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Boy boy's girlfriend

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hey guys...guess what?? Some orange tabby sat outside my apartment door and boy boy was " talking " to her last night... I had no idea where this huge orange tabby came from... but anyway, I think if she's gonna be my boy boy's girlfriend, she at least needs to be nice to me... I wanted to see if she had any indications of where she belonged to and all that.. i guess she didn't quite like it and gave me a GOOD bite on my hand... left me two long scars..somewhat reminded me of the one which sam( wellingtons cat ) left on her...ouch..that hurts.... next time, will somebody remind me never to interfere with some girl trying to woo my boy boy....
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Kate, make sure you wash the bite real good with some antibacterial soap so you don't get an infection!!!

The nerve of her, to bite her "boyfriend"'s human! I hope Boyboy told her to get lost!
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I sure hope boy boy did.... she's way too big for boy boy.... if she really becomes his girlfriend, i think boy boy is gonna be henpecked!!!
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Tigger has a "boyfriend" who lays in our backyard frequently. It's the neighbor across the street cat. He is a cute cat, and very friendly. Almost resembles a bengal in a way. She saw boyfriend last night. He was sitting in front of the dog door, too. I'd take him in, but I cant.
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Is boy boy neutered? It might be something to think about if he isn't, just in case he gets out to find his girlfriend.
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Is boy boy neutered?
yeah..he is...
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Zoey has a girlfriend.

Zoey is a girl.

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Aren't orange tabbies male?

wooohooo for Zoey!
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guess what?? his girlfriend came back today..they sniffed for a while through the gate..while meow meow was getting so jealous and started hissing and all... after she was gone, she stood by the gate to keep watch...
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Aren't orange tabbies male?
My vet said that big orange tabbys are pretty much always male.
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Orange tabbies can also be female. I would worry about that bite. Have you found the owner to make sure the kitty has all it's shots?
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I haven't found the owner..apparently it seems that this lady is a stray or she might be lost... i've disinfected the bite and it looks like it's healing... thanks for the concern teresa..
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HAHAHAHAHA--I just had to post and tell you that my DH has ALWAYS teased me, because I have called my Spikey, my "boy-boy" ever since I found him abandoned at 4 weeks of age!!! I hope your hand heals up quickly!!!
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