kitties! they bring so much joy to our lives...
Im not sure what is funnier - Timon stretching splat on the floor when I come in the house, or Peppe "investigating" a new toy (including jumping 3 feet in the air if someone makes a loud noise while he is focused), or maybe timon crawling into bed in the middle of the night, and mewo-ing RIGHT in my face for attention... Or Peppe hunting down an unfortunate fly that happened to be in the wrong house... Peppe drinking water with his paws or Timon falling - =splash= - into the toilette!
Just the fact that they both turn their head together to hear things, can crack me up!

my sweet sweet cats... how boring life would be without them!
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Cooper: Loves spiders and ants.... I will pick her up and place her on my shoulder... we will walk around the house "looking for spiders" she will look around and swat me with her tail if something looks interesting.... (WE'VE ONLY EVER FOUND ONE SPIDER!) this is now a daily routine.... I come home and we go hunting!

Jack: Loves to eat! He is now 9 months and will eat everthing in sight.... We had a trail of ants in the house the other day. Cooper was playing with them "meowing" and teasing them.... Jack come over and "GULP" all gone... he licked the whole line of ants up.... Cooper stood there in awe - and cried for the ants for 15 mins (I kid you now!!!)

My babies are so funny they do something new everyday - This morning Jack pick up Nicks socks and tossed them into a wet bathtub....

I love my guys!
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One of my kitties, Nori, will jump in my spot on the couch if you even get up for a split second to reach the remote. Then she looks at me like "oh were you sitting here" and then proceeds to snuggle into the cusion in extacy. It makes me laugh every time.
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Piku makes us laugh every time he tries to chase his tail. He has a really stubby one that must have been some sort of accident before we got him. He almost looks like a top spinning, lying on his back and reaching up between his back legs. He'll keep at it until he hits a wall or a piece of furniture.
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Hah.. something incredibly funny happened about a month or so ago....

I had the cats outside with me on their leashes in the front yard. They were all relaxed and sitting down and eating grass. Then the neighbors accross the street came home. They have a boxer puppy, about a year old or so.. and they never put him on a leash! So they opened the door, and the dog comes running out all excitedly.. both my cats and I watched him calmly for a second.. the cats were probably thinking "oh its that strange animal next door.. it will be fun to watch it... OMG HOLY CRAP ITS COMING OVER HERE!!!!"

The dog saw my cats.. ran accross the street, and up to aerowyn to give her a sniff, and she freaked out.. I was like.. ai!!! I let go of the leashes, because I knew they could deal better on their own.. Aerowyn ran up a tree about twelve feet, the hair on her back all up and pointy (It is so funny, because she is such a small cat, and she has like 2 1/2 inch hair on her back...) Elliot.. hah.. and this is the funny part.. he turned to the side, backed up, turned around.. and launched his 16 lb self up a tree. However.. with his bulk he only managed to get two feet up it..... so Imagine a fat orange cat, clinging spradle legged to a tree.... looking like an atomic bomb just went off!! It was so funny!!!! The dog had no intention to hurt the cats, he was just curious.. but OMG it was so funny to see my fat cat two feet up the tree trunk! I mean, the dog would have had to BEND OVER to sniff Elliot's bum!!! I laughed for like a half hour, while the neighbor was apologizing about the dog getting loose. Omg it was the funniest thing ever.. I wish I had had a camera.

Since then he has made attempts to climb trees.. usually launching himself and hanging on for about five seconds before falling down. SO CUTE!!
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