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Inner Cat Family Fighting/Litter Boxes

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Hi there! I am a cat owner of 39 cats. I have three generations of the same cat family that has originated from two sister kittens. Most of them are spayed and neutered. I live rurally in Colorado and some are in the barn and some are in the house. My predicament is this........
All the kitties are related and some fight with each other. None of them have ever been seriously hurt but they do fight and scrabble. Is this normal because I have so many??????? Most of the time they all get along but recently two young males ( one year old) have started to pick on the older male ( who is three) he has become intimidated and doesn't want to come in the house anymore. The two younger ones have not been neutered yet but will be soon. WIll neutering help this situation? If you're wondering why I have so many e-mail me at wdlndwarmbld@aol.com and I will send you an email on it. It is too complicated to put here. Everyone in the kitty family are healthy.

Also, I am very particular about keeping the kitty boxes clean. I scoop them at least twice a day but I am still getting accidents just outside the kitty boxes on the floor. I do not know how to resolve the poo on the floor issue. I change all the litter at least once a week and scrub out all the boxes at that time too. Do I need to change the litter totally more often or change the brand of litter?

Any input would be great. Thanks!
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Neutering the two younger boys should help considerable with them terrorizing your older male. (Is the older male neutered?) Their hormones are raging at 1 year old, and they are doing what comes naturally to tom cats - establishing their territory for mating.

For the litterboxes, some people have changed from the commercially available boxes to somethink along the lines of Rubbermaid storage containers. They are big and tall enough that kitties don't have problems missing the edge of the box, which is what it sounds like is happening at your house.

(I also removed the duplicate of this thread. )
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When inbreeding begins, that throws off the normal balance of the cat colony. Neutering all your males, and spaying all your females will help this situation tremendously. I would opt to get your females done first, as other Toms will come into the area when they are in heat and mate with them and add to your already overwhelming number of cats. Then I would get the males neutered as quick as possible. Check with Alley Cat Allies as October 16th is National Feral Cat Day. They should have a list of low cost spay and neuter clinics run during this time of year to prevent the exact scenario you duplicated with your colony. The costs are low as the focus is to get as many spays done as quickly as possible. Sometimes you are asked to volunteer (an eye-opening experience to be sure) and you are asked to make a donation. But please SPAY AND NEUTER THOSE CATS!
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