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Have a Kitty....getting another...worried about Daisey's reaction...plz help

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Hi Guys....gotta situation just a little worried about. We have a beautiful little kitty called Daisey who is a year old. She is very clingy to me as I am home all day and not working yet. As soon as I start work she is going to be on her own with the both of us at work...so we are considering getting her a little companion.

She is spoilt by the both of us and has everything she needs and a whole room to herself with toys in it!!! We were thinking of getting a young kitten like 6 months old or something.....do you think this would be a good idea....and do any of you roughly know how long it might take Daisey to adjust to a 'new' cat in the home?? And final question...should we get a boy or girl kitty? I was thinking of getting another girl!

Plz guys....would love your advice....don't want to be making the wrong choices and upsetting my beautiful little daughter!

Oh here she is...she is the most wonderful little kitty...loves to give me kisses and will play fetch with me and chase me up and down the appartment!!!

Thank guys

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Awww....she is just adorable!! How could you not spoil that face!

I'm in a similar situation. I'm at home and hopefully returning to work soon and Nakita (just over one year old)will be alone for the first time. She is not clingy, but like's to be with me where ever I am in the house.

Personally, I would get another cat and introduce them slowly. I am sure your cat would enjoy a friend when your not at home. If she was strictly independent and acted more like a 'loner' then I would think about it. But you mentioned how much attention Daisey already likes to receive, so maybe a kitten will be a perfect human replacement when you return to work.

(and if you do get another cat we would love to see pics - hint, hint)

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I'm in the same situation too.

Read this thread if you're bored

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Please click here for a thread which gives careful instructions on how to introduce a new cat to your existing cat.

good luck!
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aww thx guys for replying back so quickly. You have all helped me so much. I definitely feel a lot more confident about getting Daisey a little friend. Guess I am just being a natural mother and worrying!!!

Will definitley try the vanila on both their chins and rub them with one of my t-shirts....as Daisey knows my smell and loves laying on my clothes...so this might help her a lot.

We live in a 3rd story apartment so Daisey is an in door cat...so will be kinda hard to really keep them separate when we get the new kitty....so that is what I am a little nervous about also.

Daisey is so affectionate in her own little ways although doesn't like getting petted too much...but so loves to give kisses and lay at my feet and playfully likes nibbles on them!!...so kinda hoping as well that a new kitty might make her come round a little more in regards to getting petted...either way though doesn't bother me as I wouldn't change a thing about her. She's purrrfect in my eyes!

Again...thx guys...you replies and advice has made me feel much more relaxed and confident....so hopefully in the next few weeks we will be getting her a little sister! Will post loads of photos when we her and hopefully loads of them playing together!!

Wish us luck
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You can keep them separated by keeping the new cat in a bedroom and letting the old cat have the remainder of the place. Being outside isn't necessary.
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