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too funny Darlene!

I'm going to miss it tonight because of Madonna, which is a good reason but I'm going to miss it none the less
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The trouble with this BB2 is that there is nobody to root for! I really hoped Hardy was for real, but now that's doubtful. I'm sure that's why they were chosen, but good grief, they should have given us a few 'good guys'.

I guess it's just a matter of degree of dislike. I can't think of one of them I want to win!!!
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I'm starting to think that no matter who you sent in there, the worst in them would come out. you are forced to scheme, make alliances, lie, be dishonest to win. especially in this show because it's not about surviving the elements at all, it's about surviving boredom & deceit.

I think that most of these people (with the exception of Will) are basically normal, but they are put in a pressure cooker, that is engineered to bring out the worst in them (i.e. no outside contact with loved ones, forcing them to eat just pb & j on certain days, causing tension over the bed situation initially with having a couple great beds and some cots...etc.)

plus I think they look for people with personality quirks, because let's face it, the good guys are boring to watch.

I wouldn't go on that show for anything in the world.
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AirPrincess, you really have it nailed!

I (we) might actually like some of these people in a different environment. I just wish there was one I liked in spite of their environment. Every time I think I do like someone, they do something underhanded. I really liked Monica until her Tues. behavior and saying she detested (not a quote) cats.

Oh well, guess I'll just look for the least evil...lol!
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guys, I missed it!!!!

who was nominated?
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AP; Monica and Krista. A little cursing; a little crying. . . . Tues. should be fun! I won't tell you everything that went on; in case you get a chance to see a tape of it. I thought I would GAG when Nicloe got all choked up at nominating time and said, "You guys know I never wanted to be HOH!" (excuse me It seems I remember hearing, "I want HOH so bad I can TASTE IT!" ) How phoney is she?
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so the boards I read were right!

unfortunately I won't be able to see a tape, so details, I need details!!!
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I need Details!!!!

I'm going through withdrawel :eye&mouth :eye&mouth :eye&mouth
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Okay, Okay, Okay; top prancin' around the house in those "Bargain Boots"!!!!

The food competition was lame. They had a large bowl of dry breakfast cereal in the yard. Threw in plastic letters of the alphabet. The house guests had to get in the bowl and draw out three letters then name as many foods as they could in 30 seconds that started with those letters. Those, and only those foods, will be what they get to eat for the week. It was as if everyones' brains froze. . . . example: Will draws the letter "P" and says "protein powder" and "protein bars" and nothing else. :homer: What happened to potatoes, or peaches, or peas, or pot roast. . . . . Everyone was just as lame. Bunky draws "M" and says "meat" about 3 times
Nicole gets P O ed because no one mentions any vegetables. She can't play because she is HOH. (which she didn't realy want to be) RIGHT Nicole talks to everyone in the HOH room and tells them all about the same
thing. (whatever she thinks they want to hear!!!!)

The "hairy weasel"(Bunky) has a one on one in the "diary room" with the camera where he breaks down and crys "Alligator Tears" over the fact that he HAD to vote his buddy Kent out, and HOPES he forgives him. Says the whole process has made him a "Nervous Nellie"

Hardy "eavesdrops" on Krista and Monica as they talk about getting rid of Nicole and Hardy next. Monica says that she knows that America ain't gonna let no "Black Bitch from the inner city go home with no 1/2 million", so she intends to "start stiring things up". . . . (I had a feeling all along that she has a burr up her b**t about racial prejudice.

Oh, yeah, and there is a "touching" scene in the shower as Krista lathers up with Ophelia and the pig s**ts on the floor of the shower stall and it takes everyone coming in and "squeeling" about how Krista is gonna have to pick it up. . . . . . (could have done without that whole scenerio, Big Brother)

Tuesday should be interesting; as Monica has vowed that she is gonna "Get it on, now!" I have NO IDEA what that is supposed to mean.
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thank you so much for the update! as of now I don't have any plans for tuesday or thursday (although I do have plans for saturday night )
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Darlene!!!!!!! I LOVE your posts!!! I got such a kick out of you calling Bunky a hairy little toad!!! Hee-hee! :laughing:

Let me see if I can think of anything that happened saturday night to tell Colby, that you didn't think of...you did such a great job of telling about it!!!

There are a couple other things I can think of.....

In the HOH room, Nicole has Krista alone, and tells her that herself, Will and Hardy have made a secret pact, to push Krista to the top so she can win. Krista starts crying....she says....but Monica is my friend, and Nicole says....who do you want to see walk outa here with the money? you or monica? And then she tells Krista she needs to buck up and play the game.
Then Monica comes in after Krista leaves, and Nichole pretty much tells her she is going to be nominated, and Monica says....well I knew that neither the gay guy or the black chick would win, so no big surprise. Then she walks out.
Will goes to Hardy and tells Hardy how he had told Krista that if he were HOH, he wouldn't even have a clue who he should nominate, and how Krista had said..."who did Shannon want you to nominate?" and he said, Hardy, and she smiles and says....there you go. (actually Will isn't lying about that one....they even showed another clip of Krista saying it) so Hardy finally realized Krista was playing him.
So when nichole told hardy she had told Krista about the little alliance her, him and will had to push her to the top, Hardy was a little upset...he said....why did you tell her that???? Because she just may have a big surprise coming now!
Wow! Thats all I can think of...oh except Krista told Will to kiss her @ss!!
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ok, why do these people want Krista to win?

seriously, is she a witch or something? why are all of these people playing the game so hard to help someone else win half a million dollars?

what in the world am I missing?

like Will of all people would be playing so Krista can win? what the f**k is up with that?

it's like she has cast a spell on the house.

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I was totally wondering the same thing!!!
Obviosuly Will was playing along with it, he doesn't want anyone but himself to win the $, which, not that I'm sticking up for him, but that should be the way the game is played.

As far as Nicole....she's a liar in my opinion, and I truely think Hardy was being honest in all of this, although at first Kent's acussations made me stop and wonder, but no....in my opinion....Hardy is the only decent person in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I just can't believe that all this time Hardy, has wanted Krista to win. What on earth for?!?! I don't understand why he would want her to win. who goes into a game like that, and decides someone else should win?

this really confuses me. I guess they see something we don't

or maybe we see something they don't
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Could just be my imagination....but I think Hardy was a bit "smitten" with krista and her innocent act, until just recently. Now his eyes are open!!!!
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...they think she deserves it the most and is the one who needs it the most. She is a single mom of 2 who has "gone through so much in her life", as several of the houseguests have said. What exactly she has gone through, I don't think they have shown us on the show, but obviously she has told some of the other houseguests, because, up until lately, they really seemed to be trying to get her to win.

Mike, Nicole and Hardy at least have all made this comment that they wanted to win until they met her, and now they want her to win. Either Will agrees now that he realizes he probably won't win, or is just trying to ride the coattails to weasel in at the end, which would be typical Will.

Krista seems to be very proud, which I think is why she got so upset when Nicole told her about the plan. She wanted to win on her own, not as charity from others who don't really need the money.

On another note, I'm just stunned by Monica's prejudice against the others in the house. Saying they would never let the black chick or the gay guy win is so narrowminded of her. It seems like she's really angry about something, and is taking the opportunity to have a hissy fit about it on TV. Her comment might be slightly more justified (but not much) if the voting were happening like in BB1, with the public voting. But none of the houseguests seems particularly actively prejudiced. Obviously Kent had some issues with homosexuality, but it did not stop him from being friends with and being very loyal and positive towards Bunky.

Back to the original point... I don't think they want Krista to win anymore, now that she's so hostile about it. That plan may break down very soon.
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isn't the whole point, that it's a game? It's not 'let's give half a million to the person that needs it the most'

it's about winning. not making sure someone else wins.

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AP, thanks for all the wonderful updates! I missed last week in it's entirity so I'm glad I can come to you all and get the updates!

It's so crazy how your perception of a particular player changes from week to week. I doubt Nicole is whole-heartedly trying to help Krista win the money. She is such a smack-talker. And why would Will want her to win either? He voted her out earlier on when it was between her and the rappin' G-dork.

Anyway, thanks everyone for updates and insight into the show. Hope I get to watch tonight. BTW, it's on at 8pm MST right?
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Well it is a game, but it's also a half million dollars. And I imagine it's possible to get very close to people during a rather traumatic time, and to empathize with them.

Nicole (but can we believe her...probably not) said she was there for the personal social experience, that she didn't need the money like Krista did. Mike made a similar comment in his goodbye message, and he obviously got very emotionally involved with Krista. And as hard as it is to believe, most people are good, and want to help others. "American Psycho" Will is obviously excluded from this group. Did anyone read this book or see the movie? He's using it as a textbook...

The new rules and procedures are really bringing out the weasel in everyone. This year is much more soap-opera than last year, where everyone got along quite happily.
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I truelly believe that most people want to help people, but the selection process for a show like BB2 is so exhausting and comprehensive that I believe you've got to be hard core & really want it (or something) to make it. I find it hard to believe that 3 or 4 of these people with strong personalities would decide to just 'give' it up to someone else.

it baffles me
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my favorite quote from tonights episode was when Krista said to Monica

'Kent was right' (about Hardy)
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Tonight should be really interesting!!!!!!!!!!! It starts here in 10 minutes!!! My personal opinion is that I hope Krista goes tonight, and that Monica wins head of household, and nominates Will and Nicole on sat!!! I think Nicole needs to go...she is just too sneaky, and devious!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still want Hardy to win! (as of now that is....things change! )
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guess who this is

that's right, it's Bunky!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dear Bunky,

When someone leaves the BB2 house, they aren't killed. You seemed a little fuzzy about that.
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Poor Bunky? It is so sad to see a middle-aged man(?) have a "Panic Attack" on Network Television. . . . . :jarswim:

Nicole, Monica needs to make next week "Hell" for you out of loyalty to Krista. (and also, because it would be "Mighty Good TV") You don't have to worry about whether or not you win this game, Monica. There will be a place or you as a headliner on the NEW WWF Feature Tour: Big. Bad, B***H SLAPDOWN II

Does anyone else besides me think that the Krista/Mike lovefest is becoming "one-sided" Krista did not seem as "hot to get it on" when he showed up to greet her tonite as he did. . . .

Jerk at my Heart Strings (not) as every one talked about how they would so unselfishly spend their 1/2 million
Gotta hand it to Will; he is nothing if not "true to his original COLORS" !

Did you all pick up on when Julie asked Krista if she remembered anything "out of line" about Justin on that last nite he was in the house? Anything threatening? She said, "No, Why?" I heard on Entertainment tonite that as soon as the final episode airs; Justin's lawyers are slapping the network with a major law suit and naming Krista as a witness for Justin. (could she be going to share in any settlement in excange for favorable testamony. . . . . :
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This morning on CBS this morning Krista was on, and the woman point blank asked her if she remembered Justin holding a knife to her throat. Krista said no, she must have had her eyes closed.....WHATEVER!! all they have to do is go to the tape to see that she didn't.

and the woman asked her about Mike and she said that they both felt the same way and they were going to work on things.

the woman asked her if she was going to fly back to see Laken or stay with Mike & Krista said that she had to 'wrap up' a few things there first & then she would go home and the first person she would see would be Laken. also she had spoken to Laken on the phone. What a great mom!!!

Now I don't have childern, but I do have a mother and that seems kind of f**ked up to me. Maybe some of you with kids could enlighten me. if you had been away from the person you call your whole life (as Krista did about Laken this morning) wouldn't you want to see them RIGHT AWAY after having NO contact with them for 41 days?
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I have to agree with you AP. That does seem a little f**ked up.
I didn't see the morning show you are talking about, so I was almost starting to feel sorry for her.....but not now.

Also, your comment............

Dear Bunky,

When someone leaves the BB2 house, they aren't killed. You seemed a little fuzzy about that.

.........was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! (and true) *sigh*
I like Bunky alot, but my God, man, get a grip!!!!!!!!!!!!! the whole scene with him gripping the edge of the kitchen counter in agony, and bawling, was a little too much!!!!!!

And Darlene...I agree....Will is a jerk and a liar, but at least he has been an honest jerk and a liar!!!!!!!
Everyone else made out such noble intentions with the money, if they won, and dear Will ( :laughing: ) said he wanted to....heck what was it....buy a yaught, a jet ski, a ....can't remember, but like you said...true to his colors!!!!!

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I'm just bummed that it won't be on this saturday. I've gotten into a routine and I hate it when it gets messed up! :laughing:
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me too! I am majorly bummed about that!
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Hi Debby,

When I saw the Big Brother thread, I thought oh good, but then realised very quickly it was America's Big Brother,ahh nevermind, its great you all like the programme! I watched the British show,its very addictive!!
It was Brian who won,I think he was favourite to win from the begining,I,m missing it already

Jackie and Felix
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