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another day with a Bengal

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This morning I noticed the stones in my small fountain were scattered all over the end table and some were missing. I went on a search as I now know some of the hiding places. Found a few in his food dish one on my bed, and then I turned on the garbage disposal and low and behold a stone. Thank goodness it did not do any damage that I can hear when I turn it on. I now must remember to cover it when not in use.

I have a check list now, toilet seats down.
disposal covered
all drawers closed
all pens and the like put in a drawer
Laundry hamper closed
Keys, up high in a cupboard he cannot reach.

I wonder if he will ever calm down.
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funny . Hmmmm , that cat sounds like a lot of work to me
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Get a big box of ping pong balls and a giant pack of sisel mice! Its the only way to stay sane and the only way to keep track of your personal belongings with a bengal (and some other cats for that matter )!!!

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I have ping pong balls. I put them in the bathtub, this does amuse him for a while.

Yes he is a lot of work! I really wish I had done more research on this breed as he is at times just too much.
If my Granddaughter was not so attached to him, I would return him to the breeder. I do not think I have the right personalty for a cat this active.
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If, in fact you do find the bengal to be too much for you. Please let us know here on the cat site and we will try to help. And, if it comes down to giving the kitty back, maybe someone here will take him for you instead.
Be patient! They get ALOT calmer than they are when they first come home. Sasha didn't sit still for about a week and most of that time he was climbing up my leg He is calmer now but he is still an active little kitty.
Do you have a cat tree? Sasha really loves his. He climbs up and down it alot and likes to sleep on the top perch.

Oh and SISEL MICE are a must
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bengals are an active cat. We have 5 of them, and 2 of them are kittens. Winnie, one of our kittens, plays with the strainer to the garbage disposal. We've found it countless times clear across into the other room. We had to put baby locks to our kitchen sink cabinet doors because Gizmo learned a while back how to open the doors. We'd find wrapers on the floor. We also had to put childproof spickots on our water cooler, because he'd pull them down and help himself
Oh, yes, they love to splash in their bowls. I've found toys floating in the water bowl.
BUT>.... they are fun to have around the house. How old is your bengal?
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How funny I can see how it could get annoying though
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He is five and 1/2 months.
I have a cat tree however, I do not think its large enough for him, as he would rather climb the artificial trees in the living room.

When I have guests, I put him in the spare room as he will just run over anyone sitting on the sofa, he is playing but it gets out of hand.

He is funny, its just that he does not calm down, he will stop for a moment and then he is off again.

My Granddaughter loves him, as he plays with her. Her kitty at home is older and does not like anyone but my Son and daughter in-law. She avoids the grandkids.
My Granddaughter would never forgive me if I found him a new home.

I will just have to adjust.
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Bengals are really smart kitties. Usually if I tell Sasha NO a couple of times when he is doing something bad, he will remember that he is not supposed to do it the next time. He is easily trained. He knows tricks and he also knows the word NO.
Keep up the good work and remember to enjoy your active kitty Bengals are really special
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Ahhhh MEMORIES !!!!!!! My god that sounds so familiar. I got Loki when he was 8 months old - I knew he would be active but I not prepared for a tronado - But we worked it out and now if I don't hear him doing something or another I begin to worry .

Loki is now 3 1/2 and I could not imagine life without his energy and his tireless and amazing personality!!

Good luck with your new baby!!!
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That's so trippy. I have a 4 1/2 month old Bengal kitten. I've had him for 3 weeks now. I will say that he is really playful, and tends to knock things down a lot. I woke up with my computer's keyboard dangling off the desk, by it's cord, and a bunch of knicknacks knocked down. He's always playing. Some days he's more playful than others-but there are also times when he's quiet and loving.

I'm getted him fixed tomorrow. I know most cats calm down after being fixed, but I've heard Bangel's don't. I have 2 Siamese cats, and one of my Siamese is pretty crazy, so I have a feeling this Bengal is going to be a lot like my one Siamese. Strangely enough, my Bangel and that cat have become very close.
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i can be quite a :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: sometimes and so can my bengals! i just love them for me, they totally suit my personality.

i can definitely understand your point of view though, if i didnt enjoy their particular behavior as much as i do, i wouldnt be able to handle them either.

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Hard to handle yep(lol)

Hope, I cannot let my cat in my office, I did one day and that was the last. He got my wireless mouse, dropped it on the wood floor, it did survive. pulled one of the cords to my pc out, since I am computer challenged, my Son had to come over and plug in back in.

I am trying, really trying to have a sense of humor, with him but some days are to say the least difficult.
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My kitten likes to get into my purse, and try to play with things in my purse. I talked to that guy you bought your Bangel from Nighteyes, and he told me how he had trained or bred into all of his Bangels the talent to ride on your shoulder. That sounds like a cool talent. I told him a little bit about my Bangel, and he told me, that they act like kittens even when they're 15 years old.

So far, my little guy isn't unbearable for me. He just seems like a happy exhuberant kitten. He has bounds of energy, and luckily my 6 year old Siamese likes to play with him, and luckily as well, he seems to leave my elderly 18 year old Siamese alone.

So far he hasn't done some of the things your Bangel has done. I'm already teaching him "NO", and to be honest, after dealing with my 6 year old Siamese thru out his life, I'm pretty used to dealing with an extremely difficult cat. I nick-named my 6 year old Psycho Kitty, because he tends to go psycho on me, quite a bit. In fact, in my household, it's NOT the Bangel kitten stirring up all the trouble, it's my 6 year old Siamese, Shane. He fights with my 18 year old cat. He just won't leave the poor old guy alone. He picks on the dog. He flies around the house in tantrums and rages that I have no idea what the cause was about. He gets mad at me, if I want to sit on my chair at the computer, when he's decided to take it over, he growls and hisses at me if I just ask him to get off the chair. Oh I could go on and on and on. So, I don't think my Bangel will even come close to Shane.
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Oh, its sounds like you have your hands full(lol)
I took my kitty outside today on a leash, he was going all over the back yard. I am going to get a large cat tree, and start giving him a lot more play time.
I had him fixed at a young age, I think he was just three months. He came home from the Vet wide awake and playful.

Yes the breeder I got him from breeds for a certain temperament, all his cats are loving. Mine is also, he just has a abundance of energy. That is why I was thinking of getting a second cat so he would have a playmate. He loves to play, yesterday my Granddaughter had him in the baby's walker and he sat there getting pushed across the floor. He follows my Granddaughter everywhere.
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Good idea to get him a playmate! Sasha loves to play with my other cats alot! It keeps him occupied playing rather than getting into trouble in the house
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this sounds so familier, my sister has a cat jsut like that he goes from one thing to another he is something elese and he isnt a Bengel he is jsut a DSH, maybe he has this in him and we just dont know it she says if i had two like him i would go crazy, so good luck and keep that toliet seat down
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