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Can you keep my kitties in your thoughts today.

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I know with it being 9-11 minds are going to be else where.

But today Granet, Marble, Stormy, Blizzy AND snowwhite go into get fixed. I'm really worried about snowwhite because she tested FIV postive and I have a feeling despite my best efforts that she managed to get pregant again (granet and marble seem to be old then we thought) So needless to say I'm alittle worried and very nervous
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I'm sure your kittys will be fine, I was so nervous a couple of weeks ago when I took Cham in to be spayed. I know exactly how you feel. I will keep Snowwhite and the others in my thoughts today!
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I was soooo nervous when I had Nakita spayed, I can't imagine having more than one to be nervous about! Positive vibes going out your way!

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Girl you got it! I hope that all goes well with the babies.

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I am sure your kitties will be all right . I will say a prayer for them
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Positive thoughts going their way Val!

You take care of yourself and don't get too nervous hon.
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Sending positive vibes and scritches to the kitties.
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sending hugs to the kitties, and keeping a can of tuna fish with thier name on it..
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You have your hads full for the next week Your kitties will be fine, just give them alot of hugs while they are recovering.
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Keeping you and all of your kitties in my thoughts today Val!
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Positive vibes coming at you from Kansas City!

(My Muddy and Koko were speutered on Tuesday and are recovering fine)
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Sunny thoughts and prayers from Panama City Florida!
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All of your babies are in my thoughts and prayers Val. Everything will be okay!
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I'm sure everything will be ok. I was nervous when my girls had to go, too.
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Val - dear you are doing the right thing!!!!

I'll keep your babies in my mind ALL day, Keep us posted!!!! Good Luck kitties!

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All these positive vibes coming your way.

They will be fine.
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Any word yet Val? Still keeping them safe in my thoughts.
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The babies are all home. We have blizzy and stormy in medium size doggie crates so they can't jump around, and we have snowwhite in a large one. Granet and marble are in the kitten room together. Everyone did good. Snowwhite is the only one that isn't acting like herself. the girls are crying because they don't like to be seperated. Sebastain looks sooooooooooo sad! he misses stormy, the always cuddle together. The send the girls should be kept seperate for abotu a week I'm going to play it by ear though. There cut is really small and hopefully they will be fast healers. Thanks for all the vibes!!!!
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oh and my WONDERFUL vet hooked me up again! He gave me one neuter free he is such an awesome guy!
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thats great news , all are ok and one neuter free
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Glad to hear everyone seems to be doing well!
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Snow is just probably groggy from the anesthesia. I hope they gave her a pain shot before they sent her home, and that could add to her discomfort. just keep her quiet for at least 48 hours and she should be fine
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Looks like our board magick worked Val!

Glad all the kitties are okay- and one desexing free, That's great!

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