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Hi Jimmy!!! Nice to see you and Twinkie Thief posting!

Reading your next installment of your story today and looking so forward to the grins I know it will bring me!
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Welcome Jimmy! Love the user name too! Uncle Fester is da bomb!

MA, it's funny because when I replied to you earlier to have a nice trip I didn't see all the other replies posted including Jimmy's. Your very first post was dated today and it looked at the time like I was the 3rd person replying. Do we have poltergeists again?
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Hi Jimmy,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story and I especially enjoyed looking at how beautiful your Zoey is. It is wonderful to have you here, and I look forward to more stories and more posts from you and the Twinkie Theif!
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Good news folks, after much work, Zoey will have a new photo page on our website, www.AsphaltAdventures.com.
I've got a photo that Hissy had photoshopped for me, a big thanks to her and I've got a flipbook that shows a few pictures my wife took of her the night she brought her home. It also will explain why there's CAT HAIR IN MY COMPUTER!
I haven't got it all completed just yet, but by tomorrow, There will be a new group of pics and a link to savesamoa.org (Thanks for allowing me to post a link to you, Laurie!)
I hope you will enjoy them all and at this rate, I may have to upgrade my web host package for lack of space!!!
But I love to create something that others enjoy, call attention to pet care, overpopulation and animal cruelity issues. My latest irk is pet theft. Mary Anne told me about it and I was pretty uspet for days, now that I've been reading up on the subject, I'm downright livid!
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uncle fester, welcome to the board!! and I really enjoyed your adventures with zoey.. I'm looking forward to more!
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Jimmy , your new site looks great now I love all the new pics of Zoey , you did a great job with this site , wow .
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Actually Jimmy the thanks belong to Kimward the Photoshop Queen-
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You have made a great site and I love Zoey's page and photos! Thanks for sharing that, I really enjoyed it!
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I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, I took one today that is going to be a classic, as soon as I clean it up and crop it a bit, I think everyone will get a good belly laugh out of it!
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Welcome Jimmy and Zoey! Zoey is 1 lucky kitty to have you in her life. Love the stories and pics!
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I agree! I love reading about your adventures with Zoey. You two were meant to be!
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