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Caught in the act!

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I know I'm not the only one with a picture of their kittie doing something naughty. I want to see pictures of your kitties getting into trouble.

Here's Corkscrew

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cute , hmmmmm I wonder whats in there
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cute , hmmmmm I wonder whats in there
I could ask him but he's sleeping right now
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LOL I bet the next thing you saw were the sweet, innocent eyes...."Please don't be mad at me, mom." LOL
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LOL yup, I can never really be mad at Corkscrew. Actually the picture is blurry because I was laughing when I was taking it. Even when he is doing wrong he is still so cute.
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Oh yeah! I have PLENTY of pics of my cats doing something naughty and have already posted some. When I get home tonite, I will find some more and post these pics here!

About the garbage can, I used to have a can like urs but finally gave up after coming home to a floor covered with trash from the can. I now have a STRONG METAL garbage can that has a lid that is closed TIGHTLY and have not come home to trash on the floor so far!
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That's such a BUSTED look on Zoey's face!
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I dont have any pics because we always chase her right away. Hubby cant stand her being 'bad'. I always tell him to relax. Shes just being a kitty! She doesn't actually do anything bad, not really, really bad anyway.

I think the worst was when she knocked the christmas tree over . But that was our fault, we had the tree in a spot where it was extremely easy for her to do.

Oh, and the night she got on the counter and half ate/dragged my breakfast muffin across the front room (which was wrapped in plastic). But I suppose that we "disciplined" her the next day when she went in to get spayed . She never got on the counter after that! (that we know of). She does investigate on the kitchen table though.

We've had to relocate the napkins.
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Zoey you are such a silly girl!
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Here's some pictures of my cats being caught in the act of ruining my plants!

Apparently they got into my plants during the night where I had placed plants HIGH on a shelf where I didn't think they could get to . The plant's roots were too damaged by the time I woke up in the morning (I'm deaf so I didn't hear pots breaking in the middle of nite! )

The plants weren't poisonous so the cats weren't harmed! After a few incidents of having plants toppled over, ruined, etc, I gave up and got rid of the plants that couldn't be hung up from the ceiling. It took me over 2 hours to get all the soil out of the carpet, pick up all the pieces of broken pottery and shampooed the carpet to remove the stains...
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Another pic of Spike enjoying the soil! He REALLY likes laying on the soil. I had to push him off the soil before I could clean it up and he kept coming back and parking himself right in the middle of the soil patch!
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Last pic of my mischievous boy Spike enjoying the soil...
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OMG Pamela! You have some naughty kitties there! LOL
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OMG Pamela!!! I just lurrrrve those pics of Spike in the soil!

I'll have a look to see if I have any naughty kitty pictures, Thanks for sharing everyone!
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LOL if my cats did that I wouldn't be taking pictures.. I'd be b*tching. LOL! What a mess! They look very happy though!
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I gave up on keeping the kitties out of the trash period, because even when I bought a garbage can with a lid where the handles flipped up to hold it on (and I had problems getting it off) Tailer could open it up within 5 minutes. ARGH!!!!!!

I resorted to small garbage can in the cupboard and childproof locking the cupboard for stuff that would make a mess if they got it out.
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OMG Pamela! I know how it is being deaf and not hearing what the cats are up to!
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Pamela! What a mess! Thank goodness my cats have only nibbled on a few of my plants. If I came across that mess I would just die. Naughty little cuties
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Pamela!!! Bad kitties even though they seem very content laying in the soil!
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I suppose u guys can tell who rules in this home!
Definitely not me!

They can be REAL DARLINGS and are most of the time. They are not NOT THAT MICHIEVOUS most of the time...... WELL- some of the time.. ACTUALLY, after I thought about it some more- THEY ARE THAT MISCHIEVOUS! I can't live without them though..
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BUMP! I thought I'd love to see more pics of cats caught in the act of being naughty so if any of u guys have any pls post here!!
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I posted this one at Christmas time. It's the only one where he's being really naughty.
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Naughty cats , how funny
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They are just sooooo naughty sometimes:
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Kjartan would just give anything for lizard dinner (the lizzies are safely in their "Protective Custody Box" where they go while I am cleaning the tank, guess why they go in there):
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Oh boy, there sure are some naughty kids I see.
Here is Amber destroying the Christmas tree

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LMBO!! Keep these pics coming of catching our cats in the act of being mischievous!!
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omg Catfur LMAO!!!!!
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