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Our New Guy- Benja!!!!!!

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Hello Everyone- as must of you know, I got a new kitty yesterday- He's a black persian called 'Pepperbox Moon Bear' Or Benja- Ben for short- He's the biggest cuddle bug and he's so gorgeous but he was very nervous last night and slept under my bed all night, I managed to get him out today and he's in the sun room for now with me , He hasn't been eating or gone toilet, but I did give him some strong fishy stuff to see if he eats it, He sniffed & licked a little but didn't eat- I have had a fun afternoon snapping pics of him I must have taken around 50 before I got a few I liked- It's really hard to photograph black fluffy kitties, But I tried! , Benja is about 6 months old and he's going to be our future stud- Anyway enough of the rabble, Here's some pictures of Benja!

I will tell you when the last one is up!

Here's Ben on my bed, he has beautiful big brown eyes but in time they will change to copper, He's got a black coat but it's still very 'kitteny' meaning it's got rusty tinges and uneven patches

I will try and get some better pictures later but here he is laying on my bed looking at me with his beautiful eyes

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Here's Benja stretching his big beautiful paws, He's got the biggest paws we have had on a kitten this age

This picture isn't the best quality but he's such a cutie!

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I love this picture, shame that big ugly pole was in the way!


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Last Picture for today, because we have run out of sun light so I can't possibly take any more( I don't use flash on my pets, don't wont to hurt their eyes )

I really like this picture- He's relaxing in the sun!

I hope ya'll like my little Benja??
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Little?? At 6 months old?? He looks huge! But let me say, that I am used to seeing short hair Russian Blue kittens , so there is a big difference in comparison! It must be that wonderful fluffy coat throwing my size equation off!

Benja looks like a keeper Sam! Congrats!

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What a beautiful baby!

Its really nice to see him after you told me about him!
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OMG is is absolutly gourgeous what a beauty .
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What a handsome guy he is!!!
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Very handsome indeed!
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Beautiful boy he is! Black/brown cats are the hardest to take good pictures of! Is he all fur or is he really going to be a huge guy when he grows up?
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What a beauty.......how on earth did God fit all that fur on one cat...enough there for a dozen...
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What a handsome boy, Sam!!

Cats Whiskers:
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Thanks everyone so much!

Benja is sitting in the sun room with me howwwwwwling his head off because he can see Holly & Sophie- I told him he was to young .. yet!LOL. He plays with toys like they are going out of fashion and he's an expert at head butting!

Kass- Benja really is HUGE, He's bigger then my 5 year old de sexed boy LOL

Mom Of Many- My bet is he's going to be CATZILLA when he's older.. LOL!

Thanks again everyone.

He ate a teeny weeny bit of fishy dinner last night and went wees this morning.

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He's really beautiful!
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Oh My,
What a handsome Boy!!!
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Benja is so handsome Sam, and he has a look on his face that is so loving and heartstealing.
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you guys are the sweetest!!!

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