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Big Brother 2

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this is a call to arms, to all my reality tv brethren.....

is anyone watching this?!?!?!
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I'm a reality t.v. junkie!
Never heard of this one though, please fill me in on all specifics?

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It's on CBS, tuesday, thursday and saturday nights. I think it's on at 8pm, but don't quote me. rather than try to explain it in a half ass way here is the link...

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Yes, I watched the first Big Brother and so far, I have seen the first episodes of this one. Just like on the second Survivor the people are all "prettier" and younger and more "buff" than on #1. There seem to be some very "strong" personality types this time as well. :dali: The house is "cooler" and they have a pool and a hot tub! (so typical of every "average" American home (haha) :laughing2 The network is "fanning the fire" early on by making sure that the sleeping arrangements vary greatly for person to person; thanks to a beginning "Lottery" for bed type selection. (ranging from Queen-Sized water bed to Army cots and even one sleeping bag on floor in hallway) . . . Again, only one bathroom for all and cameras everywhere. bat:bat If you missed the first 2 shows, the web site is a good way to catch up on who's who. . . . . . Tomorrow nite the first person will be voted off by the others. I hope it is Nicole who gets the axe. :witch: She is just way too opinionated and boistrious to play the game for long; or to form alliances. So far one of my favorites is Mike who won the "spin-off" to be the current "Head of Household". (winning a private, locked bedroom with a fully-stocked "mini-bar"!) He seems to be very smart and fun loving, but time will tell! Hope you can all watch tomorrow nite and let me know what you think.

TLK _V_ (watching from her "wonder bed") Had to elevate TV so I could watch it above my feet. . )
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AP....I have watched the first two shows....I don't think they have nearly as good a group as big bro #1, but it is interesting!!

I can't stand Nicole...how fake...and I think Mike really was smart by pitting her against Sheryl, knowing NOONE would vote against Sheryl!!! So Nicole is out!!!!!!!!
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anybody watch last night?

Darlene, I know you saw it. Isn't Will an ass? It's going to really interesting to see who gets the boot on thursday.

I just wanted to see what the happy birthday smiley looks like.
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Colby; Thank God you were just "experimenting with the HBD smiley. . . . .I was afraid I had turned 53 and didn't remember it! !! We had another power failure in our neighborhood from 3:00am Tues. until 5:00pm!!! I was more worried about my pets than myself, and as a result my body temp climbed really fast to 102 and my BP soared to 190/110. I kind of stroked out. . . . As a result; today, I have a sore throat and chest pains and a slight fever and diarrhea(yuck!)


I got to see BBII ! This time we agree Will is a total Horses' A__!! (closest smiley we have to a horse!!!) Can you imagine if he were YOUR doctor??? Does he love himself enough??? Are his lips too chapped from kissing his own image in the mirror??? What is thi S__T about playing "puppeteer" with the others via the "fast"

I would like to see Nicole get the axe but Big Ego, Will is my next pick. Can Shannon be that gulliable at 29yrs. of age???. :girly2:

Also, I can't remember his name; the "wanna-be WISEGUY" from New Jersey will not be happy until he starts some stuff with Kent. . . .

I don't really have an opinion about Kent, but it bothers me the way he is kissing up to everyone!!!!

Mike is still one of my favoritres but what will happen when he looses "Head of Household" statis. . . . He does "like to be in CHARGE"

Time will tell. At least it beats the H__L out of watching "The WEAKEST Link"

TLK_V_ (from "my" viewpoint. . . . .)
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Darlene, they kicked off Justin (the bully) yesterday morning!

I'm assuming the will address the issues on tonights show. apparently he 'jokingly' held a knife to Kristas throat while they were making out & said something like 'What would you think if I cut you, or tried to kill you'

NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! (said in a very loud, very sarcastic voice)

so conselours met with him wednesday morning for like 2 hours & they concluded that he didn't see anything wrong with his actions. he claimed it was part of his 'strategy'

so CBS decided to give him the boot.

word is they will still vote someone out tonight & then bring in an alternate to replace Justin.
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(New York) -- Big trouble on the set of "Big Brother." Justin the bartender has been booted from "Big Brother 2" because he pulled a knife on Krista, the waitress. Justin was making out with Krista in the kitchen when he grabbed a knife and held it to her throat. According to C-B-S, Justin said he was "going to slash" her throat. And he asked, "Would you get mad if I just killed you?" Justin later said it was just a joke and Krista says she didn't feel threatened. Producers say Justin "crossed the line" and has to go. No word if the incident will be shown on the program, which airs tonight. But the producers say it's not a stunt to hype the program's sagging ratings.
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Colby; I saw that news release about Justin on "Entertainment Tonite" last night. I told you he was a little "TWISTED". . . .
He scared me when he popped off on Kent last time. Who does he think he is fooling when he says,"It was part of my STRATEDGY." ???? I'm sure that was just a "last ditch effort" to try and be kept on the show. I applaud CBS for ousting him. I don't think it was a publicity stunt. They just failed to totally "research" his personality quirks. If pulling a knife on someone and threatening them can be called a "Quirk"! We will definitely have to watch tonite to see who they replace him with. . . . Oh, yeah, and also to watch Nicole get the axe!
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I wanna watch Big Brother! but my customers have a hissy fit if I put reality shows on cuz they wanna hear the juke box...I understand this, but thst doesn't mean I have to like it!
I tried putting it on without the sound, that was pure torture 'cuz even with the closed captioning, I couldnt tell what was being said and to whom.

Before someone says Tape it, I lost the manual to the vcr, and my dvd player is new and still a mystery to me

Some day when I have a night off, I'm gonna spend a whole evening just figuring out how everything works...maybe even figure out why the "browse" button on this page vanished? :LOL:

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Okay guys...the show starts here, in 20 minutes!!
I had heard on the noon news today that Justin was booted out 'cause he pulled a knife on someone....but I didn't know it was Krista!!! Thanks for the info AP!!
I really like Krista, she seems pretty genuine...not sure how I feel about Shannon, but at this point I am leaning towards dislike.
I like Sheryl, so far....can't stand Nicole, or Amber (Amber is sweet, but far too self absorbed, and needy) and Kent in my mind is almost as bad as Will! Will is horrible and HAS to go!!! But Kent also is very two faced, and needs to go. I like Hardy so far, and Mike...and Monica (I think that is her name) and I'm sure I am forgetting someone...anyway...I still say this group isn't anywhere near as loveable as the last Big Brother, where I actually cared about these people I didn't even know, because I Felt like I knew them. Does that make any sense????
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last nights show was incredible!!!!!!

the best thing I've seen in a long time (now I've just admitted how sad my life truely is)

the look on Mikes face when they announced it was Sheryl was absolutely priceless!!!! He looked like the world had suddendly gone mad (which it has but that is another thread)

and after he had just been saying that it was going to be close but Nicole would def. go and if by some miracle she didn't, well then he was in trouble.

the brat packs days are numbered!!!!! I love it that the people in the house didn't let themselves be manipulated by 'chilltown' (give me a break!)

and Justin.....he just doesn't get it. He really doesn't think he did anything wrong. talk about thick headed. I'm more scared of him than before. He's clueless.
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'Big Brother' Contestant Kicked Off Show
Jul 11 2001 10:50PM

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A contestant on the CBS reality series "Big Brother 2" was kicked off the show on Wednesday after he put a knife to the neck of a woman "house guest" he was kissing and said, "I'm going to slash your throat," network officials said.
The contestant, known only to viewers as Justin, the muscular 26-year-old bartender and office worker from Bayonne, New Jersey, was expelled a short time after the 12:30 a.m. PDT incident involving fellow player Krista, 28, a divorced mother and waitress from Louisiana, with whom he had been getting cozy.

The two contestants had been "partying" earlier that night and appeared to have been under the influence of alcohol during their encounter, a network source said. No one was hurt.

The incident, which occurred after hours, did not air on television but presumably was seen by anyone watching live, round-the-clock video footage from inside the house shown on the show's Web site, (http://www.cbs.com/primetime/bigbrother/)

network officials said.

CBS officials said Justin, who had emerged as the foul-mouthed tough guy on the show, was previously warned about unruly behavior after stealing the pillow of another house guest during Tuesday night's episode.

"To ensure the safety of all house guests, intimidation, violence and even the threat of violence will not be tolerated," CBS said in a statement announcing his expulsion.

Executive Producer Arnold Shapiro said in the statement that Justin's conduct "crossed the line of tolerable and acceptable behavior and was a blatant violation of the house rules we established. As much as we like Justin, we really had no choice but to expel him from the house."

Shapiro later told Reuters the 30-second incident was "bizarre" and completely unexpected.

"This certainly wasn't a stunt that was staged by anyone," Shapiro said. "It was a spontaneous event that Justin thought would be funny, and it wasn't."

The CBS version of the wildly popular European-born reality show isolates 12 strangers together in a specially built house wired with 38 cameras and 62 microphones that monitor their every move over the course of nearly three months.

Responding to criticism that the first edition of the CBS show last summer was often dull, producers said they had hoped to spice up the second edition by casting individuals who were more competitive, uninhibited and outgoing. In Justin, Shapiro said, he ended up with someone who went too far.

According to a CBS account taken from a transcript of the encounter between Justin and Krista, the two were intermittently kissing and talking in the kitchen of the house when Justin picked up a large knife and put it to her throat and said, "Wait, hang on. I'm going to slash your throat. Would you get mad if I killed you?"

Without appearing to react, Krista replied, "No, but I want some water." Moments later, he repeated the question, "No, seriously, would you get mad if I killed you?"

Justin then put the knife away, the two kissed again and parted company before producers spoke up over an intercom, instructing him to talk to a staff psychologist in the "diary room," a chamber where contestants occasionally communicate with producers on camera, Shapiro said.

He said no one physically intervened during the incident because it was over in 30 seconds and producers were too far away to get to the kitchen immediately. He added there was no sign that Krista was alarmed by Justin's behavior.

"I was not getting an audio feed at that moment, I'm just getting a picture, so I had to go with facial expressions," Shapiro said. "He was not out of control, he was not ranting, and she was not shrieking in fear. So the body language was totally opposite from the bizarre thing he was doing."

Shapiro said Justin later told him, "'You know I would never hurt anybody"' and acknowledged having had three beers earlier that night but did not appear to be intoxicated.

While conceding that the episode could spark greater interest in the show, Shapiro said it left him shaken.

"I was quoted as saying in TV Guide several months ago that the outrageous reality shows would eventually lead to somebody's death," Shapiro said. "But I was not referring to a reality show where 12 people live in a house. I was referring to some of these action-adventure ones where people are doing things that only professional stunt people should be doing."

He did not elaborate.

The network said Justin's removal would not affect the series' normal "eviction" process, in which contestants vote one person off the show every week, with the last person remaining winning $500,000. Shapiro said the other contestants were told only that Justin was removed for breaking the rules.
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Well, last nite was certainly worth watching!!!!

Mike, my boy, in the words of The Beav (from S. King's DREAMCATCHER), You are in for a Major Cluster F---!!!!!

Did his plan BACKFIRE or what??? I have to admit; I didn't think Sheryl would be out. The plot should now become very thick against Mike and other "Brat Packers"

I think what really threw me was when Bunky voted Sheryl out. . . .(he will bear (no pun intended, sice he is one "Hairy Little Dude") watching. :jarswim:

I do not think we have heard the end of Justin. Is he that stupid or that clueless??? I wonder. . .
I smell a lawsuit. . . I think he will milk this for all the publicity/sympathy he can garner.

I was appalled by the guests who were packing his things; saying it was as if "He had Died" or committed "Suicide"! (come on people; the only thing dead in that boy is a few million brain cells and, if by "Suicide" you mean he brought it on himself; well damn straight, he has no one to blame but Justin. (I look for him to turn up with a "walk-on" in the Sopranos next season. . . . . )
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how shocked were you by the nominations last night?!?!

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Colby; MY MOUTH IS STILL OPEN over those nominations. What was Krista on when she came up with this??? Now, mind you, I have no particular love for Kent or Autumn, but they can be voted off later with "No harm/No foul"
I think they (the outsiders, Bunky, Autumn, Hardy, etc. ) need to get Will and Shannon out before they can worm their little kneiveing selves any deeper into the others. I thought all along that Shannon and Mike would be the two nominated!!! If I were Autumn, emotionally strung out or not; I would be really pissed
over this. . . . . . .

Little Miss Shannon is sure trying to be a perfect and every one's you know what. And I am sure that since Will(I'm so fine I scare :bat myself !) wasn't nominated he thinks his "control and up game" is working. . . . .

Also, I hate the outcome (or even the fact that they would play) the little Men Eat; Women Want Game. :jarswim:
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I can't believe that Krista could be that dense. What was she thinking not nominating at least ONE brat packer??!?!?

I'm with you, if I'm Kent or Autumn, I am PISSED. what the f*ck was she thinking by only nominating the self proclaimed 'outcasts'.

my respect for her really went down, but she is playing the game flawlessly. the brat pack think that she was the other Nicole vote and not Monica, so she is in favor with them. the 'outcasts' think she is on their side (although that may have changed now).

she is doing a great job of walking the fence. Man I wish Bunky or Nicole had gotten head of household.

and how mortifying to have to guess your weight & then get on a scale to see how close you were! that challenge was designed to humiliate.
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I was extremely shocked by Kristas nominations!!
It's not that I care that much for either Kent or Autumn, but I thought for sure that either Shannon or Will or both would be nominated. I don't know WHAT Krista was thinking when she did that!!
I can't wait to see Shannon and Will out of there!!!!!
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I agree with airprincess. Krista didn't want the brat pack to know how she voted in the last banishment, to keep them thinking she was on their side.

If what she said to Autumn was true, it is very considerate. I don't think Autumn can take it much longer, especially the way the meanies are yanking her around emotionally. I think Krista just doesn't like Kent that much, and that's why she chose him.

Overall, I think Krista is playing her own game. She has a lot of stuff she hasn't shown us yet. Remember that is was her playing the knife games with Justin, and that she was pretty much playing along. There is definitely something else going on there that she isn't even telling the diary room people.

I think she will be the one who shocks us.
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I definitly agree that Krista has some tricks up her sleeve. She's playing this game better than anyone else in my opinion.

can't wait to see it tonight!
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Yes, indeedy, tonite will be v-e-r-y-y-y-y-y INTERESTING ! ! ! !
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Last nights show was extremely interesting. I was surprised at how Krista kissed Mikes's butt at her birthday meal.... and Nicole saying she is trying to infilltrate the other side, just to see them go down....is that for real, or is she just really being two-faced!!!

After last night's show....my opinion of a few of the members has totally changed. I think we are starting to see their real colors....I personally now, only like two people in the house......

Monica and Hardy.

Maybe I am completely wrong here......but they seem to be the only genuine people in the house....well, maybe Bunky..... okay three people........ Monica, Hardy and Bunky.
I hope one of them wins it.
When the show first aired, I thought I would hate Hardy....he was so sure of himself, and so obviously into keeping himself in shape, I thought he must be vain, and therefore, think he was better than others....
this has taught me a big lesson about judging others on outside appearances. just because he takes care of himself, and has pride in himself, did not mean he had no heart, as I now think (unless he is deceiving us all) that he has one of the biggest hearts on the show. And Monica too seems real....and someone I would like to know outside of the "house" and also Bunky.
Everyone else there is fake in my opinion....but I guess that's how they want to play the game. Do good guys always finish last??? We shall see.
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I feel so out of the loop here, I have Still never seen this show!

The nights it's on I am working, and my customers piss and moan if I turn it on...it interferes with the jukebox and WWF! :

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can obtain episodes...other than (gasp) trying to program my ancient VCR and taping it?
It's fun reading the re-caps here, but I'd love to see it for myself!

Don't stop discussing the show...PLEASE...I look forward to reading all the dirt here!

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I completely agree with you about the most real people in the house being Hardy/Monica and Bunky. Bunky gets on my nerves a little bit but I do think he's likeable.

Unfortunately being so nice & liked by everyone is going to be Monicas undoing. they are already talking about how since she's so great she's a threat & will have to go


other than having someone else tape it, getting Tivo or figuring out your VCR, I can't come up with any suggestions. Maybe your boyfriend can figure out how to program your VCR.
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Will angers me more with each episode.

I cannot believe he is a doctor.
Shannon can't possibly be that stupid. . . . . .She is definitely two-faced!

I hope Kent gets booted and takes his "New Car" and gets "The H__L out of Dodge" (of course that would mean that we have to put up with Autumn"s "pouting" BUT there is plently of time to say "sianari" to her sorry a__!

I think Bunky is going to surprise us all with how mean he can become.

I have to admit, I find Hardy lovable as well as "easy to look at".

I respect Monica and her "what you see is what you get" approach.:afrorainb:

Krista and Mike are both getting "old" as far as the "buddies" thing goes.

Catch you all later; after tonite's episode. . . . . . .
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OK guys.... (the few of you who actually watch the show)

who is going tonight?!?!?

Kent or Autumn?

I think it may be Kent. I think that they are going to surprise him because he's expecting them to vote against Autumn.
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Well,Colby, we called that one wrong! Actally, I am glad to see "little Miss Everybody Hates Me"(Autumn) out of there. Now, I want to see Kent get even (like he promised) for being nominated. He won't have enough strength to get even unless he stops kissing a** for awhile to conserve his energy. I was glad Hardy made "head of household". Hope he nominates the DEEP THROAT TWINS.(Shannon and Will)
Just how long will Shannon's boyfriend put up with this crap? He must really love her a lot to keep insisting that this is just part of her "stratedgy". I tell you, she is not smart enough to chew gum and cross the street at the same time; let alone form stratedgy.
She is in shape and nice to look at but a few million of her brain cells did not come back after the last firedrill. . . . . .:splitter:

I still don't like Nicole!!! I don't think any of them should trust her. The only good thing is she did not get "head of household"
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I have to say, I'm really interested in seeing where Nicoles head is at. I hope she hasn't bought into the BS that she is getting for CT. they are NO friends of hers.

I can't wait to see who Hardy nominates. they better be from CT is all I can say! they need their numbers diminished by 1.

I'm so glad that Shannon is being outed on national television as a cheater, liar, nasty person.
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I finally got to see this show last night!

Was a slow period in the bar (for once) and had a good group of people who were interested!

I have to say I was dissapointed...is there a different itinerary for each night? I mean, is Thursday "eviction night", and other themes for the other episodes?

I was hoping to see more of the Day to Day living and interaction...

Can someone fill me in?

I thought Autumn was gonna fall of those shoes trying to get down the stairs...that was kinda fun! :tounge2:

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