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Bloody Tail, urinating while having scratching Fits

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Chewie is almost 2. He was once very sick, almost lost him, until I nursed him back to health. NOW He has developed a skin condition and iches constantly. We have tried Flea powder, shampoo, and Collars and have not remedied the problem.

NOW, this is the worst part, he will have these FITS. I do not know what exactly is happening but it appears he is iching, or trying to ich, the back of his neck. When he does this he is flopping on his back his back legs scratching his neck. Somehow, thoughout all of this, the end of his tail has become a bloody stump and each time he has these fits he not only re-opens the wound spraying blood everywhere, he will urinate(or spray)as well.

Any of you know what is happening??

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First I want to say Welcome to this site .

I don't know what powder you used for fleas , but some are very bad for the cats . I would get something like Frontline Plus or Atvantige (sp) . But to rule any skin problem out I would go to the vet with the cat as soon as posible .
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It sounds like your baby needs to get to a vet. It could be skin allergies, flea bite dermititus, or a number of things. The open sores can easily get infected and you can wind up with a seriously sick kitty. He might be rolling around simply because he is just terribly itchy. I have a seriously allergic cat and her sores (when she gets them), are typically on the back of her neck and top of her back near her tail. Even if this is only allergies, the open sores should be a main concern right now. A vet can recommend appropriate treatment for you.

Flea powder is useless, and in fact your cat could be allergic to it. If you start a flea treatment program, use Frontline or Advantage, wash all bedding, and vacuum your home often. Boric powder (non-poisonous) can be used on the floors - your vet should have some of this available or can get it for you.

Keep us posted on what you find.
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Sadly what has probably happened is the flea powders, collars and shampoos. Please get your cat to the vet immediately and have the vet draw blood for toxins and check for some major skin disorders as well. Over the counter shampoos, flea powders and flea collars do not work. Some will even bring your cat closer to death than you care to imagine. I know, hard to believe, but it is true. Please get your cat to the vet and fast! Depending on what you used, any Hartz products or? Your cat could be in dire straights right now.
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Oh man poor baby Well first of all I do know that you shouldnt use flea powders or flea collars.. the chemicals in them could cause them to have reactions. Most people recommend advantage or frontline, you can purchase it at your vets for safe bets (instead of the pet stores).

What is wrong with his tail? Has he seen a vet for that? If he's got fleas then you'd probly need to wash all his bedding and vacuume really good aside from using the flea medication.
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omg we all posted at the same time..
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And came up with mostly the same advice! LOL
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This whole episode started yesterday. I am unsure what he did to his tail. I could have been one of his brothers or he may have bitten himself.

I will take him to the vets ASAP.

We have 6 cats here MARTY 13, Nikki 7, and the others are all brothers. Chewie, Han, Logan, and Midget.

None of them suffer from flease as much as Chewbacca does.

Poor little guy.

I will keep you posted.


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Welcome Scott....and we LOVE kitty pictures (hint hint). Yes, you are in flea central in N.C.
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Oh I know about flea central here in NC. Kahu and Peedoodle had fleas recently and we found that Kahu is allergic to fleas! Poor wee fella, he looked so awful - after the vet visit to get him treated and looked at (same time as the worm treatment) the vet ruled it was the allergy and now he looks so much better after advantage treatments!
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Hi Scott!

As you have read, it is advisable to stay away from over the counter medications for your cat. It sounds like Chewie is really suffering, and most likely it is the flea powder.

Let us know how you make out at the vet.

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