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I may be gone from here for a few days

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I just wanted to give you all a heads up on the fact that I may not be around here for a few days. As most of you know, this week has been a very emotional one for me. It's just been so up & down this week...and it's only Thursday!!! What I'd do for this week to end! First I had men issues (good & bad), I shared my news about my new job with everyone, then my pup Mandy is very ill...and now it's even worse. I got a call this morning at 5:30 from my former fiance' who told me his best friend (one of my friends) Todd was killed last night in an accident. Todd & I were pretty close for several years. We had our normal spats, but we always got over it. But when I broke off my engagement Todd hated me. He was so mean to me at first...said words I couldn't believe that he'd say to me. After some time, we both apologized for acting so childish & got along quite well. Our circle of friends started going their separate ways & I didn't see many of them for a few years even though we live in the same small town. Our lives were so different from each others. The last time I seen Todd was this spring & we talked like we were as close as ever. Unfortunately I never got to speak to him again. I'm so sad very sad. I just pray that he didn't suffer. From what I was told he was killed instantly. Just the though of him suffering hurts me so bad. I've cried so many tears this morning...don't know if I can cry anymore. I cry for him, for his wife (she has a brain tumor...I wrote about her this summer), his family & my friends. My heart just hurts. He was such a good guy...always such a ham. He'll truly be missed.

So, I probably won't be around here much. Need sometime to regroup & get prepared to say my goodbyes to my friend. This is the first friend I've ever lost & it's so hard. I always thought of growing old with my friends & chatting about the good ol days. Now I can't do that with him...
I've gotta go for now. Thanks everyone for being supportive this's been one emotional week.
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Oh Shell, i am so sorry. I hope you will come back soon, I will miss you.

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Goodness, you've gotten the brunt of it all week. You're definitely in my thoughts.
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Thanks guys. I'll miss you all too!
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Shell I'm so sorry. I totally understand about having to regroup. Sometimes you just need time. I'll be thinking about you.
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I'm sorry Shell. Sounds like you've had so much to deal with. ((((( BIG HUGS )))))
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I'm so sorry. Take care of yourself.
You'll be missed
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Shell I am sorry about your friend. Sounds like a good idea to take some time to yourself with all that's happened in your life lately. Come back soon though!

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I am so sorry Shell , my heart is going out to you ((((((( HUGS ))))))) I will keep you in my prayers
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Shell! I'm Sorry- I hope your okay! and I hope too see you soon honey!

Love you HEAPS!!!!
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So sorry Shell, Please take care and come back soon, we'll miss you.
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Shell, I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend. I know how stressful it is when so many different things happen so close together. Please take care of yourself while you're gone, and I hope you will come back soon.
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Thanks guys...I just thought I'd pop in for a few minutes tonight. I'm supposed to be at work, but after 3 1/2 hours I couldn't handle it anymore. Everyone is talking about it & I can't handle that right now. I just feel sick...stomach is upset, head is pounding & most of all my heart aches.

Can I ask a favor from you all? Please pray for Todd's family, but also everyone else involved. Here's the scoop on the accident:
Six men were coming back from Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island last night. It was raining terribly & the vehicle hydroplaned. It then went into the ditch hitting a tree. At that time 5 of the 6 were ejected from the Ford Expedition they were in. Since it had been raining for the past couple of days, there was a lot of water in the ditch. That is how Todd passed away...he drowned in the rain water. He was apparently knocked out & drowned in the ditch. As for the other 4 guys, they are in critical condition...they may not make it. It does look better for one guy, but the others are all on life support. The driver (the only one who wore his seatbelt) is ok...only cuts & bruises.
So, please pray for these guys families...they are hurting so much too.
Thanks again everyone for you kind words...I'll check in this weekend if I'm up to it.
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Shell, I am truley sorry about your friend. I wish that I had a magic wand that would make everything better for you. God will only give you a burden that you can bare and nothing more. I know that this is little consulation for that but it is true. Please take care of yourself if you need to talk, PM me or email me.

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I'm praying for you and his family!

(((SHELL))), Come back when you're feeling better, we will understand.

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OMG how awfull
Shell , I sure will be praying for all fam. members , friends ....oh no , how sad
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Oh, Shell. I am so sorry to hear about Todd. This is so terribly tragic!
I will light a candle for Todd and his family and friends - and for the other ones in the accident.
Please take care of yourself, I´m there for you if you want to talk.
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Shell, I am so sorry for your loss. I will keep Todd's family in my thoughts.
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Thank are so sweet! It's wonderful to have such good friends!

Just got off the phone with Ric...I had emailed him this morning about it. It was so sweet...made me cry again...but he was worried about me. He just wanted to make sure I was ok. What a guy...I think he's a keeper!
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Ric sure is a keeper Shell!

Hang in there Babe!
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hey shell, i'm sorry that things have been hard for u... pls give yourself time... anytime u need somebody to talk to..u know we are here for u...
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Thanks everyone! I really thought I need some time away from everything...but I found myself dwelling on everything more when I'm away from here. So, looks like I'm back! I may not be on here as much as, personal life & etc is keeping me busy!
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I am glad that you are staying!
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Oh Shell, you will be sorely missed. I really hope you're OK! I'm so, so sorry to hear about your friend. It's so difficult to deal with when people leave us so young. But it has indeed been a rough time for you recently!!!! Just remember there are loads of people here who love you and will be thinking about you, praying for you, or sending wonderful vibes your way. Hope you come back soon!

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Dummy me! I didn't even see page 2!!!!

Well - I'd rather be embarrased and have you hangin' out here. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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take care Shell i hope things gets better for ya, sorry for all your bad luck. ((hugs))
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