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Quick Road Trip!

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Just got a surprise phone call and am out the door to meet a man that I just got signed up to do a column with us. He is about 75 miles from us right now, so we are going to meet Jimmy Frost and his Twinkie-thief of a cat Zoey! I am so excited, and I will take my digital camera-

Here is his first story for you all-Meet Jimmy Frost Click on Have Cat Will Travel to read his story
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How cool! He sounds like a great guy. Love the column so far, and it's only the first installment.
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Yeah, I liked that story. Its strange that his cat likes to travel!
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Wow! I hope it goes well! That is GREAT!!!!
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Originally posted by rfox
Yeah, I liked that story. Its strange that his cat likes to travel!
Peedoodle and Kahu love going for drives, sometimes we drive them out to Bat Cave where there's lovely scenery

Hissy, that is so awesome - that cat is a beauty!
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OMG , I was reading the story about Zoey . That is awsome .
MA , yes you better make sure you bring your camera with you , we want pictures
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There's a part of the human condition that NEEDS to care for another living creature. I believe that since many truckers out here deprive themselves of this basic need, that's when they fall into trouble. Having Zoey along for a companion while I'm doing a job is great therapy for me. To her, I'm the most important person in the world, and I think that's something that everyone wants and needs to be. Zoey fills the void that used to exist. I don't envy others as much anymore for having their loved ones close at hand. Sure, Zoey isn't Kim and Zoey can't cook as well, but she's still enough company for me and having her along is a constant reminder that I DO have a home, a Wife who loves me and I think that would bode well to keep me from making the mistake that a lot of drivers make when they're lonely resulting in regret, emotional trauma and divorce. Cats are capable of sensing our moods and can provide a human being with love and affection when other humans don't have time. Pet's are, in my opinion, one of the best gifts that have ever been bestowed on mankind.
i really loved the way he describe this...
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What a wonderful story, and what a wonderful man! Of course Zoey deserves recognition, but his wife Kim also deserves a round of applause. This story demonstrates how cats can become companions in the most unlikely of situations. I can't wait to see pictures of Zoey, and I hope we can one day "meet" Jimmy Frost, too.
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That was great! Those columns will be interesting.
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What a completely enjoyable man Jimmy is! Zoey is remarkable, a typical stray not wanting to pose for pictures or sit in laps! LOL Jimmy is remarkable, a leukemia survivor, jovial and easy to talk to, we passed the time quickly and I was so thrilled to meet him. It is always fun to put a voice to an email, and this time I got an added bonus and can place a face. I knew him the minute I saw him in the store where he had asked me to page him. He is exactly as I pictured him to be.

Mike and I cruised the truck stop when we first arrived looking for the truck- the tip off was the cat bed on the front dash! LOL I knocked on the cab and Zoey jumped to the window, and I tapped on the glass and she rolled over and showed me her beautiful belly. I brought her catnip and toys but she was more intent on the fly I let in when I jumped into the truck (not an easy task to do) I am uploading the pics now- and will put them in Fur Pictures Only under Come and Meet Zoey. She has striking colors and was just a real joy. I have no idea if these pictures even turned out!

I was thinking on the way home how cool it would be that as Jimmy travels, perhaps he can meet other TCS members! Maybe I could get him to give me a schedule and if he is nearby your home, I strongly urge you go and meet him. He is absolutely a wonderful man!
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Oh Maryanne it sounded like you had a wonderful time! I loved the pictures as well!

W00t! w00t!
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The story is absoluteyl enchanting, and I'm running to see the pictures, right now!
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MA , he sounds wonderfull . I am so glad the meeting went well and you all had a good time . Yes it would be fun to meet him and get to know him personaly . I only was reading the Zoey story and I will go into his site to read more about him .
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He sounds like a wonderful soul M.A.! It was great that you were able to meet him and Zoey in person.

Please tell him to look me up if he comes by my way!
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I'd love to meet him, if he's ever in the Los Angeles area.
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What fun...I look forward to hearing about your meeting!
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Just did his Meow Page and added pictures of Zoey-

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WOW MA you did a great Job writing that and the pictures are great . Zoey is a cutie cat
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He wrote it, I just edited it down so it would fit-
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I can't wait to meet JIMMY(I changed that), MA!!!!!!! Your trip sounded like so much fun! His Meowpage looks GREAT, too! Zoey would be so proud -- Twinkie Thief!

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Well MA , you both did a great JOB
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Umm Kim that hero worship bug bit you again- His name is Jimmy Frost not John Lund- John comes much later! LOL Probably in November!
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Originally posted by hissy
Umm Kim that hero worship bug bit you again- His name is Jimmy Frost not John Lund- John comes much later! LOL Probably in November!
ROTFL!!!!! I had to go edit that one..... I swear, I was reading about Jimmy...thinking of John subliminally... Oh my, I need a vacation!!!!

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Geeze-Looweeze folks, I've never been so flattered in all my life!
It is funny that as I'm looking at all of these posts, Zoey is sitting atop her carrier and she has to be saying to herself,
"Chuckle all you want, fat-boy. If it wasn't for ME, they'd have no interest in YOU."
Zoey and I are in Atlanta, Georgia today. We've got a light weekend with a load of insulation heading up to Fort Wayne, Indiana.
The Wife and our Persians rode out Isabel okay and I just lost one piece of siding and a few shigles from the roof. All of the food in the refrigerator was lost as we only got power back Thursday, almost a full week after the storm.
STrange how all of the OTHER power grids AROUND us got THEIR power back about 5 days ago, but it COULDN'T have had ANYTHING to do with the fact that these are ALL very WELL TO DO neighborhoods, now could it??
Anyway, Zoey is fine and I have to tell you, I get as much of a kick out of writing FOR you as you get reading it. I do love to tell a good story and beleive me, there are some DOOZIES that have ALREADY been written!
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It is so cool to see you here Jimmy!

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And DIG that FLYING PIG!!!! I've seen some of the best little icons here, too cool
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Hi Uncle Fester ! Love the name!

Hope you enjoy your time on the boards and that the road treats you right!

Give scritches to Zoey for me and I look forward to reading your future adventures!

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Jimmy it's great to see you here! You'll have to tell Zoey that both of you have a fan club now. (Not that cats need an ego boost, mind you.)
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Welcome Jimmy. :flash: :flash: :flash:

Looking forward to hearing about your adventures with Zoey - too cool
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Welcome Jimmy , I also like your name Uncle Fester . It is nice meeting you here . I am also a great fan of you and Zoey and can't wait to hear a story or two
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