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Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I just got our cats 3 weeks ago. We were told they were both indoor cats (and we keep them indoors as well). We decided to treat them both with Frontline anyway just in case. We live in a large apartment complex, so I figured that it may be possible for fleas to travel through the building from other cats. Anyway, I was combing one of the cats today, and low and behold, a live flea ended up in the comb!!! They were treated 3 weeks ago, so isn't it supposed to still be effective? Also, does anyone know if it IS possible for fleas to travel from apartment to apartment?

Also, I've read that cats can get lice. How would I be able to tell the difference between lice and fleas? I know that I had to squish whatever this little bug was about 10 times before it died. Thanks everyone!!!

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Wash all the kitties bedding and vacuum everywhere. Fleas can travel throughout the apartment complex crawling under doors and hitching rides on passersby.

Frontline also has a spray that you can use on bedding and carpets as well as your pet. I would spray the bottom of your door to reduce the numbers coming in that way.

Fleas are dark narrow bugs that are very hard to kill. They are various sizes depending on what stage of life they are in.
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Awwwwwwwww, the cat's bedding is my bed! The washers are too small for my comforter. I guess it's not so bad that the cat puked on the bed sheet yesterday since we're going to have to wash it anyway. Do you recommend any particular flea shampoo? Also, is it normal for Frontline to just NOT work? Argh.

Thanks for the advice!
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Yes you can still see fleas on the cat...the flea has to bite the cat inorder for it to work...Just because you see fleas doesnt mean that its not working
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The frontline did not work for us. We now use Advantage and have used Revolution(more expensive). Also Flea shampoo do not keep fleas off your pet, they only kill the fleas on the pet and some can be deadly to your pet. My vet recommends using baby shampoo for your pets, then wait 2 days and apply the flea drops.
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My boyfriend and I had the same problem when we first adopted our cats last year. They came from a shelter so obviously brought some free fleas along for the ride (say that 10 times fast hehe). We got them in July and after treating them with frontline assumed we would be all set. We were so wrong! We live in TX so it takes awhile for the fall weather to really kick in. Once it did however, the fleas started marching into our apartment because, according to our vet, "they like the warmth". The infestation got so bad that I couldn't walk around without full length pants and socks because my feet and ankles were being chewed raw. We had our cats treated with Frontline twice and washed everything that we could fit in our washing machine. Unfortunately nothing worked. Eventually we went to Petsmart, bought 2 sonic plug ins that are supposed to use sound waves to disorient the fleas, which affects their eating patterns, which essentially causes them to starve to death, and a couple of cans of upholstery/fabric flea spray. We cleaned everything top to bottom, and drenched our carpeting and furniture with the foam and low and behold our flea problem dried right up! I can't say for sure exactly what caused those little buggers to check out of our gracious accomodations but at the memory of being eaten alive within my own apartment I recommend excessive force! Best of luck from somebody that's been there before hehe
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OK. Since you have a Kitty that sleeps with you, I suggest that you take the comfortor off the bed, wash all the other bedding and then sprinkle BORIC ACID all over the comfortor AND the floor. It does not harm the animals or the bedding/carpetting. Leave it for a FULL 24 hours and then vacuum everything. You can also put the boric acid on your bed if you go away for the night. Also, if you go away for 24 hours, leave your cat(s) at home with plenty of water & food. Fleas will die and you can start fresh. I was told about this by my vet. He was told about this by the owners of dogs that are 24/7 outside. They never have a problem with fleas--our vet checks for fleas every time an animal comes to see him. These dogs lay in the dirt and living in Louisiana, we have LOTS of fleas. Cats that sleep with these dogs, never have fleas either.
I strongly recommend using a flea product--I personally like Revolution because it also controls ear mites and several types of worms. It saves me money in the long run with 20 cats and 2 dogs that use it. My Yorkie can't use the Revolution due to medical problems. He uses different meds for everything. I put the boric acid under a specific bush for the outdoor cat (we have another one that will have to stay outside--but has food & water daily).
I recommend placing the boric acid along all doors and windows--BIRDS can also carry fleas to your windows. BTW, Boric Acid DOES NOT harm the animals.
Frontline treated animals can have live fleas however, they die within 24 hours.
Hope this helps, Cynthia
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Has anyone used the Adams flea spray? Thats what I use it was recommended by my vet...he also said that I could use it on my week only kittens....just sparingly (SP) and not to spray them with it but to spray it on you hand and wipe them with it...also on the mother kitty just not on her belly and make sure it is dry before putting the kittens back with her. It really works! I have also sprayed my couch with it when they were there....I havent ever got any good out of the boric acid for fleas or roaches. The adams is a contact killer and it lasts for 6-9 days. I really recommend it. It is expensive but you can buy the economy bottle. Then once you get rid of the fleas you can treat with one of the spot on or oral meds if your cat or animals dont like begin sprayed....for some reason mine dont hahahahaha Also the Adams REALLY smells good!
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Does the Adams bottle actually say you can use it on kittens that young? When I took our stray Charity into the vet they sent me home with a bottle of Ovitrol Plus by Vet-Kem and told me that it was safe to use on the kittens (then less than a week old). They didn't give me any directions just said that I should "read the instructions that were attached to the bottle". When I got home I read the directions and while it mentioned spraying the mixture lightly on a towel and then wrapping the kittens in it for 5-10 minutes it also mentioned in Bold print "Do not use on puppies and kittens under 12 weeks of age." so I haven't dared to use this product. The kittens right now are still health compromised and I plan on waiting until they are healthier to treat them with anything (the room and Charity have been treated and I haven't seen any more fleas). Do you think the product I've purchased can be applied the same way as the Adams product you use or did the vet make yet another mistake?
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Yes the bottle was labled that way...but I used it and the kittens were fine I was very careful though to follow his directions. I only had this cat for a week before she delivered and she was covered in fleas when I got her...I was scared to put anything on her. After she had the kittens I washed her and got the fleas off but the kittens still had fleas....These kittens also had Upper Resp. anyway I took them to the vet and he gave me wormer to worm the kittens and the cats (strongid) and antibotics....and he told me about the adams flea spray....I really love that stuff I am glad he told me about it.
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Where do you get boric acid?
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