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How long should cats be kept away from each other after surgery?

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Granet and Marble Boys are getting fixed and i was wondering how long I need to keep them away from the other cats? I don't remember seperating moe and neo, I think they were playing like normal the next day.

Also how long do the girls need to be kepted away? I have one large dog crate and toy Medium dog crates I can put them in. But i hate to keep them in there very long

And do cats normally leave there stiches alone? we have never used and E-Collar after having an animal fixed, but i'm worried about these guys.

This is the first LARGE groups I have ever taken to be fixed. Normally it is just one or two cats.
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the male neutering procedure is pretty simple and non-invasive... i wouldn't worry about keeping them separate for more than a day but this is more so that the anaesthetic has worn off really...be careful how you pick him up for a while though... we didn't pick him up without supporting him with his back legs until the bruising went away...

female spaying... we kept ours separate for a day... your vet ought to have covered the area with a sticky gauze tape that will take a couple of days to come off... it really depends on the sought of relationship your cats have... if i were you i'd wait a couple of days till you let them play with each other just to be safe, but i don't think there'll be a problem if you just want them to see/sniff each other...
hances are your other cat won't want to go near the spayed/neutered cat till they stop smelling like the vet anyway...
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I think my vet give me a copy and it say , don't let them jump a lot for the next 3 days (for the girls) . I would make sure the girls wont jumb high and far (for the stiches to open).
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Here are the instructions that were give to me for my female and male cat when fixed:

For the next 48 hours-provide your pet an indoor place to rest that is clean, dry and out of the weather. Restrict its activity for one week following surgery. To Minimize your cat's opportunity to jump and climb, confine it to a small space, like a bathroom (I used a laundry room) for the next week. Clean, dry and quiet make for an unevenful recovery. (at least the first 48 hours)
DO NOT GIVE ASPIRIN OR TYLENOL to your pet for pain relief. THese medications can be deadly. You can give 5 mg of benadryl per each 10 pounds of your pet's weight for sedation.
Do not bathe your pet or allow it to get wet for at least 7 days after surgery.
Discourage your pet from licking or chewing at its incision. CHECK YOUR PET's INCISION TWICE A DAY FOR SUDDEN SWELLING AND/OR DRAINAGE. If the incision should become dirty, gently clean the area with a cotton ball and hydrogen peroxide.
For the next 2 weeks, KEEP YOUR FEMALE PET AWAY FROM MALES to avoid them attemptying to breed her.
Male pets can be fertle the first week after surgery. It takes about a month for the male hormaones to be completely eliminated from their system.

I am having 3 cats fixed on monday. The Male and Female inside cats they are 5 months old and I plan to keep them in a room together. I noticed with my last female that was fixed it took her a good 48 hours to really feel like herself and the males that I have had fixed, it did not even both them. But do check the incision twice aday.
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Nakita was very determined to pull her stitches out, even though the vet put some icky gel on that was supposed to deter her! She licked it right up! So she fashioned the e-collar for a whole 7 days.

I would confine them from jumping, Nakita started moving around normally after 3 days but I restricted her from jumping (which was hard) and she despised her e-collar! Also check that the cats go to the washroom normally and that the site of the stitches is clean, not hot, and nothing is oozing from the incision.

I know that some vets give a pain injection for the female cat to be more comfortable, so you might want to ask about that. Nakita didn't need it.

Good luck with setting up your cat recovery centre (aka: your house)!

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Had Muddy (neutered) and Koko (spayed) on Tuesday morning and kept them at the vet until yesterday morning. They asked us to try to keep them quiet for a few days, but that is difficult to do in my household. For Koko, they did not put anything on the stitch area, but reminded us to check the incision often and bring her in if any swelling or discharge. Her stitches get removed in 7-10 days.

Muddy was walking a bit bow-legged yesterday and Koko acted like nothing happened....even jumped up on the counter and table. She hasn't been licking the incision, but I don't think it is really itchy yet - that usually comes after a few days. I have no place to lock them up where they won't try to jump on things so I don't even try.

The other cats sniffed them (as in welcome back home) when they came in - they were interested in the surgery smell on them - but then just left them alone. My household is always less stressful when I can let everyone interact on their terms, rather than locking any of them up. My belief is that healing occurs better when there is no stress around.
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