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Colby; Put the frozen Red Baron Pizza in the oven and start a load of laundry; take the phone off the hook; it's Tuesday nite!!!!!! Oh, yeah,cute rap, but we can do better after Thursday when Mike hits the bricks. . . .
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you just reminded me I have to stop at the grocery store on the way home! uh oh, I just realized that I have a work dinner tonight! I don't think I'm going to be home by 8!!!! oh no! and I missed saturday night because of stevie nicks (not that I'm complaining but I can't miss TWO nights in a row!)

:censor::censor::censor::censor:, I wish I knew how to program my VCR
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My mom has never learned to program her VCR either. She just puts it on the channel she wants to tape, makes sure its in the 6 hour mode, pushes record and if the program she wants comes on within the next 6 hours she gets it along with everything else, but who cares as long as she gets the program she wants.

Don't know if that would work for you. My mom is 80 years old and the only things she has learned to do are above. She is never gone longer than 6 hrs. so it works for her.
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I tried doing that, but the problem is between my cable box, dvd player & vcr, I can't turn the power on the vcr & record without the tv getting messed up. it gets all snowy.

I guess I have too many things plugged in.
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AP, you didn't really miss too much tonight...Will is trying to convince Mike that even though he (mike) likes Krista alot, it is just a game ands he needs to focus on winning it, (so basically screw her, he is saying...typical Will)
And Nicole is pulling some funky stuff here, she is acting like she may go into an alliance with Will and Mike. I never did like her. And Monica is starting to fight back....good for her!!! She is sick of the crap too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darlene, did you see tonights show? Maybe you can give AP a better insight on it than I did.

PS....I still hope Hardy wins!!!! The phone call with his grandma was so sweet, and so real, you could just tell how much he loves her! His main concern was not of the "house" or the money, but how was her health. I think I could love this man!!
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Don't know if this will help...sounds like you need to put your VCR on channel 3 (same as TV) then put your Cable box on CBS (whatever channel that is in your area). The channel may not be 3 in your area, but whatever channel you have on your TV, put the VCR on the same channel. The cable box is the thing determining what you tape (not the VCR channel).

When you have a cable box, your VCR also receives the signal thru channel 3 (usually it's 3 or 4). Hope this makes sense. Too many plug ins would not account for the snow. However, not being on Ch 3 would do exactly that. Give it a try.

Remember - TV and VCR - channel 3
Cable Box - channel you wish to tape

This applies even if you 'set' your VCR. You must program for Ch.3 then put the box on tape channel. Unfortunately, this means people who have cable boxes cannot tape different channels when they are away - only the channel the box is on.
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Debby; Couldn't have summed it up better than you did. I, too am beoming very fond of Hardy.
I like it when he said to everyone that he is not going to talk about tricks or gossip or alliances with anyone,anymore. He will talk about any other subject; just not about the tactics of the game. I think he really doesn't want to hurt anyone or see anyone be hurt. I thought the phone call to his Grandma was precious. . . . . .

I just want to see Mike gone and then Will and then Kent. Of course, I wouldn't mind if they got rid of Krista and Nicole somewhere in this progression. . . . . . . .

I did not get to come online until this afternoon and I won't be able to stay on much longer. The heat we are having in MO. is making me pretty sick. We have had power failures etc. and even in the rooms with window unit air-conditioning the temperatures are over 80 degrees until after sundown.
If you don't see me on much until Sept. or Oct. it is because of the heat. I will "make up for it" come fall and promise to "bore you all silly" with my stories.

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Sorry for talking about VCR's instead of Big Brother. I probably should have posted somewhere else but I still make a lot of blunders learning my way on this site (everywhere on the net for that matter).
Please anyone, feel free to redirect me when I blunder so I will learn.

Anyway TLK, I agree with what you said, except I haven't made up my mind about Kent. Why do you dislike him so much? I've missed a couple of episodes. Last Sat. they preempted for a local (Seattle) program, so maybe I missed how rotten he really is.

Also, I don't much like Krista. I think her nominations were not what she had indicated she was going to do. Then someone said her objective was to get rid of Autumn.

Well, I seem to bend which ever way the wind blows. Next week I'll probably like Krista and hate Kent,lol.

I think Mike will probably get the boot tonight but you never know. I heard a few of them say they thought Krista was the bigger threat because she's nicer.
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just read this on a BB2 board, from someone who is watching the live feed-

He and Krista are cooking this idea up.........

Mike is telling Nicole & Monica that he wants to visit Kent's family in Knoxville after he gets voted out. He apparently is trying to provoke a fight with Kent. Krista is the Lady Macbeth in this scenario BIG TIME! She loves the idea.....and eggs him on......

Krista is really encouraging Mike Birdbeak to push Kent until he makes a threat, which would result in a penalty nomination and they all agree they would vote Kent out. For all you who were fooled by "sweet Krista", well, there you go folks........

Krista is still planning her big speech to Kent during live show, about how she plans to threaten Kent during live show (threaten to nomoinate him if she gets HOH)
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Kent warns the producers that if Mike ever mentions his kids again, he will get "physical" and he doesn't care if he is ejected from the house over it. He tells the producers to inform Mike of that.

Mike was called into the Diary Room and told not to provoke Kent. Krista and Mike talk about really giving Kent the gears and driving him up the wall. They mention the plan to others like Monica and Nicole who denounce that strategy. They think provoking a man by mentioning his family is "below the belt". . Nicole warns Kent about Mike's plan. Kent just shakes his head. Kent addresses the Internet by speaking to one of the cameras. He calls the HGs "freaks". He says...Don't let your sons grow up to be HGs.

He also says that he doesn't understand why people do some of the things they do in the house. He knows he is an old "fuddy duddy" but he cares about people and how he treats them. "I came in here with dignity and respect and I plan to leave that way," he says.
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Thanks for the info, AP. Tonite should be very interesting. It is only 15min. from airtime here. /can't wait!!!!!

Is the pizza done!!!! Well, pop the brewskys, Girlfriend; the fireworks are about to start. . . . . .
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I hate to follow myself, but it appears that no BBII fans are awake and posting yet this am!!!

We said "Adieu" to Mike (never noticed until last nite how long your "eagle beak" was. . .) Boogie.

Guess he'll have to exhist on the outside without Krista. Am I the only one who thinks 90% of that "cutesy" relationship is faked? Believe me, youngsters, I know what "spooning" is and it AIN'T "all that" so get over it!

Was glad to see Hardy get HOH again.
Note to Nicole who said, "I want Head of Household so BAD I can taste it";
wipe the spit off your chin, sister, 'ya gotta WIN it! (as in exercise the ol' Gray Matter, i.e. use your head as something more than just a "test site for BAD hair color"!!!!!
I am a little put back by Hardy's new-found "friendship" for Will. Unless, it is just a way to gain his (Will's) confidence. . . . . .until he serves Hardy's purpose.

I am not sure yet, who I think Hardy will nominate. Maybe the "Odd Couple". (Bunky and Kent):bat :bat :jarswim::pinky:
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I taped it, so I'll be watching it tonight. can't wait to see it!
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Am I the only one who likes Will?

By the sounds of this thread and the online polls... I think I just might be the only one!!
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What do you like about him? Granted he's cute to look at but he admits he's the world's biggest liar. Don't understand what's to like, but to each his own I guess.

I'm not so sure about Hardy. First I didn't like him, then I did, now I don't know. Any new opinions about him? Krista is a two-faced liar just like the rest of chilltown.

I would have just as soon seen her gone as Mike, and that's saying something!
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I just think it's quite amuzing how everybody bashes on somebody for being a liar or a backstabber. Isn't everybody at one point on all reality shows? This one is no different, the people are just a little more trashier (in my opinion). I like Will cause he's honest with the audience. He tells it like it is.

Chill-Town was filled with a bunch of liars. But, Look at Kent, in front of the cameras we hear him say it's gonna be Hardy, Bunky and himself up for the cash. Hardy tells Nicole this, she confronts Kent and he denies it saying Hardy said it to him. He is one of the biggest liars around. Can't wait to see him go!!!

You're right though I think Will is nice to look at... maybe I'm a sucker.
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they are all liars, but Will is conceited which makes him ugly to me. I almost puked when he said to Shannon

'14 year old girls all over the country are yelling at thier tv saying 'kiss him!'' or something along those lines.

I can't stand guys who think they are Gods gift.

the fact that his ego is the size of texas makes him unattractive to me, not the fact that he an untrustworthy individual.

I really respect the way Monica carries herself. she can be proud when she leaves. she didn't embarras her family or 'show her ass' as my dad says.
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Fair enough

I haven't watched maybe more than 3 episodes. I have heard all of this. I shouldn't have commented, because I know the feeling he has put out there.

I definitely agree with Monica. Atleast I am on with one of the house guests!

Sorry guys
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Shannon, no need to apoligize!

Will is nice to look at, but he knows it and that is the problem. it's just my opinion & I didn't mean to make you feel like you had to apoligize for liking Will.

that's what is so fun about these shows. they spark great discussion!
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You are completely right about sparking convo!!

I have had a hard time with this years Big Brother. So I came into it kind of late. Like I always say don't speak your mind unless you know what you're talking about! :LOL: I think I forgot to do that.
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Darlene...as usual, I agreed with everything you said!!!!!!!! And I am SO glad to see MIke Boogie outa there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I don't care for Krista anymore....she is way too two faced for my liking.
Shannon, I can understand you finding Will attractive, I did too at first, but after seeing his personality, I now find him UGLY. Colby.....I remember very well the comment he made about all the 14 year olds in the world thinking Shannon was nuts for not kissing him....who the h*ll does he think he is?? Brad Pitt??? Give me a break!!! How conceited IS that???
I too am a bit concerned about this alliance Hardy seems to be forging with Will, I hope he is only doing it, to fool Will, and serve his own purposes, because I think alot of Hardy, and I can't see him taking sides with Will...if he does, for real, my opinion of him will change drastically.
Kent...I'm not sure about....on one hand I kinda like the guy, but then sometimes I don't.
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I think you should say whatever you want. You are entitled to you opinion the same as everyone.

You are sure right about them all being backstabbers and liars at one point or another. Frankly, I think the producers pick them for these qualities just so we, the public, will have all this controversy. The controversy is the fun of it so I think you should like Will all you want....just be prepared for all the negative comments about him that will follow. That's what makes it fun so please don't take anything the wrong way. It's neat that you like him, just look at all the dander you got up...including mine lol.

What do you think of Krista (the b***ch)?
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Well, I was 1/2 right! I am happy to see Hardy nominate Will. I'm glad he is keeping his promise to "Evict" Chill Town. Kent is really starting to get on my nerves, so which ever of them gets the boot is fine with me. I have had all I can take of Will flaunting his naked self in the shower scenes, but my respect for Nicole (which was basically about non-existant) has really "left the building"; the way she let Will flash her. She is supposed to be a "Newlywed" ? ? ? ?

It bothers me that Hardy is letting this whole game really get to him. . .
Bunky is a "Whiney Middle-Aged, Insecure Queen!" (and I think most of the Gay community would agree with me. I wish he had a stronger personality so he could be a apositive role model)
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I have an extra spine. You seemed to have lost yours.


someone with a backbone
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I can't believe how sad Hardy was. What is up with these people? IT'S JUST A GAME!

Patricia... you are so right... it's a good way to start up a conversation, put a bunch of liars on TV.

AP... how funny... bunky does need a backbone. What is wrong with everybody. I sure am glad Kent got nominated. I cannot stand him.

I don't think I have watched enough of the show to get a fair assesment on Krista... what's her story?
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I can't get a handle on Krista. What they have shown of her on tv, she's a snake, but both Mike & Hardy have said they want her to win, so I'm wondering, what are they seeing that we aren't? Everyone in there likes her so I don't get it.

I can only imagine the toll it must take on your mental health to be thrown into a fishbowl, where you can't trust anyone, you have to over think everything you do...it's got to be exhausting, and I would probably cry daily. I also think it makes you have to do some serious self-evaluation and soul searching. you learn some things about yourself, some good some bad. I imagine it's a life changing experience.
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Remember the first Big Brother? With Brittany... that would have been me!! I loved her. She was so emotional but so completely real. What in the world is going on with the first group of housemates?

You right, it would definitely be life changing. I just really like the way Monica portreys herself. Very mature. She comes across very well on TV. Has she ever been up for nomination?
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I was never able to get into the first big brother. I watched it a couple times but it never caught my interest. all I remember about Britany is that she dyed her hair different colors.

Monica has never been nominated. but I'm still worried about her because in the beginning Hardy said it was going to be him, krista & monica in the finals (they called themselves the untouchables) now he says it's him, krista and nicole. I'm not sure why he changed his tune.
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Swalker...........Brittany was also one of my favorites on the first Big Bro. Her and George. I think the people on the first one were alot more likeable and real.
I was glad to see Hardy nominate Will and Kent. It should be interesting tommorrow night.
Oh and was that not the grossest food challenge you have ever seen!?!
I don't think I could have drank my favorite meal all blended up into one big lumpy drink.....uuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
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oooh. Debby I couldn't stand George. I thought what his family and friends did to Brittany was awful. I think that is why they took away the audience judging for eviction.

That was a gross challenge. My fav. food is veggie pizza. Ick... could you imagine that going down!!!
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