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Do cats learn from one another?

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I've have the pleasure of the company of two other furballs in my life but this is the first time I've actually had two kitties at the same time. When we first got the boys, Jake was very quite, calm and pretty subdued. He was affectionate but aloof and never meowed at all (except for the occasional weird open-mouth-no-sound thing). Elwood, on the other hand is a maniac. He loves to be loved, always wants to play and BOY! What a talker!

Well, we've had the boys for 9 months now (they are now 14 months old) and Jake is starting to take on some of his brothers traits. He talks more now and seems to ask for loving a lot more. Could this be a monkey-see-monkey-do sort of thing?

Just wondering....
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I definitely think cats can learn from each othr. Fred, my alpha male, has taught several of the younger cats to steal my earplugs out of my ears for him to play with. I think he has taught them several bad habits.
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YES Cats do learn from each other. With 14 cats in my house currently, I couldn't fit all the things they pick up from each other over the years. Here are 2 things that stand out:

Max came into our lives 14 years ago from a rescue group in a petshop. The cats were free to roam and spent a lot of time in cat trees. When we brought Max home, we bought a cat tree that he spent a lot of time in and used as a scratch post. As we added more cats to the household, Max showed every last one of them to use the cat tree for a scratch post. We never once had to train our cats in this area, until he crossed the bridge about 5 years ago. Since that time we haven't had a strong mentor in the house and we have to train them ourselves.

Our cats love to pull open the closet door in the living room and explore in there. On the day we found Bob Marley (he was about 6 weeks old), he was sitting with us on the sofa and watched as one of the adults walked up to the door, stuck his paw in and opened the door. Bob hopped down, walked to the door and tried with all his might (heavy door, little boy) to open that door. They have likewise taught each other to get into the kitchen cabinets by pulling them open.

They clearly learn from each other!

P.S. I love the Jake and Elwood names. My hand-weened adoptees, Jake and Elwood are opposite in personality to yours - Jake is the maniac and Elwood is the subdued, studious boy.
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Ha! That's cute!

Apparently, when we named them their persoanlities we're a little skewed. Once they settled in, we realized we named them backwards!
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Our adoptees got their name because Elwood had 6 toes on his front feet and Jake and 4 toes. Remember the Jake and Elwood tatoos from the movie? Elwood couldn't fit his name on one hand? This little furbaby can!
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That's too funny!!!
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OMG....just looked at Jake and Elwoods pics....my Jake is the solid red tabby (medium length fluff ball), and my Elwood is a red tabby with white markings. Which is which on your end?

(OK, they are not really mine still, gave them up for adoption to my best friends so they are still a big part of our lives, and besides we hand fed them and wiped their butts from 10 days old so we still claim to be their first mom and dad)
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Mine are similar to your! Jake is the pure orange tabby and Elwood is orange and white!

Great minds think alike
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