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For all you in the USA today

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May your God bless you all.

I will be with you in thought the whole day and even though my office wont, I will be observing my own silences at the exact time that the planes hit.


United Kingdom
United States
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Thank you for your kindness. I don't think that America will ever forget that the Brits stood steadfast with us without a moment of hesitation.

These photos were taken almost 2 years apart. I found the first photo online. I took the second one from Ellis Island this past July. It was the first time that I saw the Manhattan skyline from that perspective since before the attack.

August 2001

July 2003

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Can't believe it's been two years. My friend Ron worked in those towers. He took the day off on the day this happened. I remember the day it happened I couldn't even cry. I was just numb. Amazed at that someone would stoop so low.

God Bless those families, friends, and love ones who died there. God Bless those firefighters and law enforcement officers who gave their life.

And, thank you Kev.
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May non of you ever expereience sorrow again. today I will remember that horrible day in silence, the day that changed the world.

God bless you all
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This was one of the most heart breaking days although I actually didn't know many people from USA , I still shed many tears and poured my heart out over watching the footage, I still can't believe what happened, It was the day America stood still.

A minute of silence on my behalf and a moment to relise all the wondeful lives we lost.

God Bless- Samantha.
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Its such a sad time for all Americans, I for one am lighting a candle to burn bright all day today in remembrance.

Lets not all forget that this is not some thing that just affected NYC and the towers though. Although that is where the most lives were taken, there were many lives lost at the Pentagon as well, and of course in that distant field in PA where some true heroes saved many Americans by thwarting a plane from heading to Washinton DC.

Its a sad day
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I live in NJ, and it was so close to home for us it is just so sad and still brings tears to my eyes when I think about it.
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Many people around the world will be holding a moment of silence today.

From CP24.com:

Here in Toronto an American flag was raised at City Hall in tribute to the fallen victims and Mayor Mel Lastman will hold a moment of silence, while fire halls across the city will participate in simultaneous ceremonies.

The TSX will also stop for four moments of quiet reflection.
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I still get goosebumps every time I see the twin towers. As a kiwi living in the US at the time of the attacks, I can say that it affected me more than it probably would have if I was over in NZ.

May the victims rest in peace and their families find comfort.

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I remember it was a Wednesday , I work at the Priest house . THhe priest usualy has his TV al on . So on that that day , I was watching it there the hole story . I was so in shock , I never forget all the pictures I see on TV , never . I remember being in prayers the hole day long and crying for all the hurt and the loss . My heart is going out to them who has suffered loss and pain
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For all of you non-US citizens, thank you for your kind thoughts.
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I remember being inthe gym watching the news, and watched the second one occur live, I knew then it was no accident. It was a blow to America. What shocked me later, having been raised and serving in the Navy during the end of the cold war, was the flowers, and flags at half mast at the Kremlin. That is support I never would have thought to have seen in my life time. the world stood by us, especially England, I guess a thanks goes out to everyone else who was there for us.
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Originally posted by katl8e
For all of you non-US citizens, thank you for your kind thoughts.
Ditto. Have been brought to tears again this morning just reading some of these posts!
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A friend of mine was going for a job interview that day on the 94th floor in the first building hit. Was late to the interview due to traffic and was just hitting the elevator button when the plane struck....fate was on his side that day.....

It is still surreal to me.
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God bless the US!!!!!! We will not forget that miserable day when we all came together as one nation to mourn those lost or missing. You cannot stop our spirit, you cannot stop our faith, you cannot stop our love and prayer. Prayers and unconditional love to those who lost loved ones. September 11, 2001 will forever be burned in our minds and memories. WE WILL PREVAIL, WE WILL STAND TALL, WE WILL KEEP THE FAITH AND MEMORY ALIVE!
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