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changing cat's behaviour

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Hi everyone
I was wondering if there is a way to change a cat's behaviour after they are already an adult. My cat Sprite is about 2 years old now, and when I got her she didnt mind being picked up. Now she cant stand it. She is still really affectionate and loves to be petted but she pushes away from me when I try to pick her up. Also, she wont let me go near her face or the top of her head when I'm giving her kisses. My other cat Dodie loves to be carried around and is always headbutting and pushing her face into mine for kisses and affection. I heard that things like this are symbols of trust and it makes me sad to think that Sprite doesnt trust me. I've read some threads on here about cats holding grudges..could she be mad at me? My old roommate's cat was a large male and him and Sprite were always fighting loudly and violently, but since he's been gone she's warmed up quite a bit, but there still might be grudges that she holds...for one thing, I've moved three times since I got her, and also I took Dodie in about 6 months after I got Sprite, and had to give Dodie a lot of my time because she was a sick stray. It was around then that Sprite and I drifted apart. But Sprite is used to Dodie now and I'd say they are sort of friends...but could she still be mad at me for getting another cat? And if so is there a way to make up with her, or get her to like being held and kissed?

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You might just have one of those cats that does things on their own terms. It's not they have a grudge against you, are mad at you, or stressed out....they have human contact when they want it and how they want it. About 4 of mine are like that. Koko was hand weened from 10 days old and does not tolerate being picked up and held. All her littermates LOVE to be held and babied. She will snuggle up next to me, always the first to greet me at the door, sleep between my legs at night, loves to be scratched, but won't be held and kissed. I decided to just love Koko for her unigueness.

If she is affectionate, why force it? It is just her personality!!
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