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2 year old cat is lethargic and won't eat or drink :(

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My 2 year old cat has suddenly become very lethargic, and refuses to eat the food she has always eaten or drink her water. She vomited a white foamy substance with nothing solid in it twice so far. She has been using her litter box, but then returns to her bed to sleep. I poured some tuna water into her regular water which she drank a little of, and she has been trying to pick at the soft food I am giving her, but it seems to be difficult for her to eat it. She is trying, though. I am making a vet appointment for her but I have to wait until tomorrow and I just want to have an idea of what I'm dealing with or what I can do to help her!
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She needs to be seen.  If your regular vet can't see her today, I'd try another vet or an animal ER.

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Sfc1210, you'll find good information about the possible causes of lethargy in cats in this article
Having your kitty seen as soon as possible is the best thing you can do for her. 
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Welcome to The Cat Site. I am sorry your first post is about a problem with your cat.

You have mentioned to symptoms that could be serious, vomiting and lethargy. The fact you are seeing white foamy stuff is not good. Has the cat been exposed to anything that could be toxic, cleaners, medicines, chemicals, etc. Cats are very good at covering up when they don't feel well. When it finally gets to the stage you can tell they are acting differently it means something is wrong. It is better not to wait too long. My opinion is if at all possible, your cat needs to be seen today.

Keep us posted how your cat is doing.
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Figured out the problem! I had to call into my vet but she helped me over the phone. My cat has gotten into a bucket of purified water for my humidifier, not intended for drinking. The vet said that she should be okay, but that I needed to get some clean water into her immediately through a syringe. It's been 2 hours since I replaced her water, and she is already moving around and has eaten half her bowl of food. Whew. So thankful!
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That is great news. Thanks for the update. I hope your cat comtinues to improve. Meanwhile, enjoy the forums and feel free to PM a moderator if you need to.
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Yes, this is great, fantastic news. I can't tell you how happy I am for you.
What happened to your kitty reminds me of something. Cats can get sick even from water that should actually be good for them. Years ago one of ours got terribly sick from nothing worse than spring water. Any spring water, regardless of the source. I had to talk to our vet to find out what could possibly explain something like that.......
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