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Well, in George's defense....I think he was as upset about what his family and friends did to Brittany as everyone else was.
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ok, I missed it. what did georges family & friends do?
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George was up against Brittany for Eviction. George's wife got the town together and they called numbers and numbers of times and voted for Brittany to be evicted. George's wife was making fun of Brittany saying she had to go. Brittany got about 90% of the votes to get evicted. All from George's hometown. I think George felt pretty bad about it. He had no idea his wife had done that!

Other than that I liked George he always made me laugh. I like him so much better than Kent. Kent scares me.
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I'm kind of surprised that more house guests families didn't do that. It seems like the kind of underhanded thing that goes along with these shows.
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Oh so true...

I guess that family was the winners in backhanded sneakyness. I am pretty sure that is why they got rid of the audience nominating. It just wasn't fair!!
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Maybe it's just the survivor lover coming out in me, but I really prefer the housemates voting each other out than the online thing. It adds more tension in the house.... (laughs evilly)
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I just thought of something, maybe that is why this years is so much more interesting? there's this whole dynamic in the house that didn't exsist last year.
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I believe you are right. It does add a lot more tension. It is a lot better this way. It really puts somebody in the spot. They have to work even harder to win that money.
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that really sucks that they moved BB2 back an hour now I can't watch murder in small town X. A friend who doesn't usually like reality shows said it was really good.

I can't seem to get enough reality tv
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wow. the show just ended & my heart is still pounding from Kents outburst.

I'm not a fan of his but it takes a TON of guts to strip away all the secrecy and say what he said to EVERYONE. No holds barred. They didn't show us enough for us to see if he got through to anyone.

that would be an incredible coup if he did. I really loved it that Will gave him props for knowing exactly what was going on in the house.

I think Hardy is playing everyone against each other. the shine is coming off his armour....
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Monica is a CAT HATER!!! She also doesn't want a "damn dog". Well, too bad... I was liking her best but NO MORE. Anybody who hates cats is not that good a person.
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Monica's outburst scared me last night!! I was like, yeah I understand you girl, but oh my gosh!! She was *livid*!!! I don't think I've ever experienced anyone yelling so much, and so hard at anyone else in my life! That alone made me change how I felt about her just a little bit. She seems like she's kept in all in pretty well until last night's episode.

I agree with you AP, I'd give props to Will also for saying that about Kent. I think Kent is kind of a prick, but I do believe he has good insight into how Hardy is planning his strategy for winning the game. I like Hardy, but I think I was a little persuaded by Kent's words about him. Yes, his shining armour is wearing off.

Last night I also took a different stance on how I feel about Nicole. I can't really explain it, but something about her really bothers me now and I hope that she doesn't end up making it to the finals. Who I'd really like to see there..? That's a hard one now!!
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Fill me in... I missed it. What the heck happend last night.

I cannot believe I missed it.
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Kudos to Kent for getting "Up in Everyones' Face" asking for some answers and exposing Hardy.

The entire time Monica was RANTING I just wanted to say "Breathe, Girl!" "Get a drink of water." She actually came away foaming at the corners of her mouth. (too much nicotine or too many weeks of "stored" hostility)

I am saddened to think that everything Hardy has said and/or done has all been an act. . . .

I hope Kent stays; just to see what happens. Oh, and Nicole, NO ONE believes that you "threw" the last HOH competition. . . . . How stupid do you think we would have to be to BELIEVE that? (as STUPID as you, perhaps?)
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It's like Nicole conned Kent & Bunky into voting to keep her in that first week, and now she has deserted them to aline herself with Hardy & Krista. I think Kent made a good point when he said to her that she made promises to keep herself in that she's not honoring. The game HAS changed, but her deflection from TOP is what has weakened them.

man is Bunky annoying. 'how do you want me to vote' whine whine whine. He's desperate.

I kind of understand Monicas outburst. we're only watching 3 hours a week out of 168. After 6 weeks of that, 24/7, if you aren't in the right frame of mind, and someone sets you off...forget about it. It had obviously been building with her, and she lost it. it was early in the morning, she was pissed from the get go because Nicole had to come in and stir the pot & bitch about Kent. hmm, Nicole, did you already forget what it feels like to be nomintated? can't understand why he's grouchy? feeling betrayed? he's just bitter about it while all you did was cry and beg people to save you.

Hardy is NOT to be trusted. behind closed doors he's talking that it's Kent he wants to go (but God forbid it come down to a tie, then he'll have to make the final vote and he doesn't want either one of them mad at him when he makes it to the final 2) but he says 'I'm seeing my promise to get rid of chilltown through to the end' then why are you rallying for Kent to go instead of Will? Probably because he wants to get in Kristas pants and she hates Kent

oh what a tangled web we weave...

Swalker I will see if I can find a summary anywhere
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Man oh Man... it sounds like I missed an action packed episode. I was watching Murder In Small Town X. That sucks the shows are up against eachother.

I completely fogot it was on at 9pm.

Thanks AP.
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Two major confrontations spark debate on the way to evictions. Monica rails at Kent, then Kent and Hardy argue at the Monday meeting. Did Kent change people's minds…or cement them?

The last traces of friendship between Hardy and Kent begin to disintegrate as Hardy tells Kent that he meant what he said about him during nomination. Kent says he understands, but calls Hardy a "hard-hearted phony just like all the rest." The other nominee, Will, seems to skating by, but Hardy reminds him he should "feel safe, but not that safe." Krista indicates that nominating Will was a move to ensure Kent's eviction, which shows how far Will has come since Chill Town was disbanded. Kent thanks Bunky "for being a good friend since I got here," but Bunky is asking everyone how they want him to vote. Nicole and Hardy separately tell him to "vote his conscience," which Bunky finds suspicious and makes him suspect he's been excluded from the plan, marking him as the next to go. Nicole tells Kent she threw the HoH competition so she wouldn't be forced to nominate Kent, who wonders if Bunky is moving against him. Nicole tells Hardy she wants to vote to evict Will out of loyalty to Kent, but Hardy says she shouldn't because that gives Kent a chance to nominate them later.

Will is angry after costing the men the latest Luxury Competition, but not as angry as Bunky gets later. Monica and Nicole play backgammon on the patio, while Bunky takes a nap inside. Their shouts wake him and he comes outside. Monica asks where he was sleeping and Bunky replies, "It doesn't matter where I am. I'm trying to sleep." Bunky leaves and Monica says, "It's not what you say; it's how you say it." Nicole agrees, saying that Bunky has been snapping like that all week. Later, Bunky eats with Kent inside while the others are all out back. Kent waits for Nicole to come into the kitchen and says, "I can't wait to get away from all this phony bull----." Nicole goes outside and loudly complains about Kent to everyone, while Kent sits inside and laughs at her complaints. Bunky believes that "Hardy's harem feels so guilty about evicting me next week that they can't look at me" and that's why people aren't including him. Asking Monica what he's done, Monica tells Bunky that he's throwing out negativity and getting upset when it comes back to him. Nicole is more direct, telling Bunky she's "so mad, I'll make you cry." Eventually, Nicole tells Bunky his sudden attitude is the root of the problem, but Kent comes along and argues with Nicole. He tells her that he's hurt she threw the HoH competition because it seems like she's gone against her word to evict Chill Town.

A new addition to the House is Ophelia, the (male) pot bellied pig, the animal introduced to the House as a result of the America's Choice question. Bunky says he's "cute and a good distraction from the game." Krista becomes the primary caregiver of Ophelia, but Hardy lets the pig sleep on his bed at night.

Early in the morning Kent talks to Will outside about his House theories. Nicole complains that the negativity is starting so early in the morning, waking Monica. Later, Kent admonishes the others for ignoring Bunky because he's friends with Kent, which sets Monica off. She yells at Kent that "Nobody's done anything to Bunky." When Kent claims to have seen people ignore Bunky, Monica demands that Bunky speak up for himself and tell Kent he's wrong. Turning her anger on the House, Monica tells everyone that she's tired of the fighting and backbiting. "Act like grown people," she yells, before giving in to sobs.

With that confrontation still in the air, it's almost time for the Monday meeting. Before it begins, Kent and Bunky strategize that Kent is going to tell everyone his suspicions of Hardy in no uncertain terms. His hope is that people will see his point and evict Will and realize that Hardy has played each of them against each other for his own gain.

At the meeting Will doesn't say much, except that he appreciates the chance to get to know everyone after what happened with Chill Town. Given his chance to speak, Kent is true to his word. He divides the house into two factions: Kent, Bunky, Nicole and Monica vs. Will, Krista and Hardy. He tells people that "Hardy is the man to get rid of," and implores the others to nominate Hardy if they win HoH. Kent accuses Hardy of promising everyone that he'll carry them through to the finals, but really intends to keep Will, whom he knows he can defeat in a vote. Hardy yells at Kent, calling him a liar. Kent wants Hardy to tell everyone who he plans on having be his number 2, the last person to stay alive with him. Hardy puts Kent's accusations to the group, but none of them support Kent's claim. As Kent mocks Hardy's strategy, Hardy sarcastically says, "Thank you for leaving with grace and style." Kent eventually goes outside and Hardy asks the group who they're going to believe: A guy who is on his way out and trying to stir things up or him, who's been honest about where he stands?

Kent's motivation for his outburst was to get people to realize that Hardy is lying to them, but nobody backs him up. Is that a part of strategy on their part? How many people are starting to believe Kent's theory? And if they do, what does that mean for Will? Will says that he believes Kent's accusations are correct and that he's surprised Kent had such a firm grasp on what's happening in the House. Is Hardy trying to set everybody up or is Kent seeing conspiracies where they don't exist? Live on Thursday night, this contentious week will come to a head as someone gets evicted from the House. Find out how the power struggle evolves
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oh, Oh, OH!!!!!!! I am SO glad I read this just now!!!!
I COMPLETELY agree with you guys!!!! And I'm not just going with the flow, here...I think you all know me better than that...
I seriously agree!!!!!
I lost any shred of respect that I might have accidentally had for Nicole when she told Kent she "threw" the competition, just so she wouldn't be pressured to nominate him!!! What a LIAR! I saw her face when she lost the competition...she was pissed!!!! She already said she wanted HOH so bad she could taste it...who the heck does she think she is fooling? Certainly not America.
And I hate to say it...but Bunky really needs to get some b*lls. My gosh! Kent has been so loyal to him, but yet, there is Bunky, going, "well gee Hardy, I have always voted with the majority, so I will vote either Kent or Will, whatever YOU want"
How sad.
Just because he is gay doesn't mean his testicles have to shrivel up and fall off....parden my language, I hope I don't offend anyone.
And when monica said if the pet they got was a cat, she wanted nothing to do with it, she lost ALL the respect I had for her.
I know people are intitled to their own likes and dislikes and that doesn't necessarily make her a 'bad' person....but HOW could someone NOT like cats!!! I mean...if that's not her pet of choice...fine by me, no problem, but to sit there and act like they are venomous vermin, and say, "If it's a cat, I'm outa here" with that horrible look of distaste on her face....... sorry....that did it for me. I hope she goes next. Just my opinion.
And I am glad I am not the only one who started wondering about Hardy last night.
Up until last night...I loved the guy, and wanted him to win it all....but now.....the jury's still out on that one. I'm not sure anymore. Alot of the things that Kent said made alot of sense.
And kudos to Will for saying he doesn't like Kent, but that Kent has a pretty good handle on what's really going on in the house. Maybe there is more to Hardy than meets the eye.
I would hate to think he has been playing on all our sympathies, what with crying, and talking to grandma, and saying how he isn't it it for the money, etc...just to win the game. I hope that isn't true. I don't care if he IS out for the money....but be honest about it!!! And don't try to make all of America think you are this sensitive wonderful man if you really aren't!!
I hope Kent and Will are not right about Hardy....but I am actually starting to wonder. It does add up.
And one more thing...I can't stand Will, but his comment last night just cracked me up...when he said that when he first found out they were going to have a pot bellied pig as a pet, he was worried and thought...but what about the smell, and the hair!!
And then he shrugged and said, ....but I figured if I could get used to Kent and Bunky, so could the pig!!!!! :laughing:
Ya gotta admit that was funny!!!!!
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AP, thank you for this summary!!!

I cannot wait to watch it tonight. Is it still on at 9pm?
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it is....

and I have a work function that I have to do
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Can you tape it?

You poor thing
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I can't figure out my f**king VCR. so I don't know what I'm going to do.

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I could tape it and mail it to you, but you probably wouldn't get it for a few days!! What do you think?

Or you could get the full summary like you did for me Still not quite the same.
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I think I'm going to just be S.O.L. on this one.

but thanks for the offer, I really appreciate it!
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ok, guys!

who is going to be nominated? on the BB2 boards that I read, the buzz is that it will be Krista & Monica
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naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I'm thinkin' Krista and Bunky....but then again, what the heck do I know????? :laughing:
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How about Bunky and Monica? Seems like we all think Monica might be nominated. I would like to see Will and Krista but that's not going to happen.
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Oops, I said that wrong, Debbie. I hope you guys are right about Krista.
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on the BB2 boards that I read, a lot of the members subscribe to the live feed and then post the converstations that they heard. a couple people said they heard Hardy & Nicole talking and Nicole told him it would be Krista & Monica.

it's hard to know the validity of these things, so there may be no truth to them what so ever.

without reading that I would think that it would be Bunky & someone else just thrown in there, and that it will be unamimously Bunky who goes. the second person is pretty inconsequencial, ala Kent & Will (Hardy had it engineered all along that Kent would go)
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I say it will be Bunky and Monica. I would love to see Will get nominated again, but Nicole is so "squirrely" that she has been nuzzlin' up to Will lately. I think she will nominate Monica because of Monica's outburst on Tuesday. . . .
(oh, and by the way, Nicole; the only reaon you are HOH is because it did not involve any "brain power")
NO ONE is buying the line "I have "thrown" several of the HOH competitions!" :jarswim:
It was pure gravity and motion that made you HOH this week. Nothing more!

I am happy Kent is gone. He has his new car and we don't have to put up with "Daddy's" s**t aymore.

As much as I get a kick out of the "hairy, spineless little toad"; it is time for Bunky to go home to his "Husband"! They can meet in the Big House with Julie and kiss on National TV and get their own series on HBO next fall. . . . .:laughing2
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