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I did not get to see BB on Thursday it was not on due to a Pittsburgh Steelers game. How dare they take off my show for football!! I was wondering if someone could tell me who won HOH? I always watch this show and also the first one. I feel lost not knowing what happened. So if someone can help me out I will be so happy. Thank You!!!
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I see you figured out your signature! very nice.

I found this summary on the cbs site

Voting live, the HouseGuests follow the Nicole-sanctioned plan, with Hardy, Bunky and Will all voting to evict Krista - but none feel good about themselves for having done so.

The latest round of nominations has thrown the House more out of balance than usual. Nicole has used her power as HoH to convince Hardy, Will and Bunky to vote Krista out, perceiving her to be a bigger threat than Monica. Talking to Will and Hardy, she says, "If you two vote the way you're supposed to vote, there's nothing to worry about." But things are never that simple in the House, as who is helping who is always the number-one topic of discussion. Krista believes Bunky is the swing vote and reminds him of the power he holds. She later tells him that her wish is to get a marble tombstone for her mother, and Bunky tells her that, no matter what, her wish will come true. Krista believes this is Bunky's way of telling her that she's set for eviction. Hardy starts to soften his stance, telling Nicole he doesn't want to be the bad guy and vote Krista out. Will's conscience begins to bother him also and he says that he at least wants to give Krista a sympathy vote. Hardy believes that Will has been disloyal to their allegiance and tells Nicole that Will told Krista she was going to be evicted. Will asks Nicole later if Hardy told her that and Nicole lies, telling him no. As controversy swirls around them, Krista and Monica wonder what their fate will be. Monica says that no matter who wins the game, "The money is dirty."

Monica and Krista both have supportive family waiting for them at home. Monica's sister Melonie says that Monica is "the exciting one" and is always a leader, never a follower. Melonie believes that Monica has been laid back during the game because taking the lead would make enemies for her, but that Monica's recent angry outbursts are a result of things affecting her personally. Freddie, Krista's brother, says that Krista is a true Cajun woman and says, "We're different. We tell the truth." He says that his sister has been a great mother to Laken, having instilled in her strong values and morals. Both siblings agree that Krista and Monica have a deep friendship that will thrive outside of the House.

At this point in their stay, the HouseGuests have their eyes on the prize and are starting to think of what they'll do with the money if they win. Krista wants to do something for a homeless man in her hometown and get a vehicle and house for herself. Bunky wants to take care of college education for his nieces and nephews, Nicole wants to renovate her home, and Monica wants to help her father pay off his house. Hardy thinks about buying a Harley for his brother, while Will wants to get "gold chains, jet skis, pork bellies, jewelry. Good, solid investments."

Talking to the HouseGuests, host Julie Chen asks Hardy how Nicole did as the HoH. He said she did a "phenomenal job" but that because of the live voting that night, things were more tense in the House than usual. Will tells Julie that he considers himself fortunate to still be in the House and that he's been "squeaking by every week." As the nominees, Krista and Monica have the chance to make a last-ditch speech to try and save themselves, since the HouseGuests haven't voted yet. Krista thanks her friends and family from home and says that "Friends and people in my life are more valuable than money." Monica is even-keeled, believing that no matter what happens, "Being in this chair doesn't change my destiny."

As the person who put Krista and Monica in those chairs, Nicole has become the most powerful person in the House. All of the HouseGuests, past and present, have had something to say about her "loud and bossy ways." Nicole feels being nominated the first week and surviving has been beneficial to her strategy, because it sent her into "vengeful mode." Since then she has taken on the Mom role in the House, responsible for the majority of the cooking and cleaning. This has allowed her to place "everyone at her beck and call," according to Will. Bunky goes even further, calling himself "Nicole's puppet" and saying, "I vote the way Nicole says." Defending her aggressive tactics, Nicole says, "Everyone likes to win, I'm just more fierce."

Despite her power, Nicole tells Julie that nominating Krista and Monica was "one of the worst things I've ever had to do." She believes that Monica and Krista were a group unto themselves and for strategy, she needed one to leave the House. The only way to accomplish that was to nominate them against each other. Nicole says that she has "a billion, trillion, zillion regrets" about the nominations and that she is afraid of revenge from whoever stays behind. "Revenge is out there, around every corner," she says.

The first live votes are about to be cast. Bunky goes into the Diary Room first and starts to sob, saying, "Those people are my family and when we vote to evict one, it's like we're killing them." Bunky composes himself long enough to vote for evicting Krista, then breaks down again. He explains that he is a puppet for Nicole and Hardy and voted Krista out in order to stay in the game, afraid of being evicted next. Bunky leaves, ushering Hardy into the Diary Room. Hardy is tense and says that he couldn't play the game for other people anymore with what he's gone through in the House. Voting to evict Krista, Hardy says that Krista expressed a desire to go home, which was the final straw in his decision. With Krista's eviction decided, Will votes for Krista as well, making it unanimous. Will says, "There's an alliance in here that's stronger than people realize. To go against it, I'd be gone in a week."

Julie announces to the group that Krista has been evicted. Krista says her goodbyes to the others, asking them not to rise, but asks Will and Monica to follow her to the door. She kisses Bunky, telling him, "Don't lie or manipulate to get yourself anywhere" and promises to call Greg, Bunky's husband. She shakes Hardy's hand, telling him "nice game," and pointedly says to Nicole, "I'll see you in the end." In the hallway by the exit, Krista tells Will, "You're not weak. The weak thing was selling me out to them and breaking your promise to Boogie." Monica is very upset, and shouts, "They're doing this because they think I don't have a chance to win. It's not fair!" Krista tries to calm her down, telling Monica that "I'm out because I wouldn't vote against you." Krista takes her bag and leaves the House, while Monica storms out to the patio and Bunky goes to the bathroom to cry.

Sitting with Julie, Krista has some pointed words for Nicole. Calling her a "good player," Krista nonetheless feels Nicole lied to her the whole time they were playing the game, but says she won't hold that against her. However, Krista believes Nicole shouldn't get too comfortable with her hold on the House, because she thinks Bunky or Monica will evict her when they get HoH. Nicole gave Krista an ultimatum before nominations: Vote out Monica or be put on the nomination block.

Watching prerecorded farewells from the HouseGuests, Krista scoffs at Nicole's message and says that she's not going to vote for her in the Finals, but that she was touched by the other four tributes. Krista tells Julie that she requested her daughter Laken not be present for her eviction so that she could have time to compose herself, saying she's "like an eleven-year-old" herself. Her brother Freddie and Mike Boogie are waiting for her though, Freddie with a big hug and Mike with a bouquet of roses.

After Krista's eviction, the HouseGuests sit around, shellshocked. Will says that the process was harder than when Shannon was evicted. Monica secludes herself on the porch, smoking and staring into space. There's no Head of Household title to compete for tonight so there's no transfer of power.
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WOW Airprincess!! Thank you so much that is alot of info.
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no prob! I can't let anyone fall behind!
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I wonder why they didn't have a HOH contest last time? I assume they will do that tommorrow night, but it seems to throw things a little out of whack....and so then will the HOH be nominating his/her nominees at the end of tomorrow nights show, or on Wednesday? And is it still on an hour later this week?
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As annoying as he is, at least Will is providing some comic relief. It's a nice break from Bunky in a corner sobbing, his hairy back trembling.

I don't feel one bit sorry for Nicole. She knew going into this that she was going to miss her husbands birthday. I hate how she tries to play the sympathy card with the public. How many times is she going to point out that they are newlyweds, only married 3 months??!?!? She CHOSE to leave him. I know she's going to be sad about it but stop trying to milk it for the public. And I'm sick of her trying to boss people around.
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I wanted the spineless, hairy, weeping weasel to win the HOH. Maybe he would have laid off the crying for a few days. . . :pinky: I think Hardy will nominate Will and Nicole. Actually, at this point; I would love to see the NewlyWed Bitch leave. Let her go home to that husband she wants America to think she misses so much!!! I was glad to see Bunky get a letter from his "Husband". (if for nothing more than the fact that it proved to Nicole that she is not the Nation's Sweetheart". I do have to agree that Will is at least trying to have some fun. Boy, was he getting on Nicole's nerves! :laughing2
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is it on tonight as well?

I'm so confused as to what is going on. Thursday are normally eviction night but noone is being evicted this week.
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AP; No BBII 'til Saturday! It is hard to keep track. Sandra (LilGreenKat) was really upset 'cause she forgot it was on last nite I bet a lot of regular viewers are thrown off; not to mention "automaticly programmed" VCR's (but, hey, we know YOU don't have that problem) :laughing2
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you're right, I don't have to worry about mis-programming the VCR!
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I did see BB last night. My aunt got confused I wasn't going to watch it because I didn't' feel like seeing that blubbering idiot cry all night and hearing how they have to eat PB&J. They would hate me 'cause I like PB&J not to mention I've probably had an average of one a day every day this summer Oh and poor Hardy is not getting his protein. EXCUSE ME!!! Peanut butter has lots of protein!!!!

I'm so glad Nicole didn't get the letter, now she knows how America really feels about her.

And no matter how much I hate him, Will was cracking me up! :laughing: :laughing2 :LOL: :laughing: :laughing2 :LOL: :laughing: :laughing2 :LOL:
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Sorry, LilGreenKat; I thought you were out practicing driving with your Mom and buying school clothes last nite, but I guess you got back in time to see BBII!
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So I knew it was on last night but thought it would have been on at 9pm. Nope it must have been on at 8. I am so mad I missed it!

So I take it Hardy won HOH again! I cannot stand him, or Nicole. I liked Will from the beginning, he has said from the very beginning that he is a liar and so nothing he does should shock anybody. However, I think it's very funny how Will says Hardy is more of a liar and backstabber than he could ever be. It's so true.

Did Bunky tell the house he was the one who took the money for PB&J? Is it for sure not on tonight?
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I will go look for a summary right now

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Bunky wins a letter from home while the rest of the group learns the state capitals. Hardy wins his third HoH competition, leaving Will certain he's the next to go

The HouseGuests are still angry at the unknown sell-out in their midst who has forced them into four days of PB and J rations. Hardy has confessed he took an offer for more money and tells the other mystery person to own up to accepting the bribe, because the longer the group doesn't know who it is, the worse it'll be for that person when they do. Bunky, the so-called "sell-out," tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that he wants a second chance to refuse the money and asks if he can pay back the $5000 he took, plus eat PB and J for 8 days so the group doesn't have to. Eventually, Bunky matter-of-factly confesses to everyone, who good-naturedly make fun of him. Will tells Bunky that he's the new evil doctor in the House and Hardy says that the only thing Bunky is guilty of is "bad bartering" because a better deal was out there. On a more serious note, Monica tells Bunky that they are all going to complain about their PB and J diet, but he shouldn't take it personally. Bunky is still upset, feeling that he let the others down. Will talks to him and Bunky says he was surprised Will didn't take the money. Will hugs him and says, "the good parts of you are rubbing off on me and the bad parts of me are rubbing off on you."

Hardy regrets accepting the offer, feeling that he was imposing his will on the others. To Will, the fact that Hardy took the money validates his belief that Hardy isn't trustworthy. Meanwhile, outside at the hot tub, Bunky is moving on from his admission and returns to trying to convince Monica to evict Hardy, if they can. He asks, at this late point in the game, who she feels she could beat in the Finals. Bunky points out that she could beat Will easily and could probably beat Nicole. He pointedly asks her, "Can you beat Hardy?" Monica starts to think about her chances of beating Hardy, and Bunky tells her that if they were in the Finals together, it would be close, but he wouldn't mind losing to her.

With the chance to take power looming, the HouseGuests are given a chance to prepare for the next HoH competition. Nicole, the acting HoH, brings everyone to the storage room where they find remote-control-operated cars for them to use. In the backyard, the HouseGuests practice driving their cars, getting the feel for the controls. Bunky starts off terribly with his car, but starts to get the hang of it quickly. Monica has trouble controlling her car, while Will likes to crash his into things. For additional practice, the HouseGuests are given maps of the country as "study aids." Nobody goes anywhere without his or her map, quizzing each other on the state capitals and other geography questions.

The first part of the next HoH Competition puts the HouseGuests in lifeguard chairs, overlooking a giant map of the United States. Nicole asks the group questions about the evicted HouseGuests, all of which will be answered by a state. The first person to drive their car to that state, knock over a flag planted in the center of that state, and yell that state's name gets a point. The players with the top two tallies move on to Round Two of the HoH competition. Hardy demonstrates his knowledge of the former HouseGuests, and geography, by running out to a commanding lead. At one point, his car and Bunky's arrive at a flag at nearly identical times, and an instant replay is called for. Hardy and Bunky move on to Round Two of the Competition, making them the only ones eligible for HoH. Bunky feels that Will could've gone in his place, had he calmed down and taken the game more seriously.

Before Round Two, the HouseGuests reflect on the fact that they've been in the House for so long, they "can't remember what it's like to not be here," according to Hardy. In addition to forgetting their outside lives, they've gotten a strong sense of each other, right down to doing dead-on impressions of each other's mannerisms. Monica and Nicole make fun of Will for checking his hair in the mirror and flexing his muscles

Will, Bunky and Monica talk about Nicole's swearing and constant reminders for people to pick up towels from the floor. Nicole laughs about Hector, the character that Hardy sometimes slips into, while everyone mimics Monica's use of the phrase "It's ON!" Will says that Bunky has an annoying way of saying "thank you" whenever he is proven right on any subject.

Perhaps as a reminder of what's waiting for them outside the Big Brother walls, the next America's Choice question will give one HouseGuest a personal letter from home. Everyone is very happy at the prospect of contact with their loved ones. With the HoH prize still up for grabs, Bunky continues to practice on an obstacle course set up on the basketball court. He says that competing with Hardy makes him feel like "Mighty Mouse trying to beat Superman with no Kryptonite."

Bunky is the winner of the America's Choice question and gets a touching letter from his husband Greg. As he reads the letter in the Diary Room, Nicole cries to Will, upset at having lost. "I think America hates me," she says, "America has no reason to hate me." Nicole is upset because it's her husband's 40th birthday and she wanted reassurance from him that it was OK she was missing it.

Bunky comes back to the group with his letter and collapses into Nicole, crying. Nicole reads his letter to the group, which everyone enjoys hearing. Seeing how the group responded to the question, Big Brother allows each HouseGuest to record a 60-second message that will be mailed to whomever they want it to go to.

Prior to the Monday Meeting, Nicole is upset at Will for his clowning around during Round One of the HoH Competition. She says, "I want to beat the crap out of Will right now. I'll knock him on his ass." At the meeting, she tells him how angry she was and Will apologizes. (Will's childhood rules ) Bunky apologizes to the group for acting out on his frustration at not being able to drive the car. Hardy is upset about the PB and J diet, and threatens to "make someone's life hell if I have to do this again." Monica gets mad at Hardy since he took the money, same as Bunky, but "nobody gave him flack the way we gave Bunky flack. How dare you?"

Will talks to Hardy about Bunky, and asks again the very important question, "Who do you think you can beat in the Finals?" Hardy thinks Bunky is "coming on strong," while Will thinks Bunky is on a roll, having won two consecutive Luxury Competitions and an America's Choice question, and is in the running for the HoH.

Practice time is over and Round Two of the HoH Competition is up. (Bunky practicing ) Bunky and Hardy are blindfolded and brought to the backyard, which has been converted into an obstacle course, with each obstacle corresponding to an evicted HouseGuest. (For example, Shannon, the Texas girl, has a maze of oil derricks blocking her flag.) Bunky and Hardy have to navigate their car through the obstacle course, in the order in which the HouseGuests were evicted, and run over a flag with that HouseGuest's name on it. If their cars flip over or get stuck, Big Brother tells the competitors they can run over and fix them with their hands. Bunky finishes the course in 2:20. Will says, "Bunky did much better than I expected and much better than I could have. I'm proud of him." Hardy goes next, finishing his run in 2:07, winning the Competition.

The HouseGuests have had some time to relax and not worry about being nominated, but that free time is over now. Hardy has nominated Will for eviction both times he's been HoH and Will thinks he'll do it again. Bunky thinks he'll be nominated alongside Will, and Will concurs. The Evil Doctor thinks his time might be up, saying, "I don't know who can save me." Hardy has had a longstanding plan to eradicate Chill Town, but that was the old Hardy, when he was still trying to help other people win the game.
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AP thank you.. I feel like I just watched the show!!

So what will happend on Saturday? Just nominations right?

I cannot wait.
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oh ya, Swalker, you're probably going to find this hard to believe, but Bunky actually cried last night!!!! It was very surprising because he never does that! (sarcasm)

I'm pretty sure saturday will just be nominations.
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I cannot even imagine Bunky crying. How humiliating. I cannot wait until he goes home and watches himself on TV. He is going to be so embarrassed. The sad thing is I'm sure he is the same way in "real life". I don't think I could handle hanging around him!

Poor Bunky.
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Thank goodness for the summaries on CBS and this forum!! I COMPLETELY missed BBII last night! I thought it was going to be on at 8pm MST so I went out to weed my garden at 7pm and when I came back in, the Miss Teen USA pageant was on! What a bummer. There went my Wednesday night! I knew Bunky was going to spill his beans real soon over the PB&J thing.. it sounds like they didn't give him that much slack though so that's good. I really hope they waste Nicole soon! I'm not so set on that fact that it may come from Hardy though!! I think he's noting that Bunky may becomming more of a threat than her and get rid of him. When are nominations?? Saturday night??
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What time was it on? I saw the pageant start at 9pm.
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it started at 8pm
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Okay guys.........here's my take on it... :tounge2:

Bunky is a sweet guy. But no wonder he is gay....he has not got even ONE single ball!
And as much as I like Hardy, it pissed me off a bit to hear him threaten somone to never ever make them do "this" (the PBJ) thing again......when HE HIMSELF would be responsible if Bunky hadn't of made the deal for the lesser amount.

Nicole.....I ABSOLUTELY cannot stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want her OUT!

I think Hardy is really true to his stupid alliance with Nicole...so I think he will nominate Will and Bunky. (any bets? :laughing: )
I still like Hardy...although he has given me reason to doubt him. I am just so damn confused anymore!!!
Will is a butt, sure. But he is an honest butt....lol. I actually am starting to like him a little bit, although, if I ever went to a hospital, and saw HIM coming towards me....I would be GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
:laughing: :laughing:
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Buckle up kids, the show starts in less that a half hour!!!!!!
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OK, we have reached a new low. they are bartering protein bars for cigarettes.
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If they're like most protein bars I've tasted; I'd rather have a cigarette. . . . . .
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Oh you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screwed up majorly!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby and I decided to go see the movie "American Pie 2" which was playing in our local theater,(and was very good), and I totally forgot to set the VCR to tape BB2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just now realized I missed it, after checking out this thread, and I just want to whack myself!

Could you give me one of your famous rundowns on the show, Colby? this is the first (and hopefully last) episode I have missed, and I am so Pissed at myself for forgetting it!!!!!!!

So who got nominated.....and what else happened? DETAILS!! PLEASE!!!!!!!
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Bunky is on a roll, winning two consecutive Luxury Competitions, an America's Choice question. Unfortunately for him, Hardy wins HoH again, notices Bunky coming on strong and nominates him and Will for eviction.

Bunky walks the thin line between victory and defeat, saying, "I lost HoH, but I put up a good fight. Now I think I'll be nominated." Hardy's third reign as HoH spells trouble for Will, who points out that, "Historically, I'm in trouble. Hardy has nominated me twice before." Nicole, on the other hand, is thrilled that Hardy is in charge again because it helps push their plan forward. "I'm elated," she says. "Now I just have to hold up my end and win HoH next."

With a third opportunity to nominate fellow HouseGuests, Hardy reflects on his previous chances and says that this time is harder than either of those. The remaining HouseGuests are all "people I enjoy being around," he says. In an effort to smooth things over and maybe escape the seemingly inevitable nomination, Will turns on the charm to entertain Hardy, a maneuver Nicole notices. She tells Will she thinks it was a good move and Will asks her if she can save him from eviction if Hardy does nominate him. Nicole is non-committal, saying that she likes Will only "50 percent of the time." Will wants Nicole to lobby Hardy to nominate Bunky and Monica, but Nicole isn't sure she can make that happen. Privately, Nicole admits that, in her opinion, Hardy presents the only real threat to her winning, because so much of her strategy depends on his support. Later, Hardy tells Nicole that deciding on nominees is really hard because he can't figure out how people are going to respond if they are nominated and not evicted.

With the end of their four-day peanut butter and jelly diet rapidly approaching, the HouseGuests start to get impatient for real food again. Will leads a 120-second countdown until the Storage Room doors open, giving them access to a fast-food meal Big Brother ordered for them. As they reach the big moment, nothing happens; they remain locked out. The door finally clicks open, and everyone is able to enjoy a normal meal again. The fast food whets their appetites for regular rations, leading into the next Food Competition.

In the backyard the HouseGuests find enormous building blocks, color-coded for different food groups, that they will use to build a tower. For each block from the different food groups they use, they will win one item of their choice from that group. As the blocks are all used, they remove pieces from the bottom and place them on the top until the tower falls over. During the contest, Bunky feels that Hardy was being rude and critical, saying, "Hardy is disrespectful and doesn't realize it." Placing the blocks high on the tower requires the use of ladders, terrifying Monica, who is scared of heights. To give their support, Nicole and Hardy follow her up the ladder and stand directly behind her to help her get over her fear. Everyone is happy at the end since they worked together, and they join in a group hug after the tower eventually falls.

Will believes that Bunky is nervous about potentially being nominated and is going through different stages of dealing with it. He thinks Bunky is at the acceptance stage and predicts the House will "see a different Bunky in the next 24 hours." The new Bunky first rears his head when Hardy offers to trade protein bars for cigarettes. Hardy offers all his bars for Bunky's pack of cigarettes. Bunky counters, telling Hardy he'll give him one cigarette per power bar. Hardy gets upset and says, "It's a very, very sensitive time in the Big Brother House." Bunky interprets that as a threat, asking, "Because I didn't take your deal I'm going to be nominated?" Afterwards, Nicole and Hardy concur that Bunky wasn't smart to stand up to Hardy with nominations pending, but Will and Monica are both impressed with him. Will asks, "Where did Bunky's backbone come from? He used to be a quivering jellyfish." Monica says she's proud of Bunky for standing up for himself. Will points out that Hardy seems to be changing, becoming more evil: "He dyed his hair black, has bags under his eyes, he's smoking. Hardy is turning to the dark side."

Hardy would argue with that, believing that his change in approach is more a result of removing his emotions from his decision-making process. He talks to Nicole about his intentions, saying that he's only interested in "eliminating threats" and reminds her "any of these people would do it to us." His position on Will as a threat seems to soften, as a result of Will's sense of humor. Hardy asks, "Would you rather have someone in here for the last month who's fun or someone who's a definite threat?" Nicole agrees, saying Will can stay, so long as he finishes third and not ahead of her or Hardy. In the backyard, Will plays a drum set made out of garbage cans, using WiffleBall bats as drumsticks. When he comes inside, Hardy offers him a deal: If Will promises not to nominate Hardy and Nicole together, Hardy will make sure he doesn't get evicted this week. Will agrees, but later says in the Diary Room, "I'll stab them in the back and watch them bleed on the kitchen floor and clean it up with a dirty towel."

As Hardy begins the nomination ritual, Bunky and Will suggest hiding their keys so that Hardy can't put them up. Hardy retreats to the HoH room and Bunky sits outside, nervously waiting for the nominations. Bunky hugs everyone and wishes them luck as they go inside. Hardy tells the group, "I removed emotions from the equation and was logical. I love all you guys." Nicole and Monica are both safe, leaving Bunky and Will as the nominees. Hardy jokes with Will, saying: "Not nominating you is like Christmas without presents." With Bunky, Hardy is more serious, telling him, "You had a phenomenal week and a half. You've impressed me with what you've done the last 8, 9 weeks. Unfortunately, that has made you a threat." Both nominees respond well to being put on the block, but later Will says of Hardy, "He has no power. He's a scared little boy with freaky black hair and a puffed out chest." Bunky is practical about his nomination, saying that if he's evicted, he'll have the final word when he returns for the Finals. But Monica, who has been quiet on the subject thus far, surprisingly says, "The Hardy tower will tumble and I just want to be there when it happens."
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You are an

I feel better now, I almost felt like I was watching it!!!
Is it still on this Tuesday night then? Or have they changed the days again?
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Good question Debby. Is it on Tuesday at 9pm? It didn't show here until 10pm on Saturday.

I absolutely cannot stand Hardy and personally think that he is coming off like such a moron. Especially after the whole protein bar for cigarrette deal. And where in the world did Bunky get his backbone from? It's funny how he cowards until it came to his smokes.

It's going to be interesting to see if this whole thing plays out differently than the way it has been. If Hardy keeps winning HOH it will definitely be him and Nicole at the final two. I really hope that does not happend.
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My friend Shannon, who posts on here sometimes, filled me in a bit, after Colby did. She said Hardy was acting like an @ss, and she hoped he didn't win.
Up till now...we both liked Hardy, and wanted him to win. So whatever I missed on Saturday, Hardy must have been a really rude jerk!
That is too bad.
Now I don't know WHO I want to win....maybe Monica?

In TV guide it says the show will be on tonight (in Iowa) at 8 pm.(thats central)

Can't wait!!!
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