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Dear Nicole-

Perhaps you didn't get the memo. We didn't elect you queen of the world.

The world
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Yes, Nicole is really bugging me. I don't like Will, but I would love to see him stick around just to drive Nicole crazy!
Hardy, the black hair is not becoming!
:bat :bat :bat Bunky, its been REAL. (nothing like "giving up" to grab a little sympathy. . .
Monica, are you keeping quiet; hoping they won't notice you are still there?
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After last nights show.....I have to say that I would rather see WILL win the whole thing than Nicole!!!!!! She has turned back into the b*tch she seemed to be at the beginning....too bad they didn't get rid of her then when she was nominated.
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Monica won HOH and nominated Hardy & Nicole.

they will show that on tonights episode.
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For keeping up with what is going on "live" in the house, an excellent website is BigBrotherNation.com. They posted nearly live coverage of the HOH competition last week, and I've been hooked ever since.

If you enjoy suspense while watching the TV show and don't want spoilers, *don't* go to this site. They tell everything. I am, however, the cat that curiousity scuffed (not killed), and I need to know everything ASAP, so I love this site.

Just thought all you other BB2 fans might enjoy it.

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AP; Where did you find out that Monica won HOH ? Not that it "spoils" anything for tonite; I will still watch, but did I miss an episde; or, did you get this off a web site?????
I knew that Nicole couldn't stay on that waterbed longest. She was only on for less than 2 minutes and "bitching about no cigarettes" and moving around way too much. I hope after she gave up that Will just got up and let Monica win! (can it be that I am starting to like this Dr. Will (?) Somebody help me out with the times for this week. . . . . :jarswim:
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I visit a website called 'planetsucks' that has forums for all of the various reality tv shows.

I read in one of the threads about Monica winning. There are a lot of people on there that subscribe to the feeds & keep everyone up to date. it's very interesting to say the least.

being the fan that you are I would recommend checking out the website that Juile posted or this one

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I am so thrilled to hear Monica won, and put up Hardy and Nicole for eviction!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! The suspense was killing me!!!!!! Thanks AP!
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This is an exact cut and paste from BB2 official site!!! It looks like the finale will be at least 2 hours though.

No more Saturday episodes! The last week with just 1 episode...stupid!

Here are the airdates for the
remaining episodes of Big Brother 2:

Thurs. Aug. 30 9pm
Tues. Sept. 4 9pm
Wed. Sept. 5 8pm
Thurs. Sept. 6 9pm
Tues. Sept. 11 9pm
Thurs. Sept. 13 9pm
Thurs. Sept. 20 8pm FINALE
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Thanks for the schedule, Colby! *hugs*
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What an absolutely FABULOUS episode last night!! I hope you all got to see it, I want to see other comments!! My husband and I were pounding the floor, laughing SOOOO hard at Will. He is such a character! I used to hate him so much in the beginning and all I wanted to see him was out of that house! I'm so happy Monica picked him to stay there this week! I thought it was so Will when he won the Big Brother Peanut Butter Jar, couldn't have gone to anyone better! And Nicole was just throwing fits left and right!!! OOOOHHHH I love it! That was my favorite episode by far! Although I think that is sucks for Nicole and her husband to be having troubles right now *yikkes* in a way, I almost think she brought it upon herself... she has been quite flirty with the males in the house (wrestling with Hardy in the bed, etc) but I still think that her situation stinks to some degree because I don't think it's anything more than flirting (although she shouldn't even be doing that if she's so "happily married") .. of course, Big Brother didn't show the tape to it's viewers, unless you subscribe to 24-hour coverage.. so maybe something really did go down. Just my opinion! I wanna see what everyone else has to say about last night's show.... Anyone?
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according to the feeds, after Monica and Hardy went to bed & left Will & Nicole in the hottub, some funny stuff happened. lots of stuff going on underneath the water.

that's what Jeffs banner was about. From what I've read of the transcripts, he has every right to be concerned about his wifes behavior.

Last night was awesome. my favorite part was when nicole said 'what kind of morals do you have?' and Will said 'they are suspect at best' :laughing:

it's so great to see H & N having to lie in the bed they made.
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Oh guys!!!!!!!! That was one AWESOME show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sure would like to know what really went on in the hottub. What exactly kind of "funny" stuff was goin on? !!!

I think Nicole brought it on herself....I watched an episode one night, where she was telling Hardy to get out of her bed, and he said no, (jokingly) and she went..."oh ya? " And then it looked like she was crawling her hand across his leg up to his....
But maybe I was reading more into it, and she was just tickeling him or something.

Anyhoo, I sure would like to know what went on in that hottub!

And YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Monica!!!!!! You go, girl!!!!!!!! I am so happy she nominated those two!!!
The funny thing is, I was like you, Vlinder....I HATED Will, and wanted him gone so bad, back in the will/shannon days, but now, I find him humerous, the way he annoys the crap out of Nicole, and I almost hope he wins....because even though he is a sneaky, back-stabbing liar....he is an HONEST sneaky, back-stabbing liar!!! :laughing: :laughing:
He has always been upfront about it, and his intentions were always to win the money, no matter who or what he had to hurt, say or do.
And the other two...Hardy (who I used to adore, until recently, when I saw his true colors), and Nicole, they have all been sneaky, back-stabbing liars, just like Will, but they try to act like they aren't, and that they are such good people, and that they really aren't in it for the money........WHATEVER!

I really hope Monica wins, but if she doesn't, my second pick is Will! (who would of thunk it??? )
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How funny... I thought I was the only one who liked Will until Jeff from Survivor I said he was his god!! Will has had me cracking up from day one.

I cannot stand Nicole or Hardy. I thought for sure something was going on between those two. Nicole flirts with everyone. I couldn't imagine getting married and than one month later leave to go on a reality game show. Give me a break. How much does Jeff trust his wife? Doesn't sound like much.

I would really like to see Monica win. She has pretty much kept it together from the start. She has truly played the game very skillfully with keeping all her morals in tact.

Well, Bunky sure did say it right... "Bully and the Bitch". I can't wait until they find out that is what all of America is calling them. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

I can't wait for tonights episode. It's going to be a good one!
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Good show last nite. I loved the look on Hardy's face. Even the "mighty" shall fall. Nicole, if you cry anymore "crocodile tears" you're gonna need a purse and shoes to match. . . . Will is going to shine in this HOH competition!!! He is coming into his "Finest Hour". He will, however boot Monica because she is too strong a threat. When it's down to him and Nicole there are enough of the returning members who still hate her to vote Will the winner!!!!
The best is yet to come. Nicole is gonna suck so bad on this last HOH; 'cause she never listens or cares enough about anyone but herself to answer questions about the departed guests!
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I agree!!!!!!!! Too bad we have to wait till Tuesday to see it!
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Friday, September 07, 2001

By Beth Snead
The Concord & Kannapolis Independent Tribune

Harrisburg, N.C. -- Harrisburg's William "Bunky" Miller was kicked out of the "Big Brother 2" house a week and a day ago, and is still amazed at the excitement generated by his 9-week stint on the show.

Bunky was one of 12 contestants on the CBS summer reality TV series who were in contention for a half-million dollar prize.

Two contestants are nominated for eviction each week and one of the two is eliminated. Bunky was ejected in week nine, having hung in past the midway point.

The two-person Hardy and Nicole alliance controlled much of the power in the house, and plotted to evict Bunky over fellow-nominee Will, because Bunky had become a threat to win the game.

Though sad to be out of the game, Bunky says he's delighted that his "I told you so" is ringing true.

"I love that 'I told you so.' I told them both, 'you'll regret this,' and Hardy said within four hours (after voting) he regretted voting me out and keeping Will."

Bunky will have part of the say in the final outcome of the game when all the evicted houseguests reunite in Los Angeles to choose the winner from the last two competitors standing. That happens on Sept. 20.

As for what's happening next in Bunky's everyday life, he's hoping to launch a "Bunkymania" tour and is looking for corporate or individual sponsors for it.

Bunky and friends hope to zigzag across the U.S., starting in Los Angeles and ending in Charlotte, performing a nightclub act in 100 cities over 100 days. The act will feature song and dance, autograph signing, raising money for charity, and crowning a Bunky King and Bunky Queen in each city.

"It will just be a big party to celebrate life," he says.

Bunky and his "husband" Gregg Ottman have started the Happygolucky Foundation for charity, and hope to raise money for non-profit groups like the Red Cross, or for agencies which aid mentally handicapped children. (Happy and Lucky are the names of the couple's dogs, and the "go" in the middle is for Gregg's initials.)

Bunky collected a number of his housemates' personal items to auction for charity, including locks of hair from handsome housemate, Hardy.

Bunky says he's looking to parlay his TV face-time into a career in show business. He'd like to do some talk shows, guest star on sit-coms, and get into comedy.

His dream gig is to do an ad for Target stores. To get the attention of the Target-powers-that-be he had their bull's-eye logo shaved into his prolific back hair while he was in the house. He'd also like to do endorsements for the diet drink Tab, he said.

Meanwhile, Gregg is encouraging Bunky to run for mayor of Harrisburg in a write-in campaign.

The current mayor, Tim Hagler, had negative things to say on local television about the couple's open homosexuality, saying the arrangement is Biblically wrong, and doesn't represent the Bible-belt town.

Bunky plans to have a talk with the mayor, saying, "I'm going to be very polite and ask him what his views are. ... I'll also ask him to make sure he exercises the separation of church and state."

A laughing Gregg says he figures out of a town of 4,500 people, Bunky can get 4,499 votes. That's with everybody voting for him but Tim Hagler.

The couple have lived in Harrisburg since 1995, and have encountered some open hostility from people because of their homosexuality.

The first fall the couple lived in Harrisburg Bunky found a pumpkin on the hood of his car. He thought it was a nice neighborhood gesture until he turned it around and saw the word "fags" carved in it. He told that story on the television program.

The incidents have continued until as late as Bunky's trip to California for last part of the "Big Brother" selection process, when the couple found their mailbox knocked off the post.

They've also encountered firecrackers in the mailbox, and in the tailpipes of their cars.

The trees inside their fenced-in backyard have been strung with toilet paper, and their home has been pelted with eggs and paintballs.

"It's to be expected with the level of ignorance here. These are teenagers who don't understand us."

The couple calls the police each time there is an incident, Bunky says.

"If we find out who it is, we're going to have to start prosecuting. ... They're not going to chase us away."

Though he has received some negative attention from the show, Bunky said the positive response has been overwhelming.

He has received more than 1,000 e-mails, and his phone has been ringing off the hook since he returned home. He spent the bulk of Thursday in interviews - not only with the Independent Tribune, but with a string of radio stations, a CBS crew from Los Angeles, and a phone interview with "The Advocate," a national magazine on issues affecting the gay community.

He has been so busy he hasn't had time to watch the tapes of "Big Brother 2" shows that aired while he was in the house. He has only watched the shows which have aired since he was evicted.

He hasn't firmly made up his mind whether he'll watch those tapes before it's time for him to help vote for a winner on Sept. 20, because he said he's afraid it will affect the way he votes.

There are two factors to weigh, he said, adding that he probably will watch the tapes before voting time.

"I may regret the way I voted if I wait and watch the tapes later. Or I may watch them and not want to vote for any of them to win."

From watching the handful of episodes that have aired since he was evicted, Bunky said none of his impressions of the houseguests have changed, except for his impression of Will.

"I had no idea Will was as shrewd as he is. ... But I have to respect a guy who is that honest about his dishonesty."

Bunky says he has no regrets about selling out his fellow houseguests for $5,000 and making them eat peanut butter and jelly for four days during one of the food competitions.

"I LOVE peanut butter and jelly, and since I'm trying to watch my weight I don't eat it very often. It's a treat for me to eat it."

Bunky says he was worried at first that the houseguests might turn on him, but then when he learned Hardy would have sold out for $7,500, "I didn't feel bad about it."

"I figured, 'Why should I eat peanut butter and jelly for three days so he can have 75-hundred dollars?'"

He said he hopes to see a different, kinder side of Nicole after she's out of the house, but if she turns out to be "just as bossy," he'll no longer be shy about dishing it back to her.

He left the house on good terms with Hardy, even though Hardy and Nicole were responsible for putting him out of the game, and though Hardy was "bossy" and could be "threatening," Bunky said.

Bunky said he's impressed with the way Will is playing the game - saying his strategy of lying is working, and it's not against any rules. "He's got a good chance to win the game."

Without saying how he'll vote, he says he really likes Monica, though he's afraid for her chances.

"I think Monica deserves to win, but I'm afraid she'll be seen as a threat and be voted out. ... She's a sweet person. She has played the game well. She's honest, and has not been mean spirited."

Bunky said his only regrets on the show were occasionally making catty comments behind houseguest's backs, and voting against his friends, Autumn, Kent, and Krista because he was voting with the Hardy-Nicole alliance.

"If I had a chance, I would go back and change my votes."

And regarding certain hot tub antics that took place on his last night in the house between houseguests Nicole and Will, (which subsequently got Nicole in trouble with her husband,) Bunky was circumspect.

"There's a hot tub there (at the house). The water is really hot, and there are a lot of bubbles. ... There are a lot of bubbles and you can't see what's going on under the water. And that's all I'm going to say about that."

The only other thing he wants pass along since stay in the "Big Brother" house:

"If anyone wants to know how I'm doing, I'm FANTABULOUS."
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Found this linked on the reality411 message board......

The Hardy life of a celebrity
York favorite steps out of the house and into a media marathon.

Daily Record Staff
Hardy-Ames Hill is beat.
He was booted from CBS’s “Big Brother 2†at about 7 p.m. Los Angeles time Thursday. He spent the night shooting the bull and watching the show with his brother, Brady. He woke up Friday for a 5 a.m. chat with Bryant Gumbel on CBS’s “The Early Show.â€

Twelve interviews later — with the likes of CNN, “Entertainment Tonight†and Crissandra Spencer of WHP-TV (Ch. 21) — and the poor guy’s shot.

And a little punchy.

Despite the avalanche of attention, the 31-year-old York native didn’t forget where he came from during his 13th, but not final, interview.

â€Dude, I’m from York,†Hardy said from a phone somewhere in CBS’s Los Angeles studio. “I’m just a little guy from York that tries really hard. That’s the way I’ve always been.â€

He’s so dazed that he doesn’t really know what to think about all the support waiting for him back in York.

“Honestly, man, nothing’s impacted me yet. None of this stuff’s real to me,†Hardy said.

Hardy said he has no regrets about the way he played the game and the way he acted for three months in the “Big Brother 2†house.

He doesn’t regret shifting his loyalties from Krista, a 28-year-old waitress from Opelousas, La., to Nicole, a 31-year-old personal chef from Atlanta.

“I think that Krista was there, more or less, just for the show,†Hardy said. “Whereas, Nicole, when I needed her, it seemed like it came more from the heart, rather than trying to figure out what would be the best way to play it. I felt a very strong bond and close friendship with Nicole that I really hadn’t felt with Krista.

“I mean, Krista had said herself that she wanted to be America’s sweetheart. Well, I don’t think so.â€

He doesn’t regret slipping up and smoking cigarettes on camera, which his grandmother, Esther Dillon of York, gave him an earful about when she saw him.

“But, you know, she obviously wasn’t under the circumstances and the pressure and the stress that I was under,†Hardy said. “I couldn’t really blame her.â€

And he doesn’t regret that his 1999 arrest for driving under the influence in York came out and grabbed a few headlines.

“That’s something that I was very open and forward about in my application. They asked me if I had any arrests. And I had. That’s not something I’m ashamed of because it was a life-changing experience for me.â€

OK, maybe there was one regret. Like, voting his pal Bunky out instead of Will.

And, well, the whole trusting Will thing.

Hardy is kicking himself a little for casting the tie-breaking vote that ousted Bunky instead of the back-stabbing Will.

But not because it would have changed anything. In the 15 hours since he left the house, Hardy has learned that Bunky was also about to stab him in the back.

Hardy saw some of Will’s private diary room rantings, and he heard all the mean-spirited, double-crossing things that Will said about him.

“I really like Will a lot less than I already did. And, you know, he’s just pretty much a jackass,†Hardy said. “I trusted him because he gave me his word that he would follow through on his deal. And he shook my hand on more than one occasion. To me, that is definitely a sealed deal. Unfortunately, in his world, that’s not.â€

As groggy as he was, Hardy still had a few shots to fire off. He had some ammo left for Shannon, the 28-year-old Realtor from San Antonio. You know, that gal who washed the toilet bowl with Hardy’s toothbrush.

Why did Hardy make Shannon so crazy?

“You can’t print my actual opinion,†he said. “But what I will tell you is that I really have no idea. I thought that her actions were completely illogical, as well as her thought process.â€

So, Shannon just went bonkers when she did that toothbrush thing?

“I guess so, because I didn’t see Will running around with my toothbrush, and anyone else that I nominated and evicted running around with my toothbrush. From what I understand, her mother said that she was proud of her daughter. So I guess it just speaks volumes for one’s upbringing.â€

There are some other things that need some explaining. Like, the hair thing.

No, Hardy didn’t dye his hair black to become the Evil Overlord of the “Big Brother 2†House. And, no, he didn’t just do it for fun.

Hardy said he actually dyed his hair twice while he was on the show. Before he jumped in the house, he had changed to a color called “Cherry Cola†— a reddish brown — for a photo shoot in Miami, where he lives when he’s not on TV. But the sun changed the color to an odd orange, so he colored it brown.

But the brown kept washing out. At Nicole’s suggestion, he changed it to black so the color would stay in.

Ah, and what about Nicole? What about all those massages? What about all that time spent together in the house hammock and the head-of-household bed?

“I never felt any feelings of romance toward her whatsoever,†Hardy said. “I always felt that she was more like a sisterly type. That, and considering the fact that she is married. But I never had a big sister, and she was someone that I could lean on.â€

Hardy was expected to board a plane at about 3 p.m. Western time Friday and land at Baltimore-Washington International Airport at about 11 p.m. Eastern time. From there, he was to return to York.

With few regrets, of course.

“I think that I have a lot to be proud of in the way I performed and the accomplishments that I achieved within the confines of the game,†Hardy said. “Other than that one thing of voting Bunky out, that’s about it. I really don’t have any other regrets.â€
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Wow, AP, THANK you for all of that!!!! That was so interesting!!!!! I really appreciate you sharing it with us!!
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