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Okay... So I watched BB last year faithfully and am having a heck of a time getting into this year. It's hard with it being on 3 times a week. So I have caught parts of it and am agreeing with all of your comments.

So here is my questions... What is the name of the group that some of the members have formed? and where did they get it? Do you guys know what I am talking about? I am baffled :confused3:
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Shannon....are you refering to Chilltown? That is what Shannon, Mike, and Will call themselves....but honestly I have no idea why...I was going to ask Colby if she new what the reason for that name was.

Darlene!!!!! I about busted a gut laughing SO hard at your comment about the "Deep Throat Twins" !!!!!!!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Too funny!!!! (and TRUE)
I was on the edge of my seat when it came down between Hardy and Shannon for head of household. I wanted Hardy to get it so bad,, and thank God he DID!
I can't beleive Shannon only thought 1 member had the letter N engraved on their housekey....what a
I am looking forward to tomorrow nights show!!!
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I must have missed something because I'm not sure why they call themselves something so ridiculous as Chilltown.

maybe Darlene knows. I just assumed it was because they were a bunch of self-adsorbed, in-mature, clueless assholes.

I also was watching the show on thursday on the edge of my seat, my heart racing and feeling sick to my stomach when it got down to Shannon & Hardy. I felt like I had won the lottery when he beat her! man my life is sad.

can't wait to see who is marked for banishment tonight!!!
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Since the is with her and Nothing else is on TV tonite and I obviously have no sex life (other than the "Wonder Bed") I am here to report on BBII

Hardy(bless his tight little a**), has nominated the DEEP THROAT TWINS for eviction!!! I don't really care which one leaves, but wouldn't it be interesting to see Shannon go back and try to right things with her boyfriend.

And then, we can watch Will (I'm so FINE; I scare myself :bat :bat) start playing in the shower with someone else. (maybe Bunky ! )

Seriously, I do think Shannon needs to go first. Maybe there is still time for her to save her romance.
I think one of the reasons she broke down tonite is she is feeling quilty about letting herself be used by the Doctor of Deceit! :dali:

I thought I would crack up when Will ran into the wall during the "food ball feth" (obviously he did not hit the old wall hard enough. . .
and then he tried to make "light" of it. . . . :laughing2 Like, what, Will, you MEANT to do that!!!
Get out of here; you "Puppeteer", you!
You know what they say about TOO MUCH SEX; it will make you; it will make you; it will make you DIZZY

I'm just asking, but what is up with the "ODD COUPLE"/"GRUMPY OLD MEN" routine between Kent and Bunky????

PLEASE ! :jarswim::pinky::paranoid3
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I agree 100% that it needs to be Shannon who goes home. that way Will is going to be sweating it out wondering what she is doing with her boyfriend. have they made up...etc.

He needs to have to worry about that IMO. what goes around comes around, and he has to answer for disregarding her relationship & disrespecting her boyfriend on national tv.
(not that I don't think Shannon has her share of the blame. she's even more guilty because it was HER relationship. she needs to go face the music)

I think she must be sick to her stomach just thinking about having to go home & face the consequences of her careless actions. Her time in 'never never' land is about up, and she can't hide any longer. It's time for a dose of reality, and it's not going to be pretty.

even if she and make up w/the boyfriend she has ALOT of explaining to do, and then she'll have to face Will when it's all over & tell him her choice.

yay Hardy for sticking by your orginal plan & following through with what you say you will do. it's a shame Krista couldn't have been so honorable last week.

I loved it that Hardy shut Mike down when he came back to 'negotiate' on the offer that Hardy had given him. My respect for Hardy went up because he stuck to guns and didn't change his rules for punk ass Mike.

c'mon tuesday night!!!!!

3LK, sorry we got cut off (that's why I'm not able to talk to anyone while I'm here. lousy cell signal. we will chat later today)
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Boy, I really agree with you guys.

Hardy is playing a good strategic game. He knew he was going to nominate Shannon and Will but he tried to extract a promise from Mike to not nominate him in exchange for not him (Hardy) not nominating Mike. That's the way the gsme should be played. Strategic, but not low life lies and back stabbing that 'Chilltown' has pulled.

Krista is a two-faced liar also. She indicated the main thing was to break up chilltown, then didn't nominate any of them.

Monica seems pretty good so far and I kind of like Kent and Bunky. I missed the first episode so probably don't know all I should.

Wasn't crazy about Hardy but now think he might be ok.

Love reading everyone's opinions. So far, no major disagreements.
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Hey guys

I visit BB2 boards, where a lot of people post who subscibe to the live feed.

apparently saturday night after nominations, Shannon used Hardy's electric toothbrush to clean the toilet. Will was there egging her on.

then she was called into the diary room, told that wasn't cool & she had to break his brush & tell him it was an accident.

she did but he knows something smells.

it will be interesting to see if this is shown on tuesday nights show.
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How absolutely "Childish"! Where did they find this group of ADULTS? They make last years BB housemates seem like college professors. . . . . :jarswim:
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TLK... I completely agree with you!!

Where did they find these group of bozos? :rednose: :afrorainb: I liked last years crowd a lot better!
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Wow! the toothbrush thing is something I would have never known about! Thanks Colby!!!!!!
I was so proud of Hardy, when Shannon was saying how that was the most cowardly thing she had ever seen, and Hardy hadn't even left the room yet, and so he came back and said....would you mind expalining that to me while I am still in the room, or something like that....and she gave her lame @ss excuse for her comment, and he is like...whatever.
I cannot stand Shannon. I hope she goes first! Then Will can follow!!!!!!!!!!!
Tommorrow night's show is going to be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS.....I loved the banter between the newly become friends, kent and Bunky. I think they really have forged a kind of friendship. And I think it is real, the caring they have for each other. I LOVED the part where Kent got up and covered Bunky up, so he wouldn't be cold, and then climbed into bed and said, "Goodnight you old Homo" and from the floor Bunky says affectionatley, "Goodnight you old grouch."
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Last time I checked the BB2 site, public on-line voting for expulsion had reached almost 117,000 votes cast, and it was still 49.99% to 50.01% in favour of Shannon. This is closer than the presidential election! (a Canadian smarta** snickers...)

I think Will has to go if they hope to break Chilltown. If Shannon goes, Will (and Mike) will at least continue to wreak havoc, if not pull something out of a hat to stay in it.

But can you just picture Mike and Shannon shriveling up and sitting in a corner with no Will around to pull the strings? That I would like to see...

I'm not a bit surprised by the toothbrush thing... Shannon has the maturity level and behavior patterns of a 9-year-old boy.

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i really want shannon to go so Will will have to sit around & wonder if she got back together with her boyfriend.

and will he be there to greet her if she does get kicked out?!?!?!? that's a reunion I would like to see!!
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I don't think Will cares if she gets back together with her boyfriend. I'd be surprised if he even spoke to her again, unless he gets off on controlling her as much in the outer world as he does inside. He'd probably have a harder time, since the outer world is much less forgiving of that bulls**t than the house.

He is truly a sociopath, and she is clay in his hands.

Hadn't planned on being melodramatic... oops...
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can you imagine going to the emergency room & seeing him?!?! I would run out screaming. no way would I let him work on me.
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Let's try to combine forums...

Who of the Big Brother houseguests are cat people, dog people and "pets aren't people" people?

I would peg Bunky as a cat person, Krista as a dog person, and Hardy as a nice but misguided "pets aren't people" person.

They had a dog in the house last time... any guesses why they don't in the second show?
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how good was last night?!?!?

Shannon has lost her mind! I'm not a violent person at all but I think I would have to punch her in the face. She claimed that Hardy 'started' the childish behavior by nominating her & Will. Uh excuse me, but isn't that how you play the game?!?
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Colby; You are so right. Shannon is a "Psycopath" in search of a
Personality. How childish to do something like the toothbrush caper and then not be "Adult" enough to admit it to Hardy. She damn well made sure everyone else knew what she had done! By telling just the right people; she knew couldn't keep it to themselves!

I have changed my game plan a little: I say, "Let's vote Will out and make Miss Tidy Bowl stay and face the music! :bat :bat :bat

First of all Mr. Damn I'm Fine will be so "shocked" to find himself out on the steps, that alone would be "worth the price of admission". He would then have to worry about a late nite visit from Shannon's boyfriend putting his sorry a** is the ER ! ! !

Now Shannon is left in the house without her "beloved". She won't last 10 minutes. She'll be running to Mike for protection but I still think she will literally "wear herself out" trying to up to everyone. I bet she starts with Nicole.(who I think is just as two-faced as they come)

Thursday should be Ve-r-r-r-y-y-y interesting indeed. . . .:dali:

P.S. How lame was the laundry game? Do we need some more writers to come up with new ideas. Can you spell b-o-r-i-n-g ? Why don't they just put a washer/dryer in the house next time? I mean, they don't really need a hot tub and a swimming pool. . . . . . .
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Darlene!!!!!!! I SO agree!!!!!!! I think they should vote out Will, just because Shannon is so :censor::censor::censor::censor: sure she is going...and let her face the music for another week.....without Will, she will shrivel up and die, and they can make her life Hell!!!!!!!
And as far as her boyfriend, if she does get voted out tomorrow night, if I was him.....I would be there, just to tell her off!!!
If he stays with her, he should really worry about pissing her off, she might use his toothbrush next!
I hate the way she keeps saying to Hardy that he is jealous because he can't have her, and can only look.....why doesn't he just tell her, how he would never want her, and she needs to take a long look in the mirror....you aint' THAT fine, hun!!!!!!!
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YES, "yes", Yes, Debby! Where does Shannon get off with this "Hardy is Jealous" crap. She may have a good body, but she is no "Head Turner" in the face department.
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Oh man I really gotta get cable.. this sounds sooo interesting!

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I am anxiously awaiting tonight's show.....it'll be a good one!
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Is the format of the show set so that Thursday is "Eviction Night"?

I seem to only get a chance to tune in on Thursday, and last week I was disappointed to not get a glimpse of the goings on in the house. Although this thread has made me feel like I saw every episode! :laughing:

From what I heard, I agree that it would be fun to keep Shannon and watch her squirm! :paranoid2:

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Dear Mike Boogie,

your lame ass raps are getting old. It's time for a new gimmick.

A disgruntled viewer
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Well, now we know "The apple does not fall far from the tree". Shannon's Mom is just as childish and stupid as she is. Bye, Bye, Shannon!
Try not to shed too many "Alligator Tears", Nicole.
We know who will be taking up Shannon's mantle as "Idiot in Residence". (hint, Nicole, if you want to be Head of Household you have to WIN the challenge. . . . :homer:

I side with Disgruntled Viewer; loose the "lame" raps, Mike. (how many nites did you lay awake before you came up with the Shannon/cannon rhyme?)

I think Shannon, if she is lucky, will get back with boyfriend Jim.

Meanwhile back in the house Will is saying, "Remember, Shannon, Honey, I still love YOU (after myself that is)
BUT, I'm just gonna kiss and paw on Krista for awhile 'cause it's so boring in here and there aren't nearly enough MIRRORS."

Kent will probably nominate Nicole and Mike for eviction. I haven't figured out why yet; that's just the first two that came to mind.

To those of you who live in CA.; Are groceries really that expensive? I couldn't believe the correct answer to the last Head of Household question!
I thank God I don't live in CA. I couldn't afford to eat. . .
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now that your 15 minutes are over, please go away. The world is a bad enough place without your shitty attitude.

P.S. how long do you think it's going to take Will to hook up with another patsy?
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Darlene and Colby....I SO agree!!!!!!! Except, I am wondering if Kent might nominate Krista and Mike...he thinks she is riding the fence a little too much.
I am also sick of Mike's lame @ss rhymes!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!!! And even though I am not all that crazy about Kent, I was still glad to see him get HOH over Mike!!!!!!!!
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YAAHHO_O_O_O_O_O! ! ! ! (thank you Kent.)
Bye, Bye, Mike; We've had enough of your "Lame A** Rappin' As they say in the BarnYard; S**T HAPPENS !
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I'm going to have to compose my own rap for Mike when he leaves....
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yay, there's someone going home that I don't like,

he raps real lame and his name is Mike.

He likes to think that he's cool, but he's really just a clown,

isn't he the loser that came up with the term chilltown?

no matter what you think, you aren't cute,

and I for one am happy you are getting the boot.

thank you, thank you very much.

don't worry, I won't quit my day job.
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Hahaha Colby....that was cute!!! I loved it!!! Good job!!
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